866 - Laurus Cheadle Hulme - Stockport

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches


Lauras Cheadle Hulme (o/s) 15:15
Cheadle & Marple College (opp) 15:16
Cheadle Hulme, opp The Kenilworth 15:17
Cheadle Hulme, opp Cheadle Road 15:18
Cheadle Hulme, nr Gourham Drive 15:19
Cheadle Hulme, nr Bankfield Road 15:20
Cheadle Hulme, opp Conway Road 15:21
Cheadle Hulme, nr Bruntwood Lane 15:21
Heald Green, nr Wilmslow Road 15:22
Heald Green, opp The Griffin 15:23
Heald Green, nr Danefield Court 15:24
Heald Green, opp Long Lane Church 15:25
Heald Green, nr Griffin Lane 15:26
Heald Green, opp Primary School 15:27
Heald Green, opp The Beech Tree 15:28
Heald Green, nr Cross Road 15:29
Heald Green, o/s Village Hall 15:30
Heald Green, opp Queensway 15:31
Heald Green, opp Ash Grove 15:32
Heald Green St Ann's Road North (N-bound) 15:33
Gatley, nr The Kingsway School 15:34
Gatley Station (Stop E) 15:38
Gatley, opp Torkington Road 15:41
Cheadle, opp High Grove Road 15:42
Cheadle, o/s White Hart 15:44
Cheadle Boots (Stop B) 15:45
Cheadle Stockport Road (Stop D) 15:46
Cheadle, o/s Red Lion 15:47
Cheadle, nr Stockport Road 15:48
Cheadle, adj Cranleigh Drive 15:49
Cheadle, opp Demmings Road 15:50
Cheadle, o/s Post Office 15:51
Cheadle, nr Calverley Road 15:52
Cheadle, opp Calderbrook Drive 15:53
Adswood Park (at) 15:54
Adswood, opp Cross Keys 15:55
Adswood, opp Old Brickworks 15:56
Adswood Road (Stop A) 15:56
Adswood, nr Clover Avenue 15:57
Adswood, nr Daresbury Close 15:58
Adswood, nr Tarporley Close 15:59
Adswood, opp Rainow Road 16:00
Adswood, nr Alvanley Crescent 16:01
Adswood, opp Hatter Avenue 16:02
Adswood, o/s Fielding Works 16:03
Edgeley, nr Bordon Road 16:04
Edgeley, opp Cheadle Old Road 16:05
Edgeley, nr St Lesmo Road 16:06
Edgeley, nr Northgate Road 16:07
Edgeley, nr Castle Street 16:08
Edgeley, nr Worral Street 16:08
Stockport, nr Castle Street 16:09
Stockport College (Stop AF) 16:10
Stockport Grand Central (Stop WW) 16:10
Stockport Mersey Square (Stop AA) 16:11

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/BEVC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 13 May 2022

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