981 - Blackburn - Blackburn via Darwen, Edgworth, Darwen

A bus service operated by Blackburn Private Hire


Monday to Friday, Bolton Canon Slade days


Ewood Hub (by) 07:25
Ewood, adj Top o th Croft 07:26
Ewood, by Branch Road 07:27
Ewood, by Cravens Brow 07:28
Ewood, by Boundary 07:29
Earcroft, opp Darwen Vale School 07:30
Darwen, adj Redvers Road 07:31
Darwen, adj The Anchor 07:32
Darwen, opp Lynwood Avenue 07:33
Darwen, by Pitville Street 07:34
Darwen, adj Argyle Street 07:35
Darwen, by Lloyd Street 07:35
Darwen, adj British Queen 07:37
Darwen, by Duckworth Street 07:39
Darwen Town Centre (Stand 4) 07:40
Darwen, o/s Railway Station 07:41
Darwen, by Sarah Street 07:41
Darwen, by Kay Street 07:41
Darwen, opp Suddell Road 07:42
Darwen, by Marsh House Lane 07:42
Darwen, adj Essex Street 07:42
Darwen, adj Cambridge Street 07:43
Darwen, by Priory Drive 07:43
Darwen, by Rectory Close 07:44
Darwen, by Chapter Road 07:44
Spring Vale, by Craven Heifer 07:45
Darwen, opp Rudyard Drive 07:45
Spring Vale, by Pole Lane Playing Fields 07:46
Blackamoor, by Roman Road 07:47
Whittlestone Head, opp Crown and Thistle 07:52
Edgworth, by Moorside Road 07:56
Edgworth, opp Hob Lane 07:57
Edgworth, by Wayside 07:58
Edgworth, adj The White Horse 08:00
Edgworth, by The Barlow 08:00
Edgworth, opp Harbour Lane 08:01
Turton Bottoms, adj Sandy Bank Rd 08:02
Turton Bottoms, by Wellington Mews 08:04
Turton Bottoms, by Jumbles Nursery 08:05
Chapeltown, by High Street 08:08
Chapeltown, by Turton Tower 08:08
Chapeltown, by Horrobin Lane 08:09
Chapeltown, opp King William 08:09
Bromley Cross, o/s Jumbles Country Park 08:09
Bromley Cross, opp Windy Harbour Lane 08:10
Bromley Cross, nr Holkar Meadows 08:10
Bromley Cross Station (Stop C) 08:11
Bromley Cross, nr Shady Lane 08:12
Bradshaw, nr Rigby Lane 08:13
Bradshaw, nr Kershaw Street 08:15
Bradshaw, opp Oaks Lane 08:17
Bradshaw, nr Canon Slade High School 08:19
Bradshaw, nr Canon Slade High School 08:30
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Avenue 08:30
Bradshaw, nr Aire Drive 08:31
Bradshaw, opp Rigby Lane 08:31
Bromley Cross, o/s Birtenshaw School 08:32
Toppings, opp Bromley Cross Road 08:32
Toppings, nr John Street 08:33
Eagley, nr Hough Lane 08:33
Eagley, opp Hospital Road 08:34
The Dunscar Arms (o/s) 08:34
Dunscar, nr War Memorial 08:35
Dunscar, nr War Memorial 08:35
Dunscar, opp Masons Arms 08:36
Egerton Vale (nr) 08:37
Egerton, nr James Street 08:37
Egerton, opp Cross Guns 08:38
Dimple (nr) 08:38
Dimple, o/s Moss Cottages 08:39
Cadshaw, adj Woodlea Chase 08:43
Darwen, o/s Bull Hill Cottages 08:44
Darwen Cemetery (by) 08:46
Darwen, opp West Cemetery 08:46
Darwen, by Queens Road 08:47
Darwen, by Park Road 08:48
Darwen, adj Ashleigh Street 08:48
Darwen, by Mayfield Flats 08:49
Darwen, opp Cross Street 08:51
Darwen, adj Mill Gap Street 08:52
Darwen, by India Mill 08:53
Darwen, by Circus 08:55
Darwen, by Hacking Street 08:56
Darwen, by Vale Street 08:56
Darwen, opp Heys Lane 08:57
Darwen, opp Lloyd Street 08:58
Darwen, by Earnsdale Road 08:59
Darwen, adj Lynwood Avenue 09:00
Darwen, by Birch Hall Avenue 09:01
Darwen, by Moss Fold Road 09:02
Earcroft, o/s Darwen Vale School 09:03
Ewood, by Boundary 09:04
Ewood, opp Oakdale 09:04
Ewood, by Cravens Brow 09:05
Ewood, opp Branch Road 09:06
Ewood, opp Fernhurst 09:07
Ewood Working Mens Club (by) 09:08
Ewood Hub (adj) 09:10
Hollin Bank, by Empire Theatre 09:10
Blackburn, opp Infirmary Road 09:11
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 09:12
Blackburn, by Darwen Street 09:13
Blackburn, by Mincing Lane 09:14
Blackburn Interchange (Stand 6) 09:15


