911 - Westcliff Fitzgerald Avenue - Nackington Simon Langton Boys' School Grounds

A service operated by Stagecoach South East


Monday to Friday, Kent & East Sussex school days

Westcliff Fitzgerald Avenue - Nackington Simon Langton Boys' School Grounds

Westcliff, adj Fitzgerald Avenue 07:37
Westcliff, adj West Cliff Drive 07:38
Westcliff, after Grand Drive 07:39
Westcliff, opp Ridgeway Cliff 07:39
Westcliff, opp Selsea Avenue 07:40
Herne Bay, before Oxenden Street 07:42
Herne Bay, after Richmond Street 07:44
Herne Bay, adj Fire Station 07:44
Herne Bay, before Canterbury Road Corner 07:45
Herne Bay, opp Downs Park North 07:46
Herne Bay, opp Dence Park North 07:47
Herne Bay, opp Glen Avenue 07:48
Beltinge Dollies Corner (SE-bound) 07:50
Beltinge, adj Baptist Church 07:51
Beltinge, adj Cornwallis Avenue 07:52
Broomfield, opp Talmead 07:54
Broomfield, adj Gorse Lane 07:57
Broomfield, adj Arden Road 07:58
Herne Hunters Forstal (W-bound) 07:58
Herne, opp Windmill 07:59
Herne, opp Woodrow Chase 08:00
Herne, adj Streetfield 08:01
Herne, opp Church 08:03
Herne Common, o/s First and Last 08:04
Herne Common, opp Canterbury Fields 08:04
Herne Common, opp Bullockstone Road 08:05
Herne Common, adj Busheyfields Road 08:05
Herne Common, adj The Birches 08:06
Herne Common, opp Wildwood 08:06
Calcott, o/s Punch Tavern 08:08
Calcott, opp Five Acre 08:09
Broad Oak Turn (opp) 08:11
Broad Oak, opp Farm Shop 08:11
Sturry Railway Station (S-bound) 08:13
Sturry, adj Fordwich Road 08:14
Vauxhall Road (opp) 08:17
Vauxhall, adj Reed Avenue 08:17
Sturry Road, adj South Street 08:18
Sturry Road, opp Asda 08:19
Sturry Road, adj Honeywood Close 08:19
Northgate Kingsmead Roundabout (SW-bound) 08:20
Northgate, adj St Thomas' School 08:22
Canterbury, adj Magistrates Court 08:23
Canterbury, adj Waitrose 08:24
Canterbury, adj St Augustine's Road 08:27
Canterbury, opp St Lawrence Road 08:29
Canterbury, opp Kent Cricket Ground 08:31
Nackington, opp The Gap 08:33
Nackington, in Simon Langton Boys' School Grounds 08:38

Nackington Simon Langton Boys' School Grounds - Westcliff West Cliff Drive

Nackington, in Simon Langton Boys' School Grounds 15:55
Nackington, adj The Gap 15:57
Canterbury, adj Kent Cricket Ground 15:59
Canterbury, adj St Lawrence Road 16:00
Canterbury, opp St Augustine's Road 16:01
Canterbury, opp Waitrose 16:02
Canterbury, opp Magistrates Court 16:05
Northgate, opp St Thomas' School 16:05
Northgate, adj Kingsmead Roundabout 16:07
Sturry Road, opp Brymore Road 16:08
Sturry Road, adj Asda 16:08
Vauxhall, opp Reed Avenue 16:10
Vauxhall, opp Sturry Road Park and Ride Terminal 16:11
Sturry, opp Fordwich Road 16:14
Sturry Railway Station (N-bound) 16:15
Broad Oak, adj Farm Shop 16:16
Broad Oak Turn (adj) 16:17
Calcott, adj Five Acre 16:18
Calcott, opp Punch Tavern 16:19
Herne Common, adj Wildwood 16:20
Herne Common, opp The Birches 16:21
Herne Common, opp Busheyfields Road 16:21
Herne Common, adj Bullockstone Road 16:22
Herne Common, adj Canterbury Fields 16:22
Herne, adj Church 16:24
Herne, opp Streetfield 16:25
Herne, adj Woodrow Chase 16:26
Herne, adj Windmill 16:27
Herne, adj Windmill Close 16:27
Herne Pigeon Lane (just before) 16:28
Broomfield, opp Arden Road 16:30
Broomfield, opp Gorse Lane 16:31
Broomfield, adj Talmead 16:33
Beltinge, opp Cornwallis Avenue 16:34
Beltinge, opp Baptist Church 16:34
Beltinge Dollies Corner (NW-bound) 16:36
Herne Bay, adj Glen Avenue 16:37
Herne Bay, adj Dence Park North 16:38
Herne Bay, adj Downs Park North 16:39
Herne Bay, after Canterbury Road Corner 16:40
Herne Bay, o/s Library 16:41
Herne Bay, before Richmond Street 16:42
Herne Bay, adj Oxenden Street 16:43
Westcliff, adj Selsea Avenue 16:44
Westcliff, adj Ridgeway Cliff 16:44
Westcliff Grand Drive (just before) 16:45
Westcliff, opp West Cliff Drive 16:46

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 18 October 2021

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