95a - Walkley, Tinker Ln - Meadowhall Intc

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire

Route diversion

Division Street, City Centre (Sheffield)

From 23 May 2022

Due to health and safety concerns regarding the use of Division Street during Friday and Saturday evenings, (also Sunday Evenings when there is a Bank Holiday Monday).
Inbound services operated by First & Stagecoach, will be diverted.

From 2100 until end of service every Friday & Saturday (and Sunday evenings on Bank Holiday Mondays) until further notice.
INBOUND - Services 51,52 and 52a will operate as normal to the Children's Hospital then divert down Western Bank to Brook Hill roundabout, Upper Hanover Way, Moore Street, Charter Road, Furnival Street then turn at Furnival Square roundabout.
INBOUND Services 95 & 95a will operate as normal to Brook Hill roundabout then divert via Upper Hanover Street, St Marys Gate, St Marys Roundabout, Eyre Street and Furnival Square before resuming normal route on Furnival Street.
INBOUND Service 120 service will operate as normal to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital then divert up Clarkson Street down Western Bank to Brook Hill roundabout, Upper Hanover Way, St Marys Gate, St Marys Roundabout, Eyre Street & Furnival Square roundabout.


Nursery Street, City Centre (Sheffield)

From 3 February 2023

Nursery street has been closed for unannounced roadworks.

Services 8, 95, 95a and 785 travelling away from Sheffield will be diverted from Angel Street, Snig Hill to West Bar roundabout then 3rd exit down Corporation Street on to Shalesmoor towards Pitsmoor then pick up route on Pitsmoor Road.
Services 8, 95, 95a and 785 travelling into Sheffield will be diverted from Bridgehouses towards Derek Dooley way up towards the Parkway then down Parkway to Park Square roundabout then up Commercial street picking route up at the top of Flat Street.



