890 - Unsworth Academy/Philips High School - Bradley Fold via Whitefield, Stand, Outwood, Radcliffe, Little Lever

A bus service operated by Atlantic Travel GB


Monday to Friday, Unsworth Academy days

Unsworth Academy/Philips High School - Whitefield, Stand, Outwood, Radcliffe, Little Lever - Bradley Fold

Unsworth Academy (o/s) 15:15
Unsworth Medical Centre (o/s) 15:15
Unsworth Pole (o/s) 15:15
Unsworth, nr Kennedy Drive 15:16
Hillock, nr Montgomery Drive 15:17
Hillock, nr Wavell Drive 15:18
Whitefield, nr Parr Lane 15:19
Whitefield, opp Mather Avenue 15:19
Whitefield Stand Church (Stop J) 15:21
Whitefield, nr Higher Lane 15:21
Whitefield, adj Church Lane 15:21
Whitefield, o/s Philips High School 15:23
Standmoor Road (opp) 15:24
Park Lane (nr) 15:25
Stand, opp Wentworth Avenue 15:26
Stand, adj Ringley Road 15:27
Stand, nr Old Hall Lane 15:28
Stand, o/s Clarks Hill 15:29
Chapel Field, opp Outwood Road 15:29
Chapel Field, o/s Hare & Hounds 15:30
Chapel Field, opp Albion Street 15:31
Chapel Field, nr James Street 15:32
Radcliffe Bus Station (Stop C) 15:35
Radcliffe, nr Blackburn Street 15:36
Radcliffe, nr Lord Raglan 15:37
Radcliffe, nr Water Street 15:38
Black Lane, adj Belgrave Street 15:38
Black Lane, nr Lever Street 15:39
Black Lane, nr Lowe Street 15:40
Bolton Road Estate, opp Colshaw Close 15:41
Bolton Road Estate, nr Tennyson Avenue 15:41
Bolton Road Estate, nr Westminster Avenue 15:42
Bolton Road Estate, adj Turks Road 15:43
Bolton Road Estate, nr Coronation Road 15:44
Bolton Road Estate, nr Exeter Avenue 15:45
Bolton Road Estate, adj Bolton Road 15:47
Little Lever, opp Stopes Tavern 15:49
Little Lever, nr Hayward Avenue 15:49
Little Lever, opp Masefield Road 15:51
Little Lever Coronation Square (Stop A) 15:52
Little Lever, nr Church Street 15:52
Little Lever, opp Market Street 15:53
Little Lever, opp Grosvenor Street 15:54
Bradley Fold, opp Lancaster Drive 15:55
Bradley Fold, nr Boundary Drive 15:56
Bradley Fold, opp Denton Road 15:57
Bradley Fold, opp Garden Centre 15:58

Bradley Fold - Whitefield, Stand, Outwood, Radcliffe, Little Lever - Unsworth Academy/Philips High School

Bradley Fold, o/s Garden Centre 07:27
Bradley Fold, nr Denton Road 07:27
Bradley Fold, opp The Queens 07:28
Bradley Fold, nr Lancaster Drive 07:29
Little Lever, nr Grosvenor Street 07:30
Little Lever, nr Market Street 07:31
Little Lever, opp Church Street 07:32
Little Lever Coronation Square (Stop B) 07:33
Little Lever, opp Settle Street 07:34
Little Lever, opp Hayward Avenue 07:34
Little Lever, o/s Stopes Tavern 07:35
Bolton Road Estate, nr Bolton Road 07:36
Bolton Road Estate, nr Freshfields 07:37
Bolton Road Estate, nr Chatsworth Road 07:39
Bolton Road Estate, nr Turks Road 07:39
Bolton Road Estate, opp Westminster Avenue 07:41
Bolton Road Estate, opp Tennyson Avenue 07:42
Bolton Road Estate, nr Colshaw Close 07:43
Black Lane, nr Pilkington Road 07:45
Black Lane, adj Lever Street 07:46
Black Lane, nr Belgrave Street 07:46
Radcliffe, adj Water Street 07:48
Radcliffe, nr War Memorial 07:49
Radcliffe, nr Cross Street 07:50
Radcliffe Bus Station (Stop C) 07:53
Chapel Field, adj James Street 07:59
Chapel Field, nr Albion Street 08:01
Chapel Field, opp Hare & Hounds 08:04
Chapel Field, nr Outwood Road 08:04
Chapel Field, nr Ringley Mews 08:04
Stand, opp Clarks Hill 08:04
Stand, opp Old Hall Lane 08:05
Stand, nr Ringley Road 08:06
Stand, nr Wentworth Avenue 08:07
Park Lane (adj) 08:07
Standmoor Road (nr) 08:08
Whitefield, opp Philips High School 08:10
Whitefield, nr Church Lane 08:11
Whitefield, opp Higher Lane 08:12
Whitefield Church Lane (Stop H) 08:13
Whitefield Morrison's (Stop G) 08:13
Whitefield, nr Mather Avenue 08:15
Hillock, nr Moss Lane 08:15
Hillock, nr Moss Lane 08:16
Hillock, nr Randale Drive 08:17
Hillock, nr Montgomery Drive 08:18
Unsworth, opp Kennedy Drive 08:19
Unsworth Pole (opp) 08:21

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset