884 - King Edward VI Five Ways - Olton

A bus service operated by The Green Bus


Monday to Friday, not Birmingham School Holidays

Olton - King Edward VI Five Ways

Olton Station (before) 06:47
Olton, adj Ulverley Green Rd 06:47
Ulverley Green, adj Reservoir Rd 06:48
Ulverley Green, opp Grange Rd 06:49
Kineton Green, opp Broad Oaks Rd 06:50
Lode Heath, adj Alston Rd 06:54
Lode Heath, adj Damson Lane 06:55
Lode Heath, opp Yew Tree Lane 06:56
Lode Heath, adj Oakland Close 06:56
Solihull, opp School Lane 06:57
Solihull, before Malvern Park Avenue 06:58
Solihull, adj St Alphege Church 06:58
Solihull, after Princes Way 07:00
Solihull, before Whitefields Road 07:01
Blossomfield, opp St Peters School 07:01
Blossomfield, opp Hollyfield Avenue 07:04
Sharmans Cross, adj Yoxall Rd 07:05
Sharmans Cross, adj Danford Lane 07:06
Sharmans Cross, opp Stanway Rd 07:07
Shirley, adj Thornyfield Rd 07:08
Shirley, adj Sutherland Ave 07:09
Shirley, opp St James Church 07:09
Shirley, adj Union Rd 07:10
Shirley, before Bishopton Close 07:11
Shirley, adj Sainsbury's 07:11
Three May Poles, before Allotments 07:13
Three May Poles, adj Dog Kennel Lane 07:14
Three May Poles, after Tanworth Lane 07:15
Three May Poles, opp Tythe Barn Lane 07:16
Dickens Heath, before Tythe Barn Lane 07:17
Dickens Heath, before Calcutt Way 07:18
Whitlocks End, adj Houndsfield Lane 07:20
Whitlocks End Station (adj) 07:21
Major’s Green, adj Fords Road 07:21
Hollywood, adj New Road 07:27
Hollywood, opp Highter's Heath Lane 07:28
Maypole, opp Baverstock School 07:33
Maypole, opp Kimpton Close 07:33
Druids Heath, after Pound Rd 07:34
Druids Heath, opp Brockworth Rd 07:35
Druids Heath, opp Bells Farm Close 07:35
Druids Heath, adj Bells Lane 07:37
King’s Norton, opp Baldwin Rd 07:38
King’s Norton, opp The Navigation 07:38
King’s Norton, after Wharf Rd 07:39
Cotteridge, opp Melchett Rd 07:40
Cotteridge Station Rd (Stop CQ) 07:41
Kings Norton Park (after) 07:41
Wychall, adj Meadow Hill Rd 07:42
Wychall, adj Nortune Close 07:43
Wychall, opp St Thomas Aquinas School 07:43
Wychall, after Popes Lane 07:44
Wychall, adj Oddingley Rd 07:44
Wychall, adj Seven Acres Rd 07:45
Turves Green, before West Heath Rd 07:46
Turves Green, adj Moorpark Rd 07:47
Turves Green, adj Clunbury Rd 07:48
Longbridge Turves Green Boys' School 07:49
Longbridge, opp Culmington Rd 07:49
Longbridge, before Turves Green 07:50
Longbridge Station (Stop LH) 07:51
Longbridge Bristol Road South (Stop LF) 07:51
Longbridge Technology Park (Stop LC) 07:52
Longbridge, adj Broughton Crescent 07:53
Longbridge, adj Farren Rd 07:54
Longbridge Tessall Lane (beyond) 07:55
Longbridge, opp Mavis Rd 07:55
Turves Green, opp Hawkesley Mill Lane 07:56
Turves Green, opp South Rd 07:57
Turves Green, opp Quarry Lane 07:59
Northfield, adj The Black Horse 08:00
Northfield, opp St Heliers Rd 08:00
Northfield, opp Inverness Rd 08:00
Allens Cross, opp Hoggs Lane 08:01
Allens Cross, after Guardian Court 08:02
Allens Cross, opp The Dingle 08:03
Kitwell, after Ravenhayes Lane 08:08
Kitwell, opp Harlech Close 08:08
Kitwell, adj Rothesay Croft 08:09
Bartley Green, after The Storrs Way 08:10

