926 - Cardiff - Blackwood

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Timetable changes from Monday 30 November 2020

Blackwood - Cardiff

Blackwood Interchange (Stand 5) 08:08
Blackwood Gate Retail Park (o/s) 08:09
Pontllanfraith, after Health Centre 08:10
Pontllanfraith, before Tredegar Junction 08:10
Pontllanfraith, after The Bird In Hand 08:11
Pontllanfraith, after Gelli Lane 08:12
Pontllanfraith, before The Crown Inn 08:13
Maesycwmmer, after Gelli-deg 08:15
Maesycwmmer, o/s Shops 08:16
Maesycwmmer, adj The Boot 08:17
Maesycwmmer, after Underwood Avenue 08:18
Ystrad Mynach, opp Dance Centre 08:19
Ystrad Mynach, o/s Ystrad Fawr Hospital 08:20
Ystrad Mynach, after The Coopers Arms 08:20
Ystrad Mynach, after Dyffryn Business Park 08:21
Llanbradach, nr The Rise 08:22
Llanbradach, after Heol Ty Gwyn 08:24
Llanbradach, before Wingfield Hotel 08:24
Llanbradach Ffrwd Terrace (o/s Pleasant Surroundings) 08:25
Llanbradach, after War Memorial 08:26
Llanbradach, after Post Office 08:26
Llanbradach Coed y Brain (o/s 71) 08:27
Pwllypant, before Cedar Tree 08:29
Caerphilly, opp Pontygwindy Industrial Estate 08:30
Caerphilly, o/s Pontygwindy Inn 08:30
Caerphilly, after The Green Lady 08:31
Caerphilly, before Virginia View 08:32
Caerphilly, after The Piccadilly (Pontygwindy Road) 08:32
Caerphilly, o/s Castle Court Bandstand 08:33
Caerphilly Library / The Twyn (opp) 08:34
Caerphilly Interchange (Stand 8) 08:35
Caerphilly Interchange (Stand 8) 08:38
Caerphilly, o/s Wesley Methodist Chapel 08:39
Caerphilly, after Crescent Road 08:40
Caerphilly, o/s Aber Station 08:41
Caerphilly, after Martin's Farm 08:42
Caerphilly, o/s Cwrt Rawlin Inn 08:43
Nantgarw, after Aero Engine Works 08:45
Nantgarw, adj Tawelfryn 08:46
Nantgarw, nr Cross Keys Inn 08:48
Nantgarw, opp Esis 08:49
Nantgarw, o/s College 08:49
Nantgarw, opp College 08:50

Cardiff - Blackwood

Nantgarw, o/s College 16:10
Nantgarw, opp College 16:10
Nantgarw, o/s Esis 16:10
Nantgarw, nr Cross Keys Inn 16:11
Nantgarw, opp Tawelfryn 16:12
Nantgarw, o/s Aero Engine Works 16:13
Caerphilly, opp Cwrt Rawlin Inn 16:16
Caerphilly, before Martin's Farm 16:17
Caerphilly, opp Aber Station 16:18
Caerphilly, before Crescent Road 16:19
Caerphilly, before The Piccadilly (Nantgarw Road) 16:19
Caerphilly, o/s Castle Court Bandstand 16:20
Caerphilly Library / The Twyn (opp) 16:21
Caerphilly Interchange (Stand 9) 16:22
Caerphilly Interchange (Stand 9) 16:25
Caerphilly, at South Gate Square 16:26
Caerphilly, o/s Castle Entrance 16:26
Caerphilly, before The Piccadilly (Pontygwindy Road) 16:27
Caerphilly, o/s Kwikfit 16:28
Caerphilly, before The Green Lady 16:29
Caerphilly, o/s Asda 16:30
Caerphilly, o/s Pontygwindy Industrial Estate 16:31
Pwllypant, adj Mountain View 16:32
Llanbradach Coed y Brain (opp 57) 16:34
Llanbradach, adj Lewis Terrace 16:36
Llanbradach, opp War Memorial 16:37
Llanbradach Ffrwd Terrace (opp Pleasant Surroundings) 16:37
Llanbradach, after Wingfield Hotel 16:38
Llanbradach, before Victoria Street 16:38
Llanbradach, nr The Rise 16:40
Ystrad Mynach, after Dyffryn Business Park 16:41
Ystrad Mynach, before The Coopers Arms 16:43
Ystrad Mynach, opp Ystrad Fawr Hospital 16:44
Ystrad Mynach, after Dance Centre 16:45
Maesycwmmer, before Underwood Avenue 16:46
Maesycwmmer, nr The Boot 16:46
Maesycwmmer, o/s The Angel 16:47
Maesycwmmer, before Gelli-deg 16:48
Pontllanfraith, opp The Crown Inn 16:50
Pontllanfraith, after Gelli Lane 16:52
Pontllanfraith, before The Bird In Hand 16:52
Pontllanfraith, after Tredegar Junction 16:53
Pontllanfraith, opp Health Centre 16:53
Blackwood Gate Retail Park (opp) 16:54
Blackwood Interchange (Stand 9) 16:56

Timetable data from Stagecoach South Wales, 24 November 2020

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