907 - Leigh - Atherton - Canon Slade School

A bus service operated by Atlantic Travel GB


Monday to Friday, St Mary's RC High School days

Leigh Town Hall (o/s) 07:21
Leigh, opp The Avenue 07:21
Lilford, nr Chadwick Street 07:22
Lilford, nr Kirkhall Lane 07:22
Lilford, opp Carrington Street 07:23
Lilford, nr Westbourne Avenue 07:23
Lilford, nr Newhaven Avenue 07:24
Howe Bridge, opp Old Hall Mill Lane 07:24
Howe Bridge, nr Hansom Drive 07:25
Howe Bridge, nr Lovers Lane 07:25
Howe Bridge (at) 07:26
Howe Bridge, nr Hope Fold Avenue 07:27
Howe Bridge, nr Liscard Street 07:27
Atherton, opp Punch Bowl 07:28
Atherton, nr Bag Lane 07:31
Atherton Flapper Fold Lane (Stop A) 07:32
Atherton Bolton Road 07:32
Atherton, opp Asda 07:32
Hag Fold, nr Car Bank Street 07:33
Hag Fold Atherton Station (Stop A) 07:33
Hag Fold, nr Marlborough Road 07:34
Hag Fold, nr Broadway 07:34
Hag Fold, nr Woodlands Drive 07:35
Over Hulton, opp Mornington Road 07:35
Over Hulton, nr Hulton Park Gates 07:36
Over Hulton, opp Thirlmere Road 07:36
Over Hulton Umberton Road (Stop E) 07:36
Over Hulton Four Lane Ends (Stop E) 07:47
Hulton Lane Ends Four Lane Ends (Stop A) 07:47
Hulton Lane Ends, opp Watergate Lane 07:50
Highfield, adj Plodder Lane 07:52
Highfield, opp Buttermere Road 07:52
Highfield, opp Windermere Road 07:52
Highfield, nr Mount Pleasant Road 07:53
Highfield, nr Watson Road 07:53
Highfield, nr Marsh Lane 07:54
Highfield, nr Maple Road 07:55
Highfield, nr Fir Road 07:55
Harper Green, nr Central Avenue 08:00
Harper Green, nr Hawthorne Avenue 08:01
Highfield, opp Bradford Road 08:01
Highfield, nr Briarfield Road 08:01
Harper Green, opp Lavender Road 08:02
Great Lever, nr Minerva Road 08:02
Great Lever, opp Bishops Road 08:03
Great Lever, nr Green Lane 08:09
Great Lever, opp Westbourne Avenue 08:09
Great Lever, opp Sadler Street 08:10
Great Lever, nr Weston Street 08:10
Rose Hill, nr St Bartholomew Street 08:11
Rose Hill, nr Lever Street 08:11
Willows, opp Reality House 08:12
Bolton, adj Bridgeman Street 08:12
Bolton, opp Ash Street 08:13
Mill Hill, opp Bromwich Street 08:15
Mill Hill, nr Castle Street 08:16
Mill Hill, opp Radcliffe Road 08:16
Tonge Fold, opp Cemetery Road 08:16
Tonge Fold, nr Ainsworth Court 08:17
Tonge Fold, opp Wisbeck Road 08:17
Tonge Moor, opp Archer Avenue 08:18
Tonge Moor, opp Alexander Road 08:18
Tonge Moor, nr Thicketford Road 08:19
Tonge Moor, opp Moorfield Grove 08:19
Tonge Moor, nr Sheriff Street 08:19
Tonge Moor, nr Saddle Street 08:20
Tonge Moor, opp Haroldene Street 08:20
Castle Hill Crompton Way (Stop C) 08:21
Castle Hill, nr Canon Slade School 08:21
Bradshaw Canon Slade High School (Stop F) 08:25

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset