Bus Times

888 - Newcastle (city centre) - Keswick

A bus service operated by Wright Brothers Coaches

Newcastle (city centre) - Keswick

Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle Coach Station (S-bound) 09:20
Fenham Newcastle C.A.V Campus (B) 09:23
Fenham West Road-The Plaza (W-bound) 09:24
Denton Burn Newcastle Crematorium (NW-bound) 09:26
Denton Burn West Road (NW-bound) 09:28
Hexham Road-Lemington Road Ends (NW-bound) 09:30
Walbottle Hexham Road-St Cuthberts Church (NW-bound) 09:31
Walbottle Hawthorn Terrace (W-bound) 09:32
Walbottle Hexham Road-Hawthorn Terrace (W-bound) 09:33
Walbottle Hexham Road-Campus (NW-bound) 09:33
Throckley Hexham Road-Hadrian Place (W-bound) 09:34
Throckley Roundabout (W-bound) 09:35
Throckley Hexham Road-Middle School (W-bound) 09:35
Throckley Hexham Road-Drove Road (W-bound) 09:36
Throckley Hexham Road-Bank Top (W-bound) 09:36
Heddon-on-the-Wall, opp Frenchmen's Row 09:37
Heddon-on-the-Wall Bank Top (W-bound) 09:38
Heddon-on-the-Wall, nr Village Entrance 09:39
Heddon-on-the-Wall Three Tuns (W-bound) 09:40
Heddon-on-the-Wall Houghton (W-bound) 09:40
Close House, opp Houghton Moor Cottages 09:42
Rudchester Holeyn Hall Crossroads (W-bound) 09:43
Horsley, opp Stonecroft 09:44
Horsley, o/s Lion and Lamb 09:45
Horsley, nr South Farm 09:45
Horsley High Barns Farm (W-bound) 09:45
Ovington Nafferton Farm (W-bound) 09:47
Ovington Road End (W-bound) 09:48
Stelling, opp South Lodge 09:48
Newton, opp Shaw House 09:50
Styford, opp Brocks Bushes 09:52
Styford Lodge (nr) 09:52
Corbridge, nr Howden Dene 09:53
Corbridge, opp The Crofts 09:54
Corbridge, opp Angel Inn 09:55
Corbridge Lion (W-bound) 09:55
Corbridge, opp Cemetery 09:55
Dilston Main Road (W-bound) 09:56
Dilston Park (W-bound) 09:57
Dilston Widehaugh (W-bound) 09:58
Hexham, adj Mole Country Store 09:58
Hexham Eastwood Grange (W-bound) 09:58
Hexham Woodlands (W-bound) 09:59
Hexham, o/s Dean View House 09:59
Hexham, o/s General Hospital 09:59
Hexham Bus Station (Stand C) 10:00
Hexham Priestpopple (W-bound) 10:00
Hexham, opp Monument 10:00
Hexham, o/s Police Station 10:00
Tynegreen, nr Woodbine Terrace 10:01
Tynegreen, nr Leazes Lane 10:01
Tynegreen, nr Shaws Park 10:01
Leazes, opp St Andrew's Cemetery 10:02
West Wharmley (opp) 10:06
Haydon Bridge, opp Anchor Hotel 10:10
Haydon Bridge, opp Cemetery 10:10
Haydon Bridge, opp Light Birks 10:11
Haydon Bridge, opp Langley Castle Farm Road End 10:12
Haydon Bridge, opp Langley Castle Gates 10:13
Langley, opp Phone Box 10:15
Langley, opp Methodist Chapel 10:15
Langley, o/s Carts Bog Inn 10:16
Staward, o/s Former Railway Station 10:18
Cupola Bridge, nr Cupola Cottages 10:22
Whitfield, opp Tarry Back 10:23
Whitfield, opp Bog Cottages 10:24
Whitfield, adj Village Pantry 10:25
Whitfield, adj The Elk's Head 10:25
Whitfield, opp Church 10:25
Whitfield Hall (nr) 10:26
Ninebanks Road End (S-bound) 10:27
Alston, at Station Yard 10:44
Alston, o/s Hendersons Garage 10:45
Alston, o/s Hendersons Garage 11:20
Hartside, o/s Caf 11:30
Melmerby, nr The New Inn 11:40
Melmerby, nr Turnmoor Head Woods 11:41
Langwathby, at Rail Station 11:50
Penrith Bus Station (P) (Stand 1) 12:00
Penrith, o/s Rail Station 12:03
Greystoke, o/s Cross 12:08
Motherby, o/s Croft House 12:10
Troutbeck Inn (nr) 12:16
Mungrisdale, opp Road End 12:20
Threlkeld, by road end 12:24
Keswick Bus Station (K) (Stand 4) 12:30

