937 - Canon Slade School - Farnworth

A bus service operated by Vision Bus


Monday to Friday, Bolton school days

Farnworth - Canon Slade School

Farnworth Bus Station (Stop B) 07:45
Farnworth, nr Albert Road 07:46
Moses Gate, nr Glynne Street 07:47
Moses Gate, nr Cawdor Street 07:48
Moses Gate (Stop C) 07:50
Moses Gate, nr Whitley Street 07:51
Moses Gate, nr River Bridge 07:51
Dove Bank, o/s Little Lever High School 07:53
Dove Bank, opp Redcar Road 07:54
Little Lever, opp Church Street 07:56
Little Lever Coronation Square (Stop B) 07:57
Little Lever, opp Settle Street 07:58
Little Lever, opp Hayward Avenue 07:58
Little Lever, o/s Stopes Tavern 07:59
Bolton Road (nr) Estate 08:00
Bradley Fold, nr Sunningdale Avenue 08:02
Bradley Fold, opp Montgomery Way 08:02
Bradley Fold, nr Claydon Drive 08:03
Bradley Fold Road (opp) 08:04
Bradley Fold, opp Garden Centre 08:05
Bradley Fold, nr Radcliffe Moor Road 08:06
Breightmet, nr Somerton Road 08:07
Breightmet, opp Honiton Drive 08:08
Breightmet, opp Bideford Drive 08:10
Breightmet, nr Harpford Drive 08:11
Breightmet, nr Widcombe Drive 08:12
Breightmet, opp Primary School 08:13
Breightmet, opp Slaidburn Avenue 08:15
Breightmet, nr Blenheim Road 08:16
Breightmet Drive (adj) 08:16
Breightmet, opp Brock Avenue 08:17
Breightmet Post Office (o/s) 08:18
Breightmet, opp Crompton Avenue 08:18
Roscow Fold, nr Oakenbottom Road 08:19
Roscow Fold, opp Brookside Road 08:20
Roscow Fold, nr Archer Avenue 08:21
Roscow Fold, nr Alexander Road 08:21
Tonge Moor, opp Thicketford Road 08:22
Tonge Moor, nr Tintern Avenue 08:23
Tonge Moor, o/s Firwood House 08:25
Castle Hill, nr Firwood Lane 08:26
Castle Hill Tonge Moor Road (Stop C) 08:28
Castle Hill, nr Canon Slade School 08:30
Bradshaw Canon Slade High School 08:33

Canon Slade School - Farnworth

Bradshaw Canon Slade High School 15:55
Castle Hill, opp Canon Slade School 15:56
Castle Hill, opp Firwood Lane 15:58
Tonge Moor, opp Firwood House 15:59
Tonge Moor, opp Tintern Avenue 16:01
Tonge Moor, nr Thicketford Road 16:01
Roscow Fold, opp Alexander Road 16:02
Roscow Fold, nr Crompton Vale 16:02
Roscow Fold, nr Brookside Road 16:03
Roscow Fold, opp Blenheim Road 16:04
Breightmet, nr St James Avenue 16:05
Breightmet, nr Crompton Avenue 16:05
Breightmet Post Office (opp) 16:05
Breightmet, nr Brock Avenue 16:06
Breightmet Drive (nr) 16:07
Breightmet, nr Garstang Avenue 16:08
Breightmet, nr Slaidburn Avenue 16:09
Breightmet, o/s Primary School 16:10
Breightmet, opp Widcombe Drive 16:12
Breightmet, opp Harpford Drive 16:13
Breightmet, nr Bideford Drive 16:14
Breightmet, nr Mendip Drive 16:15
Breightmet, opp Somerton Road 16:16
Bradley Fold, o/s Top Bull 16:17
Bradley Fold, o/s Garden Centre 16:18
Bradley Fold Road (nr) 16:19
Bradley Fold, opp Claydon Drive 16:19
Bradley Fold, nr Montgomery Way 16:21
Bolton Road (adj) Estate 16:23
Little Lever, opp Stopes Tavern 16:24
Little Lever, nr Hayward Avenue 16:25
Little Lever, opp Masefield Road 16:26
Little Lever Coronation Square (Stop A) 16:27
Little Lever, nr Church Street 16:28
Dove Bank, nr Redcar Road 16:29
Dove Bank, opp Little Lever High School 16:31
Moses Gate, adj River Bridge 16:34
Moses Gate, adj Whitley Street 16:35
Moses Gate (Stop D) 16:37
Moses Gate (Stop B) 16:37
Farnworth, adj Albert Road 16:44
Farnworth Bus Station (Stop B) 16:47

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Vision Bus