8A - Sunderland - Washington via Grindon, Waterview Park

A bus service operated by Go North East


Washington - Grindon, Waterview Park - Sunderland

West Pelton Twizell Road End (S-bound) 05:59
West Pelton Council Yard (S-bound) 05:59
Grange Villa Stone Row (SE-bound) 06:00
Grange Villa Club (NE-bound) 06:01
Grange Villa Pavilion (NE-bound) 06:01
Newfield Edward Terrace (NE-bound) 06:03
Pelton Aged Miners Homes (NE-bound) 06:04
Pelton Church (NE-bound) 06:04
Pelton Kingsway - bridge (E-bound) 06:05
Pelton Community Centre (NE-bound) 06:05
Pelton Schools (SE-bound) 06:06
Pelton Plough Inn (SE-bound) 06:08
Chester-le-Street The Falcon (SE-bound) 06:10
Chester-le-Street Pelaw Crescent - Conyers Ave (SE-bound) 06:10
Chester-le-Street Bank Top (SE-bound) 06:11
Chester-le-Street South Burns Stand J (E-bound) 05:2506:1407:04
Chester-le-Street Picktree Lane Bus Depot (NE-bound) 05:2506:1507:05
Chester-le-Street Shields Road (NE-bound) 05:2606:1507:05
Picktree Village (N-bound) 05:2806:1707:07
Picktree Field House (NE-bound) 05:2806:1807:08
Rickleton Picktree Lane-Bonemill Lane (N-Bound) 05:2906:1807:08
Rickleton Washington Hospital (SE-Bound) 05:3006:1907:09
Rickleton Vigo Lane (NE-Bound) 05:3106:2107:11
Rickleton Vigo Lane-Woodlands Surgery (NE-Bound) 05:3106:2107:11
Harraton Vigo Lane-Laburnhum Avenue (E-Bound) 05:3206:2207:12
Harraton Vigo Lane - Firtree Avenue (E-Bound) 05:3306:2307:13
Harraton Vigo Lane (SE-Bound) 05:3306:2407:14
Fatfield Bonemill Lane - Biddick Lane (E-Bound) 05:3506:2507:15
Fatfield Washington Arts Centre (N-Bound) 05:3606:2707:17
Biddick Fatfield Road (N-Bound) 05:3806:2907:19
Columbia Fatfield Road-Oxclose Road (N-Bound) 05:3806:2907:19
Columbia Parkway (NW-Bound) 05:3906:3007:20
Washington Glebe (W-Bound) 05:4006:3107:21
Washington Police Link Road - Leisure Centre (SW-Bound) 05:4106:3207:22
Washington Galleries Bus Station (E) 05:4206:3307:23
Washington Retail Park (NE-Bound) 05:4406:3507:25
Barmston Sunderland Highway (E-Bound) 05:4706:3807:28
Barmston Pattinson Road-Mandarin Way (S-Bound) 05:4906:4007:30
Barmston Waterview Park Stand 1 (W-Bound) 05:5206:4307:33
Barmston Teal Farm (S-Bound) 05:5306:4407:34
Barmston Teal Farm (NE-Bound) 05:5406:4507:35
Barmston Pattinson Road-Sewage Works (NE-Bound) 05:5406:4507:35
Barmston Pattinson Road-Alston Road (N-Bound) 05:5506:4607:36
Barmston Washington District 15 Exit (E-Bound) 05:5606:4707:37
Pennywell Chester Road - Prestbury Road (E-Bound) 06:0106:5407:44
Pennywell Chester Road-Greenwood Road (E-Bound) 06:0106:5407:44
Chester Road-Grindon Mill (NE-Bound) 06:0206:5507:45
Nookside The Broadway-Glasbury Avenue (NE-Bound) 06:0206:5607:46
Nookside The Broadway-Broadmayne Avenue (NE-Bound) 06:0306:5607:46
High Barnes Sunderland Crematorium (NE-Bound) 06:0306:5707:47
High Barnes Chester Road-Crematorium (NE-Bound) 06:0406:5707:47
High Barnes Chester Road-Priory Grove (NE-Bound) 06:0406:5807:48
High Barnes Chester Road-St Gabriels Avenue (E-Bound) 06:0406:5807:48
High Barnes Royal Hospital Chester Road A (E-Bound) 06:0506:5907:49
High Barnes Chester Road-Croft Avenue (NE-Bound) 06:0506:5907:49
Sunderland Chester Road-The Precinct (NE-Bound) 06:0607:0107:51
Sunderland Chester Road-University (E-Bound) 06:0707:0207:52
University Of Sunderland (E-Bound) 06:0807:0207:52
Sunderland Interchange (K) 06:1107:0607:56

Timetable data from Go North East, 26 March 2023

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