971 - Alphington, Exwick, Pinhoe - St Peters School

A service operated by Stagecoach South West


Monday to Friday, Exeter school days

Alphington Deacon Close - Heavitree St Peters School

Heavitree St Peters School - Alphington Deacon Close

Heavitree St Peters School (SE-bound) 15:15
Heavitree Elgar Close (W-bound) 15:16
Heavitree Bridge (W-bound) 15:19
Heavitree St Loyes Road (W-bound) 15:20
Heavitree Butts Road (W-bound) 15:21
Heavitree Post Office (W-bound) 15:23
Heavitree Baker Street (W-bound) 15:24
Wonford R D & E Hospital (S-bound) 15:27
Wonford Fleming Way (S-bound) 15:27
St Leonard’s Wyvern Barracks (SW-bound) 15:29
St Leonard’s Buckerell Lodge Hotel (NW-bound) 15:30
St Leonard’s Rivermead Road (NW-bound) 15:30
St Leonard’s County Hall (NW-bound) 15:32
St Leonard’s Church (NW-bound) 15:33
St Leonard’s Holloway Street (NW-bound) 15:34
Redhills Manor Road (W-bound) 15:40
Redhills Woodah Road (NW-bound) 15:41
Redhills Shops (SW-bound) 15:42
Redhills Southport Avenue (W-bound) 15:43
Redhills Prescot Road (S-bound) 15:44
Redhills Green Lane (S-bound) 15:45
Redhills Dorset Avenue (SE-bound) 15:45
St Thomas Surbiton Crescent (SE-bound) 15:46
St Thomas John Stocker School (SE-bound) 15:47
St Thomas Churchill Road (S-bound) 15:48
St Thomas Church Path Road (SW-bound) 15:49
St Thomas Larch Road (S-bound) 15:50
St Thomas Cowick Barton (SE-bound) 15:50
St Thomas Newlands Close (SE-bound) 15:51
Alphington West Exe College (SE-bound) 15:51
Alphington, opp Garage 15:53
Alphington Bakers Yard (SE-bound) 15:53
Alphington Brookfield Gardens (S-bound) 15:54
Alphington Clapperbrook Lane (SE-bound) 15:54
Alphington Raglands (SE-bound) 15:55
Alphington Canon Way (SW-bound) 15:56
Alphington Steeple Drive (NW-bound) 15:56
Alphington Deacon Close (NW-bound) 15:57

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 30 November 2021

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