Blackburn Interchange (Stand 1) 14:45
Blackburn, by Darwen Street 14:45
Audley Lower, by Russell Street 14:46
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 14:47
Blackburn, by Infirmary Road 14:48
Hollin Bank, opp Empire Theatre 14:49
Ewood Hub (by) 14:50
Ewood, adj Top o th Croft 14:50
Ewood, by Branch Road 14:51
Ewood, by Cravens Brow 14:52
Ewood, by Boundary 14:53
Earcroft, opp Darwen Vale School 14:54
Darwen, adj Redvers Road 14:54
Darwen, adj The Anchor 14:55
Darwen, opp Lynwood Avenue 14:55
Darwen, by Pitville Street 14:56
Darwen, adj Argyle Street 14:56
Darwen, by Lloyd Street 14:57
Darwen, adj British Queen 14:58
Darwen, by Duckworth Street 14:59
Darwen Town Centre (Stand 1) 15:00
Darwen, by India Mill 15:00
Darwen, by Mill Gap Street 15:01
Darwen, opp Huntington Drive 15:01
Darwen, by Cross Street 15:02
Darwen, adj Mayfield Flats 15:02
Darwen, by Epworth Street 15:02
Darwen, adj Maria Street 15:03
Darwen, by Blackpool Street 15:03
Darwen, adj Knowlesly Road 15:04
Darwen, o/s West Cemetery 15:04
Darwen Cemetery (by) 15:05
Darwen, opp Bull Hill Cottages 15:07
Cadshaw, opp Woodlea Chase 15:09
Dimple, opp Moss Cottages 15:12
Dimple (at) 15:13
Egerton, nr Cross Guns 15:14
Egerton, nr Globe Lane 15:14
Egerton Vale (opp) 15:14
Dunscar, nr Masons Arms 15:15
Dunscar, opp War Memorial 15:15
Cox Green, nr Arnold Road 15:16
Eagley, nr Hospital Road 15:16
Eagley, opp Hough Lane 15:16
Toppings, nr Rose Hill Drive 15:17
Toppings, nr Bromley Cross Road 15:18
Bromley Cross, nr Shady Lane 15:19
Bradshaw, nr Rigby Lane 15:20
Bradshaw, nr Kershaw Street 15:22
Bradshaw, opp Oaks Lane 15:23
Bradshaw, nr Canon Slade High School 15:25
Bradshaw, nr Canon Slade High School 15:45
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Avenue 15:46
Bradshaw, nr Aire Drive 15:48
Bradshaw, opp Rigby Lane 15:49
Bromley Cross, nr Darwen Road 15:50
Bromley Cross Station (Stop B) 15:52
Bromley Cross, o/s Junior School 15:52
Bromley Cross, nr Windy Harbour Lane 15:53
Bromley Cross, opp Jumbles Country Park 15:53
Chapeltown, by King William 15:54
Chapeltown, by Horrobin Lane 15:54
Chapeltown, by Turton Tower 15:55
Chapeltown, by High Street 15:56
Turton Bottoms, by Jumbles Nursery 15:56
Turton Bottoms, by Wellington Mews 15:57
Turton Bottoms, by Sandy Bank Rd 15:57
Edgworth, by Harbour Lane 15:58
Edgworth, opp The Barlow 15:59
Edgworth, by Broadhead Road 16:00
Edgworth, by Moorside Road 16:02
Entwistle, opp Wayoh Fold 16:03
Entwistle, o/s Round Barn 16:03
Whittlestone Head, adj Crown and Thistle 16:05
Blackamoor, by Roman Road 16:10
Spring Vale, by Pole Lane Playing Fields 16:10
Darwen, adj Rudyard Drive 16:11
Spring Vale, adj Craven Heifer 16:12
Darwen, by Chapter Road 16:12
Sough, by Vicarage Drive 16:13
Darwen, by Priory Drive 16:14
Darwen, opp Essex Street 16:14
Darwen, adj Marsh House Lane 16:15
Darwen, by Suddell Road 16:15
Darwen, opp Sarah Street 16:16
Darwen, opp Railway Station 16:16
Darwen, by Library 16:17
Darwen, by Knott Street 16:18
Darwen, by Bus Station Set Down 16:19
Darwen, by Circus 16:19
Darwen, by Hacking Street 16:19
Darwen, by Vale Street 16:20
Darwen, opp Heys Lane 16:21
Darwen, opp Lloyd Street 16:21
Darwen, by Earnsdale Road 16:22
Darwen, adj Lynwood Avenue 16:23
Darwen, by Birch Hall Avenue 16:24
Darwen, by Moss Fold Road 16:24
Earcroft, o/s Darwen Vale School 16:25
Ewood, by Boundary 16:26
Ewood, opp Oakdale 16:26
Ewood, by Cravens Brow 16:27
Ewood, opp Branch Road 16:28
Ewood, opp Fernhurst 16:30
Ewood Working Mens Club (by) 16:32
Ewood Hub (adj) 16:34
Hollin Bank, by Empire Theatre 16:34
Blackburn, opp Infirmary Road 16:36
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 16:36
Blackburn, by Darwen Street 16:38
Blackburn, by Mincing Lane 16:39
Blackburn Interchange (Stand 6) 16:40

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset