Bus Times

880 - Norden - St Cuthbert's High School

A bus service operated by Stotts Tours

See the Transport for Greater Manchester website for timetables

Norden Cl (nr) 07:28
Norden, nr Edenfield Rd 07:28
Norden, opp Mill Bridge 07:30
Norden Village (at) 07:31
Shawfield Ln (nr) 07:32
Shawfield, opp Elmsfield Ave 07:32
Bagslate, opp Moorland Ave 07:33
Cutgate, nr St Vincents Sch 07:34
Passmonds, nr Meadow View 07:35
Passmonds, opp Cutgate Shopping Ctr 07:36
Passmonds Cres (nr) 07:37
Spotland, nr Edenfield Rd 07:38
Greave, nr Mons Ave 07:39
Greave, opp Hudsons Walk 07:40
Broadhalgh, nr Sandy Ln 07:42
Broadhalgh, nr Claremont Rd 07:42
Rochdale, opp Oakenrod Hill 07:43
Rochdale, nr Mellor St 07:44
Rochdale, opp Bury Rd 07:45
Rochdale, adj Dane St 07:45
Rochdale, adj Manchester Rd 07:46
Rochdale, nr Tweedale St 07:48
Stoneyfield, opp Highfield Hospital 07:49
Sudden Tesco (Stop D) 07:51
Sudden St Aidan's Church (Stop B) 07:51
Sudden, o/s Royal Toby Hotel 07:52
Castleton Moor, opp Nixon St 07:53
Castleton Moor, o/s Farewell Inn 07:54
Castleton Milne St (Stop B) 07:54
Castleton Queensway (Stop D) 07:56
Castleton, opp Hillcrest Rd 07:56
Castleton, nr The Tannery 07:56
Castleton, o/s Arrow Mill 07:57
Castleton, opp Malcolm St 07:58
Kirkholt, opp Cowm Top Ln 07:59
Kirkholt, opp Hartley Ln 08:00
Stoneyfield, nr Dicken Green Ln 08:02
Stoneyfield, nr Digby Rd 08:02
Stoneyfield, nr Greenfield Ln 08:03
Lower Place Kingsway (Stop F) 08:04
Balderstone, nr Charlotte St 08:05
Balderstone, nr Broad Ln 08:06
Balderstone, nr Connaught Ave 08:07
Buersil, opp Melbourne Rd 08:08
Buersil, nr Gilbrook Way 08:08
Buersil Head, o/s St Cuthbert's HS 08:09
Buersil Head, nr St Cuthberts RCHS 08:10

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