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873 - Ilkley - Malham

A bus service operated by Arriva Yorkshire

Malham - Ilkley

Malham National Park Centre (W-bound) 11:50
Hanlith Kirkby Malham School (SW-bound) 11:54
Kirkby Malham Post Box (S-bound) 11:56
Scosthrop, adj Skellands 11:57
Scosthrop Skellands (S-bound) 11:57
Scosthrop Scosttop Manor (S-bound) 11:58
Scosthrop Mount View (S-bound) 11:59
Airton The Green (NE-bound) 11:59
Calton, adj Newfield Hall Gates 12:02
Calton, adj Newfield Hall 12:02
Eshton Throstle Nest Farm le (SE-bound) 12:05
Eshton House (adj) 12:06
Eshton Lodge Cottage (SE-bound) 12:08
Gargrave Ray Bridge (SW-bound) 12:11
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (W-bound) 12:11
Gargrave The Post Office (SW-bound) 12:12
Gargrave Church Street (N-bound) 12:12
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (E-bound) 12:13
Gargrave Canal Bridge (SE-bound) 12:15
Thorlby Highgate Farm (SE-bound) 12:16
Thorlby Lane End (SE-bound) 12:19
Stirton Lane End (SE-bound) 12:20
Stirton, adj Skipton Bs 12:21
Skipton, opp Craven College 12:22
Skipton Woodlands Drive (E-bound) 12:22
Skipton Girls High School (E-bound) 12:23
Skipton Raikeswood (SE-bound) 12:23
Skipton Park Avenue (E-bound) 12:23
Skipton Market Place (S-bound) 12:24
Skipton Bus Station Stand 4 (4) 12:25
Skipton Bus Station Stand 4 (4) 12:30
Skipton Caroline Square (N-bound) 12:31
Skipton Market Place (N-bound) 12:31
Skipton, adj The Bailey 12:32
Skipton Embsay Road Junction (NE-bound) 12:33
Embsay, adj Megsons Court 12:35
Embsay, adj Brackenly Lane 12:36
Embsay, adj Dalacres Drive 12:36
Embsay, opp Laurel Croft 12:37
Embsay Kirk Lane (E-bound) 12:40
Embsay, opp Post Box 12:41
Embsay, opp The Masons Arms 12:41
Barden, opp Scale 12:49
Barden, adj Strid Wood 12:50
Bolton Abbey, adj The Riddings 12:52
Storiths Cavendish Memorial (SW-bound) 12:55
Bolton Abbey, opp Well 12:56
Bolton Abbey Devonshire Arms (S-bound) 12:58
Addingham Main Street The Fleece PH 13:04
Addingham Cricket Ground 13:05
Addingham, before Ilkley Rd Church Street 13:06
Addingham, opp Wharfedale Rd Lumb Gill Lane 13:07
Ilkley, opp Skipton Rd Cocking Lane 13:09
Ilkley Skipton Road Netherwood (stop) 13:09
Ilkley Skipton Road The Hollins 13:10
Ilkley Skipton Road Dale View 13:11
Ilkley Skipton Rd Victoria Avenue 13:12
Ilkley Skipton Rd Easby Drive 13:13
Ilkley Skipton Rd Westville Road 13:13
Ilkley Bus Station (Stand B) 13:15

Ilkley - Malham

Ilkley Bus Station (Stand A) 14:40
Ilkley Skipton Rd Middleton Road 14:41
Ilkley, adj Skipton Rd Easby Drive 14:42
Ilkley Skipton Rd Appletree Gardens 14:42
Ilkley Skipton Rd Layby 14:43
Ilkley Skipton Rd Cocking Lane 14:43
Ilkley Skipton Road Netherwood 14:44
Ilkley Skipton Rd Cocking Lane (corner) 14:44
Addingham Wharfedale Rd Lumb Gill Lane (corner) 14:45
Addingham Main St Church Street (stop) 14:46
Addingham, after Cricket Ground 14:47
Addingham Main Street The Fleece PH 14:47
Addingham Bolton Rd Main St 14:47
Addingham Bolton Rd The Acres 14:48
Addingham Bolton Rd Farfield House 14:49
Addingham Farfield Hall (N-bound) 14:51
Bolton Abbey Bolton Bridge (S-bound) 14:54
Bolton Abbey, adj Well 14:56
Storiths Cavendish Memorial (NE-bound) 14:57
Bolton Abbey, opp The Riddings 15:00
Barden, opp Strid Wood 15:02
Barden, adj Scale 15:03
Embsay, adj The Masons Arms 15:11
Embsay, adj Post Box 15:11
Embsay Kirk Lane (W-bound) 15:12
Embsay, adj Laurel Croft 15:14
Embsay, opp Dalacres Drive 15:15
Embsay, opp Brackenly Lane 15:16
Embsay, opp Megsons Court 15:16
Skipton Embsay Road Junction (W-bound) 15:19
Skipton, opp The Bailey 15:20
Skipton Market Place (S-bound) 15:21
Skipton Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 15:24
Skipton Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 15:30
Skipton Park Avenue (W-bound) 15:31
Skipton Raikeswood (NW-bound) 15:32
Skipton, opp Woodlands Drive 15:32
Skipton, adj Craven College 15:33
Stirton, opp Farm Shop 15:34
Stirton Lane End (NW-bound) 15:34
Thorlby Lane End (NW-bound) 15:36
Thorlby Highgate Farm (NW-bound) 15:38
Gargrave Canal Bridge (NW-bound) 15:40
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (W-bound) 15:41
Gargrave The Post Office (SW-bound) 15:42
Gargrave Church Street (N-bound) 15:42
Gargrave Lyndale Garage (E-bound) 15:43
Gargrave Ray Bridge (NE-bound) 15:44
Eshton Gardens Road (NW-bound) 15:46
Eshton House (opp) 15:48
Eshton Throstle Nest Farm le (SW-bound) 15:49
Calton, opp Newfield Hall 15:52
Calton, opp Newfield Hall Gates 15:52
Airton The Manor House (E-bound) 15:55
Scosthrop Mount View (N-bound) 15:55
Scosthrop Skellands (N-bound) 15:58
Scosthrop, opp Skellands 15:58
Kirkby Malham Victoria Hotel (W-bound) 16:00
Hanlith Kirkby Malham School (NE-bound) 16:03
Malham National Park Centre (W-bound) 16:05

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