99 - Fulwood Asda - Longridge Hs

A bus service operated by Avacab


Monday to Friday, Longridge High School days

Fulwood Asda - Longridge Hs

Gamull Lane, by Rothwell Crescent 07:45
Brookfield, opp Fulwood Row 07:45
Brookfield, o/s Shops 07:46
Brookfield, opp Silverdale Drive 07:46
Brookfield, by Cromwell Road 07:47
Longsands, o/s Anderton Arms 07:50
Longsands, opp Bowlers Close 07:50
Longsands Lane (by) 07:51
Eastway, opp Williams Lane 07:55
Eastway, opp Sorting Office 07:55
Eastway, by Pittman Court 07:55
Eastway, by Caxton Road 07:55
Sherwood, opp Barnacre Close 07:55
The Sherwood (opp) 07:56
Sherwood, opp St Francis Close 07:57
Sherwood, opp Churchfield 07:57
Fulwood, by St Vincents Road 07:59
Fulwood, by Lulworth Road 08:01
Fulwood, o/s Sharoe Green Library 08:02
Fulwood Hall Lane (by) 08:04
Fulwood, opp Garrison Road 08:05
Deepdale, by Sainsburys 08:06
Ribbleton Lane, opp Skeffington Road 08:10
Ribbleton Lane, opp Acregate Lane 08:11
Ribbleton, by Morris Road 08:12
Ribbleton, by Cromwell Road 08:13
Ribbleton, by Ribble Lodge 08:15
Moor Nook, opp Primary School 08:18
Ribbleton, o/s City of Preston HS 08:18
Ribbleton, by Cavendish Drive 08:18
Ribbleton, opp Library 08:19
Ribbleton, by Sion Hill 08:19
Gamull Lane, by Clock Garage 08:20
Gamull Lane, by Motorway Bridge 08:20
Red Scar, opp Industrial Estate 08:21
Red Scar, opp Roman Way 08:22
Red Scar, opp Crematorium 08:23
Red Scar, by Roman Way Ind Est 08:23
Grimsargh, opp Stone Cross 08:24
Grimsargh, o/s St Michaels Church 08:25
Grimsargh, opp Nook Glade 08:26
Grimsargh, o/s Plough Inn 08:27
Grimsargh, opp Village Hall 08:27
Grimsargh, by Sunny Bank 08:27
Grimsargh, opp Elston Lane 08:28
Grimsargh, opp Alston Lane RCPS 08:29
Longridge, opp White Bull 08:30
Longridge, by Alston Meadow 08:30
Longridge, by College Close 08:31
Longridge, by St Cecilias RCHS 08:32
Longridge, o/s High School 08:35

Longridge Hs - Fulwood Asda

Longridge, o/s High School 15:17
Longridge, by Southern Close 15:17
Longridge, opp Alston Meadow 15:17
Longridge, o/s White Bull 15:18
Grimsargh, by Alston Lane RCPS 15:18
Grimsargh, by Elston Lane 15:18
Grimsargh, by Sunnybank 15:18
Grimsargh, adj The Pastures 15:19
Grimsargh, by Nook Crescent 15:20
Grimsargh, opp St Michaels Church 15:20
Grimsargh, by Stone Cross 15:21
Red Scar, by Roman Way Industrial Estate 15:22
Red Scar, by Crematorium 15:22
Red Scar, by Roman Way 15:23
Red Scar, by Industrial Park 15:24
Gamull Lane, opp Motorway Bridge 15:24
Gamull Lane, by Tesco Metro 15:25
Ribbleton, opp Chatburn Rd 15:26
Ribbleton, by Library 15:26
Ribbleton Hall Drive (by) 15:26
Ribbleton, opp City of Preston HS 15:27
Moor Nook, by Primary School 15:27
Moor Nook Shops (by) 15:28
Ribbleton, adj Sandycroft 15:28
Ribbleton, by Farringdon Lane 15:30
Ribbleton, opp Ribble Lodge 15:31
Ribbleton, by Cemetery Gates 15:31
Ribbleton, opp Cromwell Road 15:33
Ribbleton, by Blackpool Road 15:34
Ribbleton Lane, adj Acregate Lane 15:36
Deepdale, by Skeffington Road 15:38
Deepdale, by PNE Stadium 15:