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861 - North Nibley - Woodfield - Dursley - Tetbury - Avening - Cirencester College

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester

North Nibley - Woodfield - Dursley - Tetbury - Avening - Cirencester College

N Nibley, opp Black Horse Inn 07:40
Stancombe, opp Mill House 07:41
Stancombe, by Park Lane 07:43
Stinchcombe, opp Drakestone House 07:44
Stinchcombe, opp Yercombe Lodge 07:45
Stinchcombe, by Townsend Farm 07:46
Stinchcombe, o/s Village Hall 07:46
Woodfield, after Yew Tree Inn 07:48
Woodfield, after Philimore Road 07:49
Woodfield, opp Tilsdown Close 07:49
Tilsdown, after Cam Pitch 07:50
Tilsdown, after Orchard Rise 07:51
Kingshill, after Police Station & Courts 07:51
Kingshill, after Fire Station 07:52
Kingshill, before Garage 07:53
Dursley, o/s Sainsbury's 07:55
Dursley, before Vizard Close 07:55
Kingscote, opp Home Farm 08:04
Calcot Manor Hotel (by) 08:10
Beverston, by Castle 08:14
Tetbury, by Charlton Court Farm 08:17
Tetbury, nr The Old School Court 08:18
Tetbury, after Chavenage Lane 08:19
Tetbury, opp Londis School stop 08:19
Tetbury, after Lowfield Road 08:20
Tetbury Upton, by Main Street Turn 08:21
Tetbury Upton, by Upton Gables 08:21
Tetbury Upton, by Chavenage Green Turn 08:22
Avening, opp Pound Hill 08:24
Avening, opp The Cross School Stop 08:24
Avening, opp Mays Lane 08:25
Avening, by Lawrence Road 08:25
Avening, opp Minchinhampton Golf Club 08:26
Hampton Fields, after Gatcombe Corner 08:28
Hampton Fields, opp Beeches Park 08:28
Crackstone, opp Stables 08:28
Burnt Ash, opp Ragged Cot Inn 08:29
Aston Down, opp Hampton Stone Works 08:30
Aston Down, opp Industrial Estate 08:31
Frampton Mansell, opp Jolly Nice 08:34
Cirencester, opp Royal Agricultural College 08:43
Cirencester, nr Deer Park School 08:44
Cirencester College Grounds (inside) 08:45

Cirencester College - Avening - Tetbury - Dursley - Woodfield - North Nibley

Cirencester College Grounds (inside) 16:10
Cirencester, by Deer Park School 16:10
Cirencester, nr Royal Agricultural College 16:11
Frampton Mansell, o/s Jolly Nice 16:19
Aston Down, by Industrial Estate 16:21
Aston Down, by Hampton Stone Works 16:22
Burnt Ash, by Ragged Cot Inn 16:23
Crackstone, by Stables 16:24
Hampton Fields, by Beeches Park 16:24
Hampton Fields, before Gatcombe Corner 16:25
Avening, by Minchinhampton Golf Club 16:27
Avening, opp Lawrence Road 16:28
Avening Mays Lane (corner of) 16:29
Avening, by Pound Hill 16:29
Tetbury Upton, opp Chavenage Green Turn 16:31
Tetbury Upton, opp Upton Gables 16:32
Tetbury Upton, opp Main Street Turn 16:32
Tetbury, before Lowfield Road 16:34
Tetbury, opp Chavenage Lane 16:34
Tetbury, by The Old School Court 16:35
Tetbury, opp Charlton Court Farm 16:36
Beverston, by Memorial Gardens 16:39
Calcot Manor Hotel (nr) 16:44
Calcot Cottages (opp) 16:44
Kingscote, by Home Farm 16:48
Woodmancote, after Nunnery Lane 16:55
Dursley, nr Uley Road 16:56
Dursley, opp Sainsbury's 16:57
Dursley, nr May Lane 16:57
Kingshill, opp Rednock School 16:58
Kingshill, opp Fire Station 16:58
Kingshill, before Police Station & Courts 16:59
Tilsdown, before Orchard Rise 17:00
Tilsdown, before Cam Pitch 17:01
Woodfield, by Tilsdown Close 17:01
Woodfield, by Phillimore Road 17:02
Woodfield, nr Yew Tree Inn 17:03
Stinchcombe, opp Village Hall 17:03
Stinchcombe, opp Townsend Farm 17:04
Stinchcombe, by Yercombe Lodge 17:05
Stinchcombe, by Drakestone House 17:06
Stancombe, nr Park Lane 17:07
Stancombe, nr Mill House 17:08
N Nibley, nr Black Horse Inn 17:11

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