Walkley, Tinker Ln - Meadowhall Intc

Walkley, adj Tinker Lane/Bole Hill Road 05:3007:25then every 30 minutes until18:2519:4020:4021:40
Walkley, adj Bole Hill Road/Rangeley Road 05:3107:2618:2619:4120:4121:41
Walkley, adj Bole Hill Road/Rivelin Street 05:3107:2718:2719:4120:4121:41
Walkley, opp Bole Hill Road/Heavygate Avenue 05:3207:2818:2819:4220:4221:42
Walkley Road/Parsonage Crescent (Adj) 05:3207:2818:2819:4220:4221:42
Walkley, adj South Road/Palm Street 05:3307:2918:2919:4320:4321:43
Walkley, adj South Road/Hoole Street 05:3307:3018:3019:4320:4321:43
Walkley, adj Howard Road/Duncombe Street 05:3407:3018:3019:4420:4421:44
Walkley, adj Howard Road/Fulton Road 05:3407:3118:3119:4420:4421:44
Walkley, adj Barber Road/Sydney Road 05:3507:3218:3219:4520:4521:45
Crookes Valley Road/Crookesmoor Road (adj) 05:3607:3318:3319:4620:4621:46
Crookesmoor, adj Winter Street/Mushroom Lane 05:3707:3518:3519:4720:4721:47
Western Bank, opp Bolsover Street/Netherthorpe Road 05:3807:3618:3619:4820:4821:48
Sheffield Centre, adj Broad Lane/Beet Street 05:3907:3718:3719:4920:4921:49
Sheffield Centre, adj Mappin Street/Portobello Lane 05:4007:3918:3919:5020:5021:50
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Rockingham Street 05:4107:4018:4019:5120:5121:51
Sheffield Centre Rockingham Street/RS3 (27616) 05:4307:4218:4219:5320:5321:53
Sheffield Centre, adj Furnival Street/Arundel Lane 05:4607:4618:4619:5620:5621:56
Sheffield Centre Paternoster Row/SS2 (SS2) 05:4707:4718:4719:5720:5721:57
Sheffield Centre, at Pond Street/FS5 05:4707:4718:4719:5720:5721:57
Sheffield Centre Flat Street/FS2 (FS2) 05:4707:4718:4719:5720:5721:57
Sheffield Centre Waingate/CG11 (CG11) 05:5207:5218:5220:0221:0222:02
Sheffield Centre, nr Nursery Street/Johnson Street 05:5307:5318:5320:0321:0322:03
Sheffield Centre, adj Nursery Street/Spitalfields 05:5307:5418:5420:0321:0322:03
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Pye Bank Road 05:5507:5618:5620:0521:0522:05
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Marcus Drive 05:5607:5718:5720:0621:0622:06
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Nottingham Street 05:5607:5818:5820:0621:0622:06
Pitsmoor, adj Nottingham Street/Fox Street 05:5707:5918:5920:0721:0722:07
Nottingham Street/Pitsmoor Road (opp) 05:5807:5918:5920:0821:0822:08
Pitsmoor Road/Rutland Road (before) 05:5808:0019:0020:0821:0822:08
Pitsmoor Road/Pinfold Lane (adj) 05:5908:0119:0120:0921:0922:09
Firshill, adj Barnsley Road/Orphanage Road 06:0008:0219:0220:1021:1022:10
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Norwood Road 06:0108:0319:0320:1121:1122:11
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Crabtree Close 06:0208:0519:0520:1221:1222:12
Fir Vale, nr Barnsley Road/Coningsby Road 06:0308:0619:0620:1321:1322:13
Fir Vale, o/s Barnsley Road/Horndean Road 06:0408:0719:0720:1421:1422:14
Fir Vale, opp Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road 06:0408:0819:0820:1421:1422:14
Firth Park, opp Hucklow Road/Wheldrake Road 06:0608:0919:0920:1621:1622:16
Firth Park, adj Hucklow Road/Eyncourt Road 06:0708:1119:1120:1721:1722:17
Bellhouse Road/Firth Park Road (nr) 06:0808:1219:1220:1821:1822:18
Shiregreen, by Primrose Avenue/Bellhouse Road 06:0908:1319:1320:1921:1922:19
Shiregreen, adj Primrose Avenue/Acacia Road 06:1008:1419:1420:2021:2022:20
Shiregreen, adj Bracken Road/Wincobank Avenue 06:1108:1519:1520:2121:2122:21
Wincobank Avenue/Wincobank Close (adj) 06:1208:1619:1620:2221:2222:22
Wincobank Avenue/Wincobank Road (adj) 06:1208:1619:1620:2221:2222:22
Wincobank Avenue/Newman Road (nr) 06:1308:1719:1720:2321:2322:23
Wincobank, adj Sandstone Road/Jenkin Road 06:1408:1819:1820:2421:2422:24
Wincobank, adj Sandstone Road/Sandstone Close 06:1508:1919:1920:2521:2522:25
Wincobank, at Sandstone Road/Jenkin Road 06:1508:2019:2020:2521:2522:25
Wincobank, opp Jenkin Road/Stupton Road 06:1708:2119:2120:2721:2722:27
Carbrook, adj Jenkin Road/Meadowhall Road 06:1808:2219:2220:2821:2822:28
Meadowhall Road/Hayland Street (nr) 06:1908:2319:2320:2921:2922:29
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Riverside (adj) 06:1908:2419:2420:2921:2922:29
Meadowhall Interchange/A1 (A1) 06:2108:2619:2620:3121:3122:31

