924 - Westhoughton High School - Daubhill

A tram service operated by Vision Bus


Water’s Nook, nr The Cross Guns 15:30
Westhoughton Town Hall (Stop G) 15:30
Westhoughton Church (Stop E) 15:31
Westhoughton, nr The Welland 15:32
Westhoughton, opp Coverdale Road 15:33
Daisy Hill, nr Wigan Road 15:33
Daisy Hill, opp Ash Grove 15:34
Daisy Hill, opp Furze Avenue 15:35
Daisy Hill, opp Townsfield Road 15:36
Daisy Hill, opp Washacre 15:37
Daisy Hill Station (Stop B) 15:38
Daisy Hill, opp Hartford Road 15:38
Daisy Hill Church (o/s) 15:40
Daisy Hill, opp Casson Fold Nursery 15:42
Atherton, nr Wigan Boundary 15:42
Atherton, opp Astley's Farm 15:43
Atherton, adj Wigan Road 15:45
Atherton, opp Durban Street 15:45
Atherton, nr Linstock Way 15:46
Atherton, nr Prestwich Street 15:47
Atherton, opp Hazel Road 15:48
Atherton St George's C Of E Primary School (W-bound) 15:48
Hag Fold, nr Car Bank Street 15:50
Hag Fold, adj Formby Avenue 15:52
Hag Fold, nr Car Bank Square 15:53
Hag Fold, nr Car Bank Street 15:54
Hag Fold Atherton Station (Stop A) 15:55
Hag Fold, nr Marlborough Road 15:56
Hag Fold, nr Broadway 15:56
Hag Fold, nr Woodlands Drive 15:57
Over Hulton, opp Mornington Road 15:58
Over Hulton, nr Hulton Park Gates 15:59
Over Hulton, opp Thirlmere Road 16:00
Over Hulton Umberton Road (Stop E) 16:01
Over Hulton Newbrook Road (Stop E) 16:02
Hulton Lane Ends St Helens Road (Stop A) 16:02
Hulton Lane Ends St Helens Road (o/s 794) 16:03
Fernhill Gate, opp Whitegate Farm 16:03
Fernhill Gate, nr Sonning Drive 16:04
Fernhill Gate, nr Hulton Lane 16:05
Daubhill, opp Blethyn Street 16:06
Daubhill, opp Smethurst Lane 16:06
Daubhill, opp Aldred Street 16:07
Daubhill, nr Deane Church Lane 16:08

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Vision Bus