King Edward VI Five Ways - Olton

Bartley Green, before The Storrs Way 15:50
Kitwell, opp Rothesay Croft 15:50
Kitwell, adj Harlech Close 15:51
Kitwell, before Ravenhayes Lane 15:51
Frankley Green, adj Church Hill 15:53
Allens Cross, adj The Dingle 15:57
Allens Cross, opp Guardian Court 15:57
Northfield, adj Inverness Rd 15:59
Northfield The Black Horse 16:00
Northfield Leisure Centre (behind) 16:00
Turves Green, adj South Rd 16:01
Turves Green, adj Hawkesley Mill Lane 16:03
Longbridge, adj Mavis Rd 16:04
Longbridge, opp Tessall Lane 16:05
Longbridge, opp Broughton Crescent 16:06
Longbridge Technology Park (Stop LD) 16:07
Longbridge Bristol Road South (Stop LE) 16:08
Longbridge Station (Stop LG) 16:09
Longbridge, after Turves Green 16:09
Longbridge, adj Culmington Rd 16:09
Longbridge Turves Green Boys' School 16:10
Turves Green, before Clunbury Rd 16:10
Turves Green, opp Moorpark Rd 16:11
Turves Green, before West Heath Rd 16:12
Turves Green, after West Heath Rd 16:12
Wychall, opp Seven Acres Rd 16:13
Wychall, opp Oddingley Rd 16:14
Wychall Farm School (opp) 16:14
Wychall, before Popes Lane 16:14
Wychall, opp Nortune Close 16:15
Wychall, opp Meadow Hill Rd 16:16
Cotteridge, adj Wychall Lane 16:17
Cotteridge Station Rd (Stop CA) 16:17
Cotteridge, adj Melchett Rd 16:18
King’s Norton, before Wharf Rd 16:18
King’s Norton, adj Wharf Rd 16:19
King’s Norton, adj The Navigation 16:19
King’s Norton, after Baldwin Rd 16:20
Druids Heath, after Parsons Hill 16:21
Druids Heath, adj Bells Farm Close 16:22
Druids Heath, adj Brockworth Rd 16:22
Druids Heath, opp Pound Rd 16:23
Maypole, adj Kimpton Close 16:24
Maypole Island (after) 16:26
Hollywood, adj Highter's Heath Lane 16:29
Hollywood, opp New Road 16:32
Major’s Green, adj Fords Road 16:35
Whitlocks End Station (opp) 16:36
Whitlocks End, opp Houndsfield Lane 16:37
Tidbury Green, adj Dickens Heath Rd 16:38
Tidbury Green, after Tilehouse Lane 16:38
Dickens Heath, adj Birchy Leasowes Lane 16:39
Dickens Heath, adj Fishers Drive 16:40
Dickens Heath, opp Boundary Lane 16:41
Dickens Heath, adj Tythe Barn Lane 16:41
Three May Poles, adj Tythe Barn Lane 16:42
Three May Poles, before Tanworth Lane 16:42
Three May Poles, on Dog Kennel Lane 16:43
Three May Poles, after Allotments 16:44
Three May Poles, opp Solihull Gate 16:44
Shirley, nr Sainsbury's 16:44
Shirley, after Bishopton Close 16:46
Shirley, adj School Rd 16:46
Shirley, adj St James Church 16:47
Shirley, opp Sutherland Ave 16:48
Shirley, opp Thornyfield Rd 16:49
Sharmans Cross, adj Stanway Rd 16:50
Sharmans Cross, opp Danford Lane 16:50
Sharmans Cross, opp Yoxall Rd 16:51
Blossomfield, adj Hollyfield Avenue 16:53
Blossomfield Schools (adj) 16:55
Blossomfield Grandborough Drive 16:55
Blossomfield, adj St Peters School 16:56
Solihull, on Whitefields Rd 16:57
Solihull, after Whitefields Road 16:57
Solihull, nr Car Park 16:58
Solihull, before Princes Way 16:58
Solihull, opp St Alphege Church 17:00
Solihull, after Malvern Park Avenue 17:00
Solihull, adj School Lane 17:01
Lode Heath, opp Oakland Close 17:02
Lode Heath, adj Yew Tree Lane 17:03
Lode Heath, opp Damson Lane 17:04
Lode Heath, opp Alston Rd 17:04
Lode Heath, after Moat Lane 17:05
Lode Heath, adj Redlands Rd 17:05
Kineton Green, adj Broad Oaks Rd 17:09
Ulverley Green, adj Grange Rd 17:10
Ulverley Green, opp Reservoir Rd 17:11
Olton, nr Ulverley Green Rd 17:12
Olton Station (opp) 17:13

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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