886 - King Edward VI Five Ways - Sedgley

A bus service operated by The Green Bus


Monday to Friday, not Birmingham School Holidays

Sedgley - King Edward VI Five Ways

Sedgley, adj Market Hall 06:59
Sedgley, adj Gate St 06:59
Sedgley, opp Ridgeway 07:00
Upper Gornal, adj Valley Rd 07:00
Upper Gornal, opp Moden Hill 07:01
Upper Gornal, adj Highgate 07:01
Upper Gornal, opp Jews Lane 07:02
Dibdale, adj Blackthorne Rd 07:03
Dibdale, adj Old Park Rd 07:03
Shavers End, adj The Broadway 07:04
Shavers End, adj Bishop Milner School 07:04
Shavers End, opp Lightwood Road 07:04
Shavers End, opp Nith Place 07:05
Eve Hill, opp The Shrubbery 07:06
Eve Hill, opp Grange Rd 07:06
Eve Hill, nr Stafford St 07:07
Eve Hill, adj Dock Lane 07:07
Blowers Green, adj Dudley Cemetery 07:08
Blowers Green, adj Waverley St 07:09
Holly Hall, opp Pensnett Rd 07:11
Woodside, after Ave Rd 07:11
Harts Hill, before Charter St 07:12
Harts Hill, after Canal St 07:13
Harts Hill, opp Wallows Rd 07:14
Brierley Hill, before Bank St 07:15
Brierley Hill, opp Church Hill 07:17
Silver End, opp Lancaster Rd 07:17
Silver End, opp Crescent Avenue 07:18
Silver End, adj Meeting Lane 07:19
Silver End, opp Hawbush Rd 07:20
Audnam, opp Harrison Rd 07:21
Audnam, opp Oakfield Close 07:21
Audnam, adj Park St 07:22
Amblecote, after Collis St 07:23
Amblecote, opp Stamford St 07:24
Amblecote, adj Mill Race Lane 07:25
Stourbridge, opp Union St 07:28
Oldswinford, opp Stourbridge College 07:29
Oldswinford, after Glasshouse Hill 07:29
Oldswinford, opp Oakleigh Rd 07:30
Pedmore, adj Wimbledon Drive 07:32
Pedmore, before Redlake Road 07:32
Hagley War Memorial (E-bound) 07:38
Hagley, opp Paramount Showrooms 07:38
Hagley Road (opp) 07:39
Hagley, adj Wassell Grove Road 07:41
Hagley Wood Lane (opp) 07:44
Hayley Green, adj Lutley Lane 07:45
Hayley Green, opp Waugh Drive 07:45
Hayley Green, before Cherry Tree Lane 07:47
Hasbury, opp Uffmoor Lane 07:48
Hasbury, adj Albert Rd 07:49
Hasbury, opp School Lane 07:50
Halesowen, opp Blackberry Lane 07:51
Halesowen, adj Pool Rd 07:53
Halesowen, adj Woodman Close 07:54
Kitwell, after Ravenhayes Lane 08:02
Kitwell, opp Harlech Close 08:03
Kitwell, adj Rothesay Croft 08:04
Bartley Green, after The Storrs Way 08:05

King Edward VI Five Ways - Sedgley

Bartley Green, before The Storrs Way 15:50
Kitwell, opp Rothesay Croft 15:50
Kitwell, adj Harlech Close 15:51
Kitwell, before Ravenhayes Lane 15:52
Hunnington, opp Illey Turn 15:58
Halesowen, opp Woodman Close 15:59
Halesowen, opp Pool Rd 16:00
Halesowen, adj Blackberry Lane 16:02
Hasbury, adj School Lane 16:03
Hasbury, opp Albert Rd 16:03
Hasbury, adj Uffmoor Lane 16:04
Hayley Green, nr Cherry Tree Lane 16:06
Hayley Green, adj Waugh Drive 16:06
Hayley Green, opp Lutley Lane 16:07
Hagley Golf Course (adj) 16:09
Hagley, opp Wassell Grove Road 16:11
Hagley, adj School Lane 16:12
Hagley, adj Paramount Showrooms 16:13
Hagley Primary School (adj) 16:15
Pedmore, after Redlake Road 16:20
Pedmore, opp Wimbledon Drive 16:20
Oldswinford, adj Oakleigh Rd 16:22
Oldswinford, before Glasshouse Hill 16:22
Oldswinford, adj Stourbridge College 16:24
Stourbridge, adj Union St 16:25
Stourbridge Ring Rd (opp) 16:26
Amblecote Church (opp) 16:28
Amblecote, before Stamford St 16:29
Amblecote, before Collis St 16:30
Audnam, opp Park St 16:32
Audnam, adj Oakfield Close 16:33
Audnam, adj Harrison Rd 16:34
Silver End, adj Hawbush Rd 16:34
Silver End, opp Meeting Lane 16:35
Silver End, adj Crescent Avenue 16:36
Silver End, adj Lancaster Rd 16:37
Silver End, adj North St 16:38
Brierley Hill, adj Church Hill 16:39
Harts Hill, adj Wallows Rd 16:43
Harts Hill, before Canal St 16:44
Harts Hill, after Charter St 16:46
Woodside, opp Ave Rd 16:48
Blowers Green, opp Waverley St 16:53
Eve Hill, opp Dock Lane 16:56
Eve Hill, adj Grange Rd 16:58
Eve Hill, adj The Shrubbery 17:00
Shavers End, adj Nith Place 17:00
Shavers End, before Lightwood Road 17:01
Shavers End, opp Bishop Milner School 17:01
Shavers End, opp The Broadway 17:02
Dibdale, opp Old Park Rd 17:03
Dibdale, opp Blackthorne Rd 17:04
Upper Gornal, adj Jews Lane 17:04
Upper Gornal, opp Highgate 17:05
Upper Gornal, adj Moden Hill 17:06
Upper Gornal, opp Valley Rd 17:07
Sedgley, adj Ridgeway 17:08
Sedgley, opp Gate St 17:09
Sedgley, opp Market Hall 17:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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