919 - Barnstaple Bus Station - Hartland

A service operated by Stagecoach South West


Monday to Friday, College Days days only

Westward Ho!, opp Car Park 07:33
Westward Ho! Avon Lane (E-bound) 07:34
Westward Ho! Aysha Gardens (E-bound) 07:34
Westward Ho! Eastbourne Terrace (E-bound) 07:35
Westward Ho!, opp Kingsley Park 07:36
Westward Ho!, opp The Links 07:37
Westward Ho! Jackets Lane (SE-bound) 07:38
Northam Square (S-bound) 07:40
Northam Lenards Road (E-bound) 07:40
Northam, opp Swimming Pool 07:41
Northam Knapphouse (N-bound) 07:43
Appledore, opp Football Ground 07:44
Appledore, opp Kingsley Avenue 07:45
Appledore Pitt Hill (E-bound) 07:46
Appledore Marine Parade (E-bound) 07:47
Appledore, opp Seagate Hotel 07:48
Appledore Marine Parade (W-bound) 07:49
Appledore Pitt Hill (W-bound) 07:49
Appledore Kingsley Avenue (W-bound) 07:50
Appledore Football Ground (S-bound) 07:51
Northam Knapphouse (S-bound) 07:53
Northam Swimming Pool (S-bound) 07:54
Northam Memorial (S-bound) 07:56
Northam Durrant House Hotel (S-bound) 07:57
Orchard Hill Limers Lane (S-bound) 07:58
Orchard Hill Heywood Road (SW-bound) 07:59
Orchard Hill Raleigh Garage (S-bound) 08:00
Orchard Hill The Dairy (SE-bound) 08:01
Bideford Kingsley Road (SE-bound) 08:02
Bideford Kingsley Road (E-bound) 08:04
Bideford Quay (Stop A) 08:05
Bideford Meddon Street (W-bound) 08:08
Bideford Old Town (NE-bound) 08:09
Bideford, opp Hospital 08:10
Bideford College (W-bound) 08:10
Bideford Abbotsham Road (W-bound) 08:11
Bideford College Park (W-bound) 08:11
Abbotsham The Big Sheep (W-bound) 08:14
Abbotsham Church (W-bound) 08:15
Fairy Cross Portledge Gatehouse (SW-bound) 08:21
Horns Cross Acre Road (SW-bound) 08:24
Hoops Inn (opp) 08:26
Buck’s Mills Higher Wayton (SW-bound) 08:27
Buck’s Mills, nr Atlantic Academy 08:30

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 8 October 2020

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