Meadowhall Interchange/D3 - Walkley, Tinker Ln

Meadowhall Interchange/D3 (D3) 06:2507:10then every 30 minutes until18:4019:4020:4021:40
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Way (opp) 06:2507:1118:4119:4120:4021:40
Meadowhall Road/Jenkin Road (nr) 06:2607:1118:4119:4120:4121:41
Carbrook, nr Jenkin Road/Holywell Road 06:2707:1218:4219:4220:4221:42
Wincobank, adj Jenkin Road/Stupton Road 06:2707:1318:4319:4320:4221:42
Wincobank, adj Sandstone Road/Jenkin Road 06:2907:1518:4519:4520:4421:44
Wincobank, adj Sandstone Road/Sandstone Close 06:3107:1718:4719:4720:4621:46
Wincobank, at Sandstone Road/Jenkin Road 06:3107:1818:4819:4820:4621:46
Wincobank Avenue/Hyacinth Road (nr) 06:3307:1918:4919:4920:4821:48
Wincobank Avenue/Bluebell Road (adj) 06:3407:2018:5019:5020:4921:49
Shiregreen, adj Wincobank Avenue/Bracken Road 06:3507:2118:5119:5120:5021:50
Shiregreen, adj Primrose Avenue/Foxglove Road 06:3507:2218:5219:5220:5021:50
Shiregreen, nr Primrose Avenue/Bellhouse Road 06:3607:2318:5319:5320:5121:51
Firth Park, adj Bellhouse Road/Bevercotes Road 06:3707:2418:5419:5420:5221:52
Firth Park, adj Sicey Avenue/Stubbin Lane 06:3807:2518:5519:5520:5321:53
Firth Park, opp Hucklow Road/Eyncourt Road 06:3907:2618:5619:5620:5421:54
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Mortlake Road 06:4107:2818:5819:5820:5621:56
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road 06:4107:2918:5919:5920:5621:56
Fir Vale, o/s Barnsley Road/Horndean Road 06:4207:3019:0020:0020:5721:57
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Osgathorpe Road 06:4407:3119:0120:0120:5921:59
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Devon Road 06:4407:3219:0220:0220:5921:59
Barnsley Road/Firshill Close (adj) 06:4507:3319:0320:0321:0022:00
Pitsmoor Road/Pinfold Lane (opp) 06:4707:3519:0520:0521:0222:02
Pitsmoor Road/Minna Road (nr) 06:4707:3519:0520:0521:0222:02
Pitsmoor, adj Nottingham Street/Pilgrim Street 06:4707:3519:0520:0521:0222:02
Pitsmoor, adj Nottingham Street/Rock Street 06:4807:3619:0620:0621:0322:03
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Andover Street 06:4907:3719:0720:0721:0322:03
Pitsmoor, opp Rock Street/Marcus Drive 06:4907:3719:0720:0721:0422:04
Pitsmoor, opp Rock Street/Pye Bank Road 06:5007:3819:0820:0821:0422:04
Sheffield Centre, adj Nursery Street/Johnson Street 06:5207:4019:1020:1021:0622:06
Sheffield Centre Haymarket/CG20 (CG20) 06:5407:4319:1320:1321:0822:08
Sheffield Centre, at Flat Street/Fitzalan Square 06:5607:4519:1520:1521:0922:09
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange/A1 (A1) 06:5807:4719:1720:1721:1122:11
Sheffield Centre Pond Street/Paternoster Row (SS1) 07:0107:5019:2020:2021:1422:14
Sheffield Centre, opp Furnival Street/Arundel Lane 07:0307:5219:2220:2221:1622:16
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/Charles Street (CS2) 07:0307:5319:2320:2321:1622:16
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/AG11 (AG11) 07:0407:5419:2420:2421:1722:17
Sheffield Centre Church Street/High Street (HS5) 07:0607:5619:2620:2621:1922:19
Sheffield Centre West Street/Carver Street (CH3) 07:0707:5719:2720:2721:2022:20
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Fitzwilliam Street 07:0807:5819:2820:2821:2122:21
Sheffield Centre, adj Glossop Road/Gell Street 07:0907:5919:2920:2921:2122:21
Western Bank, adj Bolsover Street/Brook Hill 07:1008:0019:3020:3021:2322:23
Crookesmoor, nr Winter Street/Mushroom Lane 07:1008:0119:3120:3121:2322:23
Crookesmoor, opp Crookes Valley Road/Oxford Street 07:1108:0219:3220:3221:2422:24
Barber Road/Crookesmoor Road (opp) 07:1208:0319:3320:3321:2522:25
Walkley, opp Commonside/Barber Road 07:1308:0419:3420:3421:2622:26
Walkley, opp Howard Road/Fulton Road 07:1408:0519:3520:3521:2722:27
Walkley, adj Howard Road/Hadfield Street 07:1508:0619:3620:3521:2722:27
Walkley, opp South Road/Hoole Street 07:1508:0619:3620:3621:2822:28
Walkley, opp South Road/Palm Street 07:1608:0719:3720:3721:2922:29
Walkley, adj Bole Hill Road/Heavygate Avenue 07:1708:0819:3820:3821:3022:30
Walkley, opp Bole Hill Road/Rivelin Street 07:1808:0919:3920:3921:3122:31
Walkley, opp Bole Hill Road/Rangeley Road 07:2008:1119:4120:4021:3222:32
Walkley, adj Tinker Lane/Bole Hill Road 07:2108:1219:4220:4121:3322:33

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