975 - Canon Slade School - Bury

A bus service operated by Tyrers Coaches


Monday to Friday, Bolton school days

Bradshaw, nr Canon Slade High School 15:45
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Lane 15:46
Bradshaw Vicarage (nr) 15:46
Bradshaw, o/s Conservative Club 15:46
Harwood Lee, nr Broadstone Road 15:47
Harwood Lee, nr Hulme Road 15:47
Side of the Moor, nr Riding Gate 15:47
Side of the Moor, opp High Nook 15:48
Side of the Moor, o/s Raikes Farm 15:48
Side of the Moor, nr Knotts Farm 15:49
Side of the Moor, opp Hillside Farm 15:49
Side of the Moor, nr Raikes Cottage 15:49
Affetside, nr Tottington Road 15:50
Affetside, opp Yeomans Farm 15:51
Affetside, opp Church 15:51
Affetside, nr Turning Circle 15:51
Walves Tottington Road (NW-bound) 15:53
Walves (by) 15:54
Hawkshaw, nr Lodge End 15:55
Hawkshaw, opp Red Lion 15:56
Hawkshaw, o/s Waggon & Horses 15:57
Hawkshaw, nr Crown Mews 15:57
Hawkshaw Lodge (opp) 15:57
Hawkshaw, nr Mount Pleasant 15:58
Holcombe Brook, opp Old Oak Cottages 15:58
Holcombe Brook, nr Redisher Lane 15:59
Holcombe Brook, adj Bolton Road 15:59
Holcombe Brook, nr Whitebirk Close 16:00
Greenmount, o/s North Avenue 16:01
Greenmount, nr Station Road 16:01
Greenmount, opp Brookside Crescent 16:02
Tottington, nr Oswestry Close 16:03
Tottington, nr Royds Street 16:04
Tottington Hark To Towler (Stop B) 16:04
Tottington Post Office (Stop E) 16:05
Tottington, opp Booth Street 16:05
Tottington, nr Wellbank Street 16:06
Woolfold, opp Booth Farm 16:07
Walshaw, nr Scobell Street 16:08
Walshaw War Memorial (opp) 16:10
Walshaw, opp Brookthorpe Road 16:11
Woolfold, opp Chiltern Drive 16:13
Woodhill, o/s St James' Church 16:14
Woodhill, opp Redford Street 16:14
Woodhill, nr Mayor Street 16:15
Elton, o/s Bury Bridge 16:18
Bury Jubilee Way (Stop Rr) 16:19
Bury Tenterden Street (Stop Pp) 16:19
Bury Interchange (Arrivals) 16:21

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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