89B - Glasgow - Bishopbriggs Retail Park

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Glasgow - Bishopbriggs Retail Park

Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 38) 09:00then hourly until15:0016:0017:0017:4018:50
Glasgow, at Caledonian University 09:0115:0116:0117:0117:4118:51
Glasgow, opp Lister Street 09:0215:0216:0217:0217:4218:52
Glasgow, opp Black Street 09:0315:0316:0317:0317:4318:53
Royston, after Baird Street 09:0415:0416:0417:0417:4418:54
Sighthill, before Fountainwell Road 09:0515:0516:0617:0617:4618:55
Springburn, opp Petershill Road 09:0715:0716:0717:0817:4818:57
Springburn Road (at 909) 09:1015:1016:1117:1217:5219:00
Springburn Baptist Church (Opp) 09:1115:1116:1217:1317:5319:01
Springburn, opp Cairn Street 09:1215:1216:1217:1417:5419:02
Colston, before Newbold Avenue 09:1315:1316:1317:1517:5519:03
Bishopbriggs, before Stuart Drive 09:1415:1416:1517:1617:5619:04
Bishopbriggs, after Brackenbrae Road 09:1515:1516:1617:1817:5819:05
Bishopbriggs Station (opp) 09:1615:1616:1717:1917:5919:06
Bishopbriggs, opp The Triangle 09:1715:1716:1817:2018:0019:07
Mavis Valley, after Kikintilloch Road 09:1815:1816:1917:2118:0119:08
Mavis Valley, opp Morar Crescent 09:1915:1916:2017:2218:0219:09
Mavis Valley, after Stirling Drive 09:2115:2116:2217:2418:0419:11
Mavis Valley, after Hilton Terrace 09:2215:2216:2317:2518:0519:12
Mavis Valley, opp Gleneagles Drive 09:2315:2316:2417:2618:0619:13
Cadder, before Meadowburn 09:2515:2516:2617:2818:0819:15
Cadder, opp Westerhill Road 09:2715:2716:2817:3018:1019:17
Cadder, opp Crosshill Road 09:2715:2716:2817:3018:1019:17
Cadder, at Marley Works 09:2715:2716:2817:3018:1019:17
Torrance, after Michael McParland Drive 09:2915:2916:3017:3218:1219:19
Torrance, before War Memorial 09:3015:3016:3117:3318:1319:20
Torrance Mill Crescent (at 15) 09:3215:3216:3317:3518:1519:22
Lennoxtown, before Benvue Road 18:21
Lennoxtown, opp Bencloich Road 18:22
Lennoxtown, opp Chapel Street 18:22
Lennoxtown, opp School Lane 18:22
Lennoxtown, after Station Road 18:23
Lennoxtown, after Crosshill Street 18:23
Lennoxtown, after Lennox Road 18:25

Bishopbriggs Retail Park - Glasgow

Lennoxtown, after Lennox Road 07:25then hourly until
Lennoxtown, opp Station Road 07:25
Lennoxtown, after School Lane 07:25
Lennoxtown, after Chapel Street 07:25
Lennoxtown, after Bencloich Road 07:27
Lennoxtown, after Benvue Road 07:28
Torrance Mill Crescent (at 15) 07:3408:3409:3415:3416:39
Torrance, opp War Memorial 07:3508:3509:3515:3516:40
Torrance, before Firbank Avenue 07:3608:3609:3615:3616:41
Cadder, after Cole Road 07:3808:3809:3815:3816:43
Cadder, opp Marley Tile Factory 07:3908:3909:3915:3916:44
Cadder Road (opp) 07:4008:4009:4015:4016:45
Cadder, after Westerhill Road 07:4008:4009:4015:4016:45
Cadder Hilton Road (opp & before) 07:4208:4209:4215:4216:47
Mavis Valley, after Gleneagles Drive 07:4308:4309:4315:4316:48
Mavis Valley, opp Hilton Terrace 07:4508:4509:4515:4516:50
Mavis Valley, after Lomond Drive 07:4608:4609:4615:4616:51
Mavis Valley, after Morar Crescent 07:4708:4709:4715:4716:52
Mavis Valley, before Kirkintilloch Road 07:4808:4809:4815:4816:53
Bishopbriggs, after The Triangle 07:5008:5009:5015:5016:55
Bishopbriggs, opp Brackenbrae Road 07:5108:5109:5115:5116:56
Bishopbriggs, opp Stuart Drive 07:5208:5209:5215:5216:57
Colston Drive (opp) 07:5208:5309:5215:5216:57
Colston, opp Newbold Avenue 07:5308:5409:5315:5316:58
Springburn, after Cairn Street 07:5408:5509:5415:5416:59
Springburn Baptist Church (After) 07:5508:5509:5415:5416:59
Springburn, at Lenzie Way 07:5508:5609:5515:5517:00
Springburn Keppochhill Road (opp & after) 07:5909:0009:5815:5817:03
Springburn, after Petershill Road 08:0009:0109:5915:5917:04
Sighthill, opp Fountainwell Road 08:0009:0210:0016:0017:05
Royston, before Baird Street 08:0209:0310:0116:0117:06
Royston, opp Baird St Police Station 08:0309:0410:0216:0217:07
Glasgow, after Black Street 08:0309:0510:0316:0317:08
Glasgow, after Lister Street 08:0409:0610:0316:0317:08
Glasgow, opp Caledonian University 08:0509:0710:0416:0417:09
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 38) 08:0709:0910:0616:0617:11

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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