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891 - Shore - St Cuthberts

A bus service operated by First Greater Manchester


Shore - St Cuthberts

Shore, nr Cote Ln 07:21
Shore, opp Ribble Ave 07:22
Shore, nr Aberley Fold 07:23
Shore, nr Kirkstall Ave 07:24
Caldermoor, nr Furness Ave 07:24
Caldermoor, nr Calderbrook Road 07:25
Littleborough, opp Whitelees Rd 07:27
Dearnley, nr Stubley Hall 07:28
Dearnley P.O. (opp) 07:28
Dearnley, opp Arm Rd 07:28
Wuerdle Halifax Rd (Stop E) 07:29
Wuerdle, opp Southview Rd 07:29
Smithy Bridge, nr Rose Ave 07:30
Smithy Bridge, opp Station 07:31
Smithy Bridge, nr Brown Lodge St 07:32
Smithy Bridge, o/s Library 07:33
Smithy Bridge, opp Dale View 07:34
Holt Estate, o/s Birchinley Hall 07:39
Holt Estate, adj Kiln Ln 07:42
Milnrow, opp Silver Hill 07:44
Milnrow Tim Bobbin (Stop C) 07:46
Milnrow Station Rd (Stop B) 07:46
Milnrow Precinct (opp) 07:47
Milnrow, nr Sheriff St 07:48
Newhey, nr M62 07:49
Newhey, opp Bentgate St 07:50
Newhey Terminus (Stop E) 07:51
Newhey, opp Rivermead 07:51
Newhey Shaw Road (o/s 95) 07:51
Jubilee Crossing (nr) 07:52
Shaw, o/s The Jubilee 07:52
Shaw, nr Buckstones Rd 07:53
Shaw, opp Bridge St 07:54
Wrens Nest (by) 07:54
Shaw, nr Chancery Ln 07:55
Shaw Travis St (Stop B) 07:56
Shaw, nr Crompton Way 07:56
Shaw, nr Chamber Rd 07:57
Shaw, o/s Black Horse 07:57
High Crompton, nr The Orchards 07:58
High Crompton P.O. (o/s) 07:59
High Crompton, opp Old Bulls Head 08:00
Rushcroft, opp Moss Gate Rd 08:01
Rushcroft, nr Fentons Farm 08:01
Burnedge (in) 08:03
Burnedge, opp The Fairview 08:03
Burnedge, opp Broad Shaw Ln 08:03
Turf Hill, nr Badger Cl 08:06
Turf Hill, nr Fieldway 08:07
Balderstone, nr Broad Ln 08:08
Balderstone, nr Connaught Ave 08:08
Buersil, opp Melbourne Rd 08:09
Buersil, nr Gilbrook Way 08:09
Buersil Head, o/s St Cuthbert's HS 08:10
Buersil Head, nr St Cuthberts RCHS 08:11

St Cuthberts - Shore

Buersil Head, nr St Cuthbert's RCHS 15:00
Buersil Head, opp St Cuthbert's HS 15:00
Buersil, opp Gilbrook Way 15:01
Buersil, nr Melbourne Rd 15:01
Balderstone, opp Connaught Ave 15:01
Balderstone, opp Broad Ln 15:02
Balderstone, o/s The Craven 15:02
Turf Hill, opp Fieldway 15:03
Turf Hill, opp Badger Cl 15:04
Turf Hill, opp Ginnell Farm 15:04
Burnedge, nr The Fairview 15:07
Burnedge (at) 15:07
Rushcroft, opp Fentons Farm 15:08
Rushcroft, nr Moss Gate Rd 15:09
High Crompton, o/s Old Bulls Head 15:10
High Crompton P.O. (opp) 15:10
High Crompton, opp The Orchards 15:11
Shaw, opp Black Horse 15:12
Shaw, opp The Cutting Room 15:13
Shaw, opp King Albert St 15:15
Shaw, opp Chancery Ln 15:15
Shaw, nr Bridge St 15:16
Shaw, opp Buckstones Rd 15:17
Shaw, opp The Jubilee 15:18
Jubilee Crossing (opp) 15:18
Newhey, on Shaw Road 15:19
Newhey, nr Rivermead 15:19
Newhey Terminus (Stop F) 15:20
Newhey, nr Bentgate St 15:20
Newhey, adj M62 15:21
Milnrow, nr Ladyhouse Ln 15:22
Milnrow Precinct (o/s) 15:23
Milnrow Station Rd (Stop A) 15:24
Milnrow Tim Bobbin (Stop A) 15:25
Milnrow, nr Silver Hill 15:25
Holt Estate, nr Kiln Ln 15:26
Holt Estate, opp Birchinley Hall 15:28
Smithy Bridge, nr Dale View 15:30
Smithy Bridge, opp Library 15:31
Smithy Bridge, opp Brown Lodge St 15:32
Smithy Bridge, o/s Station 15:33
Smithy Bridge, opp Rose Ave 15:33
Wuerdle, nr Southview Rd 15:33
Wuerdle Halifax Rd (Stop D) 15:34
Dearnley, nr Arm Rd 15:35
Dearnley P.O. (nr) 15:35
Dearnley, opp Stubley Hall 15:36
Caldermoor, adj Calderbrook Road 15:38
Caldermoor, opp Furness Ave 15:39
Shore, opp Turf House Cl 15:40
Shore, nr Ribble Ave 15:42
Shore, nr Cote Ln 15:43

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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