923 - Norwich - Wymondham College

A bus service operated by First Norfolk & Suffolk


Monday to Friday, FEC school days from Monday 8 March 2021

Norwich - Wymondham College

Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BP) 07:05
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BP) 07:10
Norwich, opp St Stephens Square 07:11
Norwich, opp Brunswick Road 07:11
Norwich, opp Eagle Walk 07:12
Norwich, opp Albemarle Road 07:12
Norwich, adj Lime Tree Road 07:13
Norwich, opp Leopold Road 07:14
Norwich, adj Branksome Road 07:15
Norwich, opp Judges Walk 07:15
Norwich, adj Elveden Close 07:17
Eaton, adj The Cellarhouse 07:18
Cringleford, adj Church of St Peter 07:21
Cringleford, adj Green 07:23
Cringleford Interchange (Stand C) 07:25
Thickthorn, opp Cottages 07:27
Hethersett, opp Colney Lane 07:30
Hethersett, adj Admirals Way 07:31
Hethersett, opp Lakeland Way 07:32
Hethersett, adj Deacon Drive 07:32
Hethersett, adj Jaguar Road 07:33
Hethersett, opp Lynch Green 07:34
Hethersett, opp Cromwell Close 07:35
Hethersett, opp Meadow Close 07:37
Hethersett, adj Flint House Gardens 07:37
Hethersett, opp The Crescent 07:38
Hethersett, adj St Davids Road 07:39
Hethersett, adj Bus Shelter 07:39
Wymondham, opp Elm Farm Business Park 07:42
Wymondham, adj Spinks Lane 07:44
Wymondham, opp Tuttles Lane 07:45
Wymondham, adj Waitrose 07:46
Wymondham, opp Oakwood Drive 07:46
Wymondham, opp Garage 07:48
Wymondham, adj Vimy Ridge 07:49
Wymondham, opp Orchard Way 07:50
Wymondham, adj Kimberley Street 07:51
Wymondham, adj The Chestnuts 07:52
Wymondham, adj Suton Lane 07:54
Wymondham, adj Eleven Mile Lane 07:59
Spooner Row, adj Station Turn 08:00
Besthorpe, opp Morley Turn 08:02
Morley St Botolph, o/s Wymondham College 08:05

Wymondham College - Norwich

Morley St Botolph, o/s Wymondham College 15:45
Morley St Botolph, o/s Wymondham College 16:12
Spooner Row, opp Station Turn 16:15
Wymondham, opp Eleven Mile Road 16:17
Wymondham, adj Abbey Road 16:22
Wymondham, adj Cross 16:25
Wymondham, opp Kimberley Street 16:25
Wymondham, adj Orchard Way 16:26
Wymondham, opp Vimy Ridge 16:26
Wymondham, adj Garage 16:28
Wymondham, adj Oakwood Drive 16:29
Wymondham, opp Waitrose 16:30
Wymondham, adj Tuttles Lane 16:30
Wymondham, opp Spinks Lane 16:31
Wymondham, o/s Elm Farm Business Park 16:33
Hethersett, opp St Davids Road 16:37
Hethersett, adj The Crescent 16:38
Hethersett, opp Flint House Gardens 16:39
Hethersett, adj Meadow Close 16:40
Hethersett, adj Cromwell Close 16:41
Hethersett, adj Lynch Green 16:41
Hethersett, opp Jaguar Road 16:42
Hethersett, opp Deacon Drive 16:42
Hethersett, adj Lakeland Way 16:43
Hethersett, opp Admirals Way 16:44
Hethersett, adj Colney Lane 16:45
Thickthorn, adj Cottages 16:47
Thickthorn, opp Park & Ride 16:47
Cringleford Interchange (Stand A) 16:49
Cringleford, opp Church of St Peter 16:53
Eaton, opp Red Lion 16:54
Eaton, adj Slip Road 16:54
Norwich, opp Elveden Close 16:55
Norwich, adj Judges Walk 16:56
Norwich, opp Branksome Road 16:57
Norwich, adj Leopold Road 16:58
Norwich, opp Lime Tree Road 17:00
Norwich, adj Albemarle Road 17:01
Norwich, opp Town Close Road 17:03
Norwich, adj Eagle Walk 17:04
Norwich, adj Brunswick Road 17:05
Norwich, adj St Stephens Square 17:07
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BB) 17:10

Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 3 March 2021

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