91 - Greenways-Cardinal Newman

A bus service operated by Brighton & Hove


Monday to Friday, school days only

Ovingdean, opp St Dunstan's 07:11
Ovingdean, opp Beacon Hill 07:11
Ovingdean Hall School (adj) 07:12
Ovingdean, adj Ainsworth Close 07:13
Ovingdean, adj Longhill Road 07:13
Ovingdean, opp Longhill Close 07:14
Ovingdean, opp Wanderdown Road South End 07:14
Ovingdean Stores (opp) 07:15
Ovingdean, opp Wanderdown Road North End 07:15
Ovingdean, opp The Vale 07:17
Ovingdean Road (adj) 07:17
Woodingdean Bottom of Cowley Drive (E-bound) 07:18
Woodingdean, opp Ravenswood Drive 07:19
Woodingdean, opp Cowley Drive Shops 07:20
Woodingdean, opp Stanstead Crescent 07:21
Woodingdean, adj Foxdown Road 07:22
Woodingdean Top of Cowley Drive (N-bound) 07:22
Woodingdean, adj Heronsdale Road 07:23
Woodingdean, adj Balsdean Road 07:24
Woodingdean Langley Crescent East End (W-bound) 07:25
Woodingdean, opp Sutton Close 07:26
Woodingdean Langley Crescent West End (N-bound) 07:27
Woodingdean, adj Sea View Way 07:28
Woodingdean, opp Downs Hotel Falmer Road 07:30
Woodingdean, opp Downs Hotel 07:32
Woodingdean Community Centre (o/s) 07:32
Woodingdean, adj Nuffield Hospital 07:33
Woodingdean, adj Lawn Cemetery 07:33
Woodingdean, opp Downland Road 07:34
Brighton, adj Top of Wilson Avenue 07:36
Brighton, opp Fitzherbert Drive 07:39
Brighton, adj Eastbourne Road 07:39
Brighton Eastbourne Road (NW-bound) 07:40
Brighton, opp Carlyle Avenue 07:40
Brighton Baden Road (SW-bound) 07:41
Brighton, opp Coombe Road School 07:43
Brighton Bottom of Coombe Road (W-bound) 07:44
Brighton, adj Lewes Road Bus Garage 07:47
Brighton, o/s Sainsbury's 07:49
Brighton Bottom of Davey Drive (NE-bound) 07:51
Brighton, opp Waverley Crescent 07:51
Brighton, opp St Joseph's School 07:52
Brighton, opp Tavistock Down 07:53
Brighton, adj Mountfields 07:53
Brighton, opp Lynchet Close 07:54
Brighton, opp Brentwood Crescent 07:55
Brighton, opp Burstead Close 07:56
Brighton, adj Quarry Bank Road 07:57
Brighton Hollingbury Crescent (just before) 07:58
Brighton Fiveways (W-bound) 08:00
Brighton, adj Southdown Road 08:00
Brighton, adj Chester Terrace 08:01
Brighton, opp Surrenden Road South End 08:02
Brighton, adj Preston Manor 08:03
Brighton, adj Preston Drove 08:04
Brighton, opp Nestor Court 08:05
Brighton, opp Lover's Walk 08:06
Brighton Stanford Avenue (NE-bound) 08:07
Brighton, adj Springfield Road 08:08
Brighton Preston Circus (Stop E) 08:11
Hove Bhasvic (NW-bound) 08:14
Hove, opp Port Hall Road 08:15
Hove, opp Booth Museum 08:16
Hove Cardinal Newman School (Stop C) 08:18

Timetable data from Brighton & Hove Buses, 15 January 2021

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