Keswick - Newcastle (city centre)

Keswick Bus Station (K) (Stand 4) 16:30
Threlkeld, at Bypass 16:35
Mungrisdale, adj Road End 16:40
Troutbeck Inn (opp) 16:43
Motherby, opp Croft House 16:50
Greystoke, at Cross 16:52
Penrith, o/s Rail Station 17:00
Penrith Bus Station (P) (Stand 1) 17:05
Langwathby, opp Rail Station 17:15
Melmerby, at Turnmoor Head Woods 17:18
Melmerby, opp The New Inn 17:20
Hartside, opp Caf 17:31
Alston, in Hendersons Garage 17:45
Alston, in Hendersons Garage 18:05
Ninebanks Road End (N-bound) 18:21
Whitfield Hall (opp) 18:23
Whitfield, nr Church 18:24
Whitfield, opp The Elk's Head 18:24
Whitfield, opp Village Pantry 18:25
Whitfield, o/s Bog Cottages 18:25
Whitfield, o/s Tarry Back 18:25
Cupola Bridge, opp Cupola Cottages 18:27
Staward, opp Former Railway Station 18:31
Langley, opp Carts Bog Inn 18:32
Langley, adj Methodist Chapel 18:34
Langley, adj Phone box 18:34
Haydon Bridge, nr Langley Castle gates 18:36
Haydon Bridge, adj Langley Castle Farm road end 18:37
Haydon Bridge, nr Light Birks 18:38
Haydon Bridge, nr Cemetery 18:39
Haydon Bridge, o/s Anchor Hotel 18:40
West Wharmley (nr) 18:43
Leazes, o/s St Andrew's Cemetery 18:47
Tynegreen, opp Shaws Park 18:48
Tynegreen, opp Leazes Lane 18:48
Tynegreen, opp Woodbine Terrace 18:48
Hexham, opp Police station 18:48
Hexham, nr Monument 18:49
Hexham Bus Station (Stand B) 18:50
Hexham, opp General Hospital 18:50
Hexham Woodlands (E-bound) 18:51
Hexham Eastwood Grange (E-bound) 18:52
Hexham, opp Mole Country Store 18:53
Dilston Widehaugh (E-bound) 18:54
Dilston Park (E-bound) 18:55
Dilston Main road (E-bound) 18:57
Corbridge, o/s Cemetery 18:58
Corbridge Lion (E-bound) 18:59
Corbridge, o/s Angel Inn 19:00
Corbridge, adj The Crofts 19:00
Corbridge, opp Howden Dene 19:00
Styford Lodge (opp) 19:02
Styford, nr Brocks Bushes 19:02
Newton, nr Shaw House 19:04
Stelling, nr South Lodge 19:06
Ovington road end (E-bound) 19:06
Ovington Nafferton Farm (E-bound) 19:07
Horsley, nr High Barns Farm 19:09
Horsley, opp South Farm 19:09
Horsley, opp Lion and Lamb 19:10
Horsley, nr Stonecroft 19:10
Rudchester Holeyn Hall crossroads (E-bound) 19:11
Close House, nr Houghton Moor Cottages 19:12
Heddon-on-the-Wall Houghton (E-bound) 19:14
Heddon-on-the-Wall Three Tuns (E-bound) 19:15
Heddon-on-the-Wall, opp Village entrance 19:15
Heddon-on-the-Wall Bank Top (E-bound) 19:17
Heddon-on-the-Wall, nr Frenchmen's Row 19:17
Throckley Hexham Road-Bank Top (E-bound) 19:18
Throckley Hexham Road-Drove Road (E-bound) 19:18
Throckley Hexham Road-Middle School (E-bound) 19:19
Throckley Roundabout (E-bound) 19:20
Throckley Hexham Road-Westway (E-bound) 19:20
Walbottle Hexham Road-Campus (E-bound) 19:20
Walbottle Hexham Road-Hawthorn Terrace (SE-bound) 19:21
Walbottle (E-bound) 19:21
Walbottle Old Hexham Road-Stephenson Terrace (E-bound) 19:22
Hexham Road-Lemington Road Ends (SE-bound) 19:22
Denton Burn West Road (SE-bound) 19:25
Denton Burn Newcastle Crematorium (E-bound) 19:25
Fenham West Road-The Plaza (E-bound) 19:27
Fenham Newcastle C.A.V Campus (C) 19:27
Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle Coach Station (S-bound) 19:30

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