9 - Westcroft - Walnut Tree

A bus service operated by Arriva Beds and Bucks


Monday to Friday

Oxley Park Roundabout West (Westbound) 07:48
Westcroft Powis Lane bridge (W-bound) 07:48
Kingsmead Whitney Roundabout South (southbound) 07:50
Westcroft Kingsmead roundabout east (E-bound) 07:52
Westcroft, opp Hidcote Drive 07:54
Westcroft District Centre (o/s) 07:55
Westcroft Roundabout West (Eastbound) 07:55
Emerson Valley Manifold Lane bridge (NE-bound) 07:56
Furzton Roundabout West (Eastbound) 07:57
Shenley Lodge Faraday Drive (Northbound) 07:58
Shenley Lodge Livesey Hill (NE-bound) 07:59
Knowlhill, o/s Kelvin Drive 08:01
Leadenhall Roundabout North (NW-bound) 08:03
Winterhill Retail Estate (o/s) 08:04
Winterhill South Grafton Roundabout South (northbound) 08:05
Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station (Stop Y3) 08:07
Central Milton Keynes Santander House (Stop X3) 08:12
Central Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange (Stop R3) 08:14
Central Milton Keynes The Point (Stop J3) 08:18
Central Milton Keynes Theatre District (Stop D3) 08:19
Campbell Park Enmore Roundabout west (eastbound) 08:21
Campbell Park Glebe Roundabout west (eastbound) 08:22
Woolstone Pattison Lane (E-bound) 08:24
Woolstone Roundabout West (Eastbound) 08:25
Fox Milne Roundabout West (Eastbound) 08:28
Broughton Griffith Gate (SE-bound) 08:31
Monkston Roundabout North (Southbound) 08:34
Kingston Chippenham Drive (S-bound) 08:37
Kingston District Centre (o/s) 08:39
Walnut Tree Roundabout North (Southbound) 08:41
Walnut Tree Roundabout West (Westbound) 08:41
Kents Hill Birdlip Lane bridge (SW-bound) 08:42
Walton Roundabout East (Westbound) 08:43
Walton Hall, o/s The Open University 08:45
Walton Roundabout North (Southbound) 08:46
Walton Roundabout East (Eastbound) 08:46
Kents Hill Birdlip Lane bridge (NE-bound) 08:47
Walnut Tree Roundabout West (Eastbound) 08:48
Walnut Tree Roundabout South (Southbound) 08:49
Walnut Tree, o/s Walton High School 08:51

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ARBB/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 3 March 2023

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