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96 - Winchester - East Stratton

A service operated by Stagecoach in Hampshire


Winchester Bus Station (Stand F) 12:30
Winchester, adj Upper Brook Street 12:31
Winchester Discovery Centre (Stop Tb) 12:32
Winchester City Road (Stop Rc) 12:33
Winchester, opp Hyde Church Lane 12:34
Winchester, opp Edington Road 12:35
Abbotts Barton, adj Park Road 12:36
Abbotts Barton Stoke Road (NE-bound) 12:38
Headbourne Worthy School Lane (NE-bound) 12:40
Headbourne Worthy Taylors Corner (NE-bound) 12:41
Kings Worthy, opp St Marys Church 12:42
Kings Worthy, adj Willis Waye 12:43
Kings Worthy Campion Way (NW-bound) 12:44
Kings Worthy, opp Nations Hill 12:45
Kings Worthy, opp Legion Lane 12:46
Springvale, o/s Tesco Express 12:48
Springvale, opp The King Charles 12:48
S Wonston Ox Drove Track (N-bound) 12:50
S Wonston Wallers Ash (N-bound) 12:51
Wonston East Stoke Farm (N-bound) 12:53
Wonston Stoke Charity (N-bound) 12:55
Micheldever, o/s Village Hall 12:59
Micheldever, adj Playing Fields 13:00
E Stratton East Stratton Turn (NE-bound) 13:04
E Stratton Bridge over M3 (E-bound) 13:05
E Stratton East Stratton Farm (S-bound) 13:07
E Stratton, opp The Northbrook Arms 13:07
E Stratton Baring Close (NW-bound) 13:08
E Stratton, o/s The Northbrook Arms 13:08
E Stratton East Stratton Farm (N-bound) 13:08
E Stratton Bridge over M3 (W-bound) 13:09
E Stratton East Stratton Turn (SW-bound) 13:09
Micheldever Deers Leap Turn (SW-bound) 13:11
Micheldever Lunways Inn (SW-bound) 13:14
Kings Worthy Burnthouse Cottages (SW-bound) 13:17
Springvale Ramsay Road (NW-bound) 13:20
Springvale, adj The King Charles 13:21
Springvale, opp Tesco Express 13:22
Kings Worthy, adj Legion Lane 13:23
Kings Worthy, adj Nations Hill 13:24
Kings Worthy Campion Way (SE-bound) 13:25
Kings Worthy, opp Willis Waye 13:26
Kings Worthy, nr St Mary's Church 13:27
Headbourne Worthy Taylors Corner (SW-bound) 13:28
Headbourne Worthy School Lane (SW-bound) 13:30
Abbotts Barton Stoke Road (SW-bound) 13:32
Abbotts Barton, opp Park Road 13:32
Winchester, opp Lankhills Road 13:34
Abbotts Barton, nr Hyde Street 13:34
Winchester, adj Hyde Church Lane 13:35
Winchester, adj Worthy Lane 13:35
Winchester City Road (Stop Rd) 13:36
Winchester North Walls (SE-bound) 13:37
Winchester Bus Station (Drop Off) 13:40

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 20 July 2020

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