885 - King Edward VI Five Ways - Fairfield

A bus service operated by The Green Bus Service

Fairfield - King Edward VI Five Ways

Fairfield, adj Church 07:07
Catshill, opp Plough and Harrow 07:10
Catshill, adj War Memorial 07:11
Catshill, opp Hinton Fields 07:12
Sidemoor, adj Barnsley Hall 07:14
Sidemoor Broad Street (SE-bound) 07:15
Sidemoor, opp Bewell Head 07:16
Bromsgrove, adj Princess of Wales Hospital 07:17
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 3) 07:19
Bromsgrove, adj Windsor Street 07:20
Bromsgrove, opp Sunnymead 07:21
Bromsgrove, adj Fordhouse Road 07:23
Bromsgrove Regents Park Road (W-bound) 07:28
Lickey End, adj Hillside Drive 07:32
Lickey End, adj School 07:32
Hall Flat Old Birmingham Road (N-bound) 07:33
Staple Hill, opp Staple Flat 07:33
Staple Hill Old Birmingham Road (N-bound) 07:34
Marlbrook, adj Braces Lane 07:35
Marlbrook Lane (adj) 07:35
Marlbrook, opp Lickey Rock 07:36
Upper Marlbrook, opp Lickey Grange Drive 07:37
Lickey Square (opp) 07:40
Lickey, opp Parish Hall 07:41
Lickey, adj Parish Hall 07:42
Lickey Square (adj) 07:43
Lickey, adj Rose and Crown 07:47
Lickey Rose Hill (E-bound) 07:48
Rednal, adj Hare & Hounds 07:50
Rednal, adj Leach Green Lane 07:50
Rednal, opp Ormscliffe Rd 07:51
Rednal Shepley Rd (NW-bound) 07:52
Rubery Ashill Rd 07:53
Rubery, before Cinema 07:53
Frankley Hollywood Bowl 07:54
Frankley, adj Frogmill Rd 07:55
Frankley, before Crychan Close 07:55
Frankley, before Beech Park Rd 07:56
Allens Cross, before Egghill Lane 07:57
Kitwell, after Ravenhayes Lane 08:03
Kitwell, opp Harlech Close 08:03
Kitwell, adj Rothesay Croft 08:04
Bartley Green, after The Storrs Way 08:05
Service is available to the general public.

King Edward VI Five Ways - Fairfield

Bartley Green, before The Storrs Way 15:50
Kitwell, opp Rothesay Croft 15:50
Kitwell, adj Harlech Close 15:51
Kitwell, before Ravenhayes Lane 15:52
Frankley Green, adj Church Hill 15:54
Allens Cross, after Egghill Lane 15:57
Frankley, after Beech Park Rd 15:58
Frankley, after Crychan Close 15:58
Frankley, opp Frogmill Rd 15:59
Frankley Hollywood Bowl 16:00
Rubery Cinema 16:00
Rednal Shepley Rd (SE-bound) 16:02
Rednal, adj Ormscliffe Rd 16:03
Rednal, opp Edgewood Rd 16:03
Rednal Leach Green Lane 16:04
Rednal, opp Hare & Hounds 16:05
Lickey Rose Hill (W-bound) 16:07
Lickey, opp Rose and Crown 16:09
Lickey, adj Church 16:12
Lickey Square (adj) 16:16
Lickey, opp Parish Hall 16:16
Lickey Square (adj) 16:16
Upper Marlbrook, adj Lickey Grange Drive 16:17
Marlbrook, adj Lickey Rock 16:18
Marlbrook Lane (opp) 16:18
Marlbrook, opp Braces Lane 16:19
Staple Hill Old Birmingham Road (S-bound) 16:20
Staple Hill, adj Staple Flat 16:20
Hall Flat Old Birmingham Road (S-bound) 16:21
Lickey End, adj Birmingham Road 16:21
Lickey End, adj School Lane 16:22
Lickey End, adj Grosvenor Gardens 16:23
Bromsgrove Regents Park Road (W-bound) 16:28
Bromsgrove, opp Fordhouse Road 16:32
Bromsgrove, adj Sunnymead 16:33
Bromsgrove, opp Windsor Street 16:34
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 1) 16:36
Bromsgrove, opp Princess of Wales Hospital 16:37
Sidemoor, adj Bewell Head 16:38
Sidemoor Broad Street (NW-bound) 16:39
Sidemoor, opp Barnsley Hall 16:40
Catshill, adj Hinton Fields 16:42
Catshill, adj Plough and Harrow 16:45
Fairfield, opp Church 16:48
Service is available to the general public.

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