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864 - Stroud - Bussage - Brimscombe - Cirencester College

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester


Stroud - Bussage - Brimscombe - Cirencester College

Stroud Merrywalks (Stop M) 07:45
Stroud, by Spring Lane 07:48
Bowbridge, o/s Garage 07:50
Bowbridge, after Thrupp Lane 07:50
Thrupp, opp Griffin Mill Estate 07:51
Thrupp Middle Road (corner of) 07:52
Thrupp, after Brewery Lane 07:53
Brimscombe, after War Memorial 07:54
Brimscombe, nr Bourne Estate 07:55
Brimscombe Toadsmoor Road (corner of) 07:56
Brimscombe, by Lewiston Mill 07:56
Brimscombe, by Gussage Mills 07:57
Brimscombe, by Merlins Mill 07:58
Toadsmoor, by Hampton Colours 07:59
Toadsmoor, by Garage 08:00
Bussage, before Primary School 08:02
Bussage, opp Lypiatt View 08:02
Bussage, opp The Hawthorns 08:03
Bussage, opp Village Hall 08:04
Brownshill Frithwood (corner of) 08:04
Chalford Hill, after Old Neighbourhood 08:06
Chalford Hill, opp Old Neighbourhood Inn 08:07
Chalford Hill, by Burcombe Way 08:08
Chalford Hill, on The Green 08:09
Chalford Hill, after Middle Hill Crescent 08:10
Bussage, nr Fourways North 08:11
Bussage, opp Bluebell Rise 08:12
Bussage, opp Tanglewood Way Shops 08:12
Bussage, opp Dorington Court 08:13
Bussage, after Lypiatt View 08:14
Bussage, after Primary School 08:14
Toadsmoor, opp Garage 08:16
Brimscombe, opp Merlins Mill 08:18
Brimscombe, opp Gussage Mills 08:19
Brimscombe, opp Lewiston Mill 08:20
Brimscombe, o/s Pavillion 08:20
Chalford, nr Carpenters 08:20
Chalford, by The Old Silk Mill 08:20
Chalford, nr Dark Lane 08:21
Aston Down, by Westley Farm 08:21
Frampton Mansell, opp Jolly Nice 08:23
Cirencester, opp Royal Agricultural College 08:38
Cirencester, nr Deer Park School 08:39
Cirencester College Grounds (inside) 08:40

Cirencester College - Brimscombe - Bussage - Stroud

Cirencester College Grounds (inside) 16:10
Cirencester, by Deer Park School 16:10
Cirencester, nr Royal Agricultural College 16:11
Frampton Mansell, o/s Jolly Nice 16:19
Aston Down, nr Westley Farm 16:21
Chalford, opp Dark Lane 16:22
Chalford, opp The Old Silk Mill 16:23
Chalford, opp Carpenters 16:23
Brimscombe, opp Pavillion 16:24
Brimscombe, opp Toadsmoor Road 16:25
Brimscombe, by Lewiston Mill 16:25
Brimscombe, by Gussage Mills 16:25
Brimscombe, by Merlins Mill 16:26
Toadsmoor, by Hampton Colours 16:27
Toadsmoor, by Garage 16:28
Bussage, before Primary School 16:29
Bussage, opp Lypiatt View 16:30
Bussage, opp Village Hall 16:31
Brownshill Frithwood (corner of) 16:31
Chalford Hill, after Old Neighbourhood 16:33
Chalford Hill, opp Old Neighbourhood Inn 16:35
Chalford Hill, by Burcombe Way 16:36
Chalford Hill, on The Green 16:36
Chalford Hill, after Middle Hill Crescent 16:38
Bussage, nr Fourways North 16:39
Bussage, opp Bluebell Rise 16:40
Bussage, opp Tanglewood Way Shops 16:40
Bussage, opp Dorington Court 16:41
Bussage, after Lypiatt View 16:42
Bussage, after Primary School 16:42
Toadsmoor, opp Garage 16:44
Brimscombe, opp Merlins Mill 16:46
Brimscombe, opp Gussage Mills 16:47
Brimscombe, opp Lewiston Mill 16:47
Brimscombe, by Bourne Estate 16:49
Brimscombe, opp War Memorial 16:49
Thrupp, before Brewery Lane 16:51
Thrupp, o/s Kingfisher Business Park 16:51
Thrupp, adj Griffin Mill Estate 16:52
Bowbridge, opp Thrupp Lane 16:54
Bowbridge Arms (o/s) 16:54
Stroud, opp Spring Lane 16:55
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop A) 16:59

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