959 - Shevington High School - Worsley Hall - Gidlow

A bus service operated by Tyrers Coaches


Monday to Friday, Shevington High School days

Gidlow - Shevington High School

Wigan, o/s Mesnes Park 07:35
Wigan, opp Hornby Street 07:35
Swinley, nr Mesnes Road 07:36
Swinley, opp Queensway 07:37
Gidlow, adj Barnsley Street 07:37
Gidlow, nr Lynton Avenue 07:38
Beech Hill, adj Gidlow Lane 07:42
Beech Hill, o/s St Anne's Church 07:42
Beech Hill, nr Blackthorn Avenue 07:43
Standish Lower Ground Scot Lane (SW-bound) 07:44
Marsh Green (opp) 07:45
Laithwaite, opp Hunter Road 07:45
Laithwaite, nr Scot Lane 07:46
Laithwaite, adj Greenwood Avenue 07:46
Worsley Hall Montrose Avenue (SW-bound) 07:46
Norley Hall, opp Westfield Community School 07:46
Norley Hall, opp Montrose School 07:47
Norley Hall Post Office (o/s) 07:57
Norley Hall, nr Thorburn Road 07:57
Pemberton, opp School Way 07:57
Pemberton, adj Ormskirk Road 07:57
Pemberton, opp Enfield Street 07:57
Pemberton Clinic (o/s) 07:58
Worsley Hall, opp Closebrook Road 07:58
Worsley Hall, adj Broom Road 07:59
Worsley Hall Post Office (o/s) 08:04
Worsley Hall, nr Primrose Grove 08:04
Laithwaite, nr Greenwood Avenue 08:06
Laithwaite, nr Montrose Avenue 08:07
Laithwaite, nr Hunter Road 08:09
Marsh Green (nr) 08:10
Standish Lower Ground Scot Lane (N-bound) 08:13
Standish Lower Ground, nr Scot Lane 08:15
Standish Lower Ground, nr Giants Hall Road 08:17
Standish Lower Ground, opp Woodrush Road 08:18
Standish Lower Ground, o/s Royal Oak 08:19
Crooke, nr Princess Road 08:20
Crooke Lawns Wood (opp 19) 08:21
Shevington Wigan Road 08:24
Shevington, opp Foxfield Grove 08:24
Shevington, opp Elnup Avenue 08:24
Shevington Lane (nr) 08:24
Shevington, nr Old Lane 08:24
Shevington, opp Willowbrook Drive 08:24
Shevington High School (o/s) 08:25

Shevington High School - Gidlow

Shevington High School (o/s) 15:14
Shevington, nr Willowbrook Drive 15:14
Shevington, opp Hall Close 15:15
Shevington, nr Elnup Avenue 15:15
Shevington, nr Foxfield Grove 15:16
Shevington Wigan Road 15:16
Crooke Lawns Wood (o/s 37) 15:17
Crooke, adj Princess Road 15:18
Standish Lower Ground, opp Royal Oak 15:18
Standish Lower Ground, o/s Woodrush Road 15:19
Standish Lower Ground, opp St Anne's CE Primary School 15:20
Standish Lower Ground, opp Scot Lane 15:20
Standish Lower Ground Scot Lane (SW-bound) 15:21
Marsh Green (opp) 15:23
Laithwaite, opp Hunter Road 15:23
Laithwaite, nr Scot Lane 15:24
Laithwaite, adj Greenwood Avenue 15:24
Worsley Hall, adj Laithwaite Road 15:25
Worsley Hall Post Office (opp) 15:26
Worsley Hall, opp Marigold Street 15:26
Worsley Hall, nr Broom Road 15:27
Worsley Hall, nr Closebrook Road 15:27
Pemberton Clinic (opp) 15:28
Pemberton, nr Enfield Street 15:29
Pemberton, nr Ormskirk Road 15:29
Pemberton, nr School Way 15:30
Norley Hall, opp Thorburn Road 15:30
Norley Hall, opp Post Office 15:31
Norley Hall, nr Ambleside 15:31
Norley Hall, o/s Montrose School 15:32
Worsley Hall Montrose Avenue (NE-bound) 15:33
Laithwaite, nr Greenwood Avenue 15:34
Laithwaite, nr Montrose Avenue 15:34
Laithwaite, nr Hunter Road 15:35
Marsh Green (nr) 15:36
Standish Lower Ground Scot Lane (N-bound) 15:37
Beech Hill, opp Blackthorn Avenue 15:38
Beech Hill, opp St Anne's Church 15:40
Beech Hill, nr Gidlow Lane 15:40
Beech Hill Avenue (opp) 15:41
Gidlow, o/s Beech Hill Clinic 15:44
Gidlow, adj Barnsley Street 15:45
Swinley, nr Queensway 15:48
Swinley, nr Walkden Avenue 15:50
Wigan, nr Hornby Street 15:51
Wigan, nr New Market Street 15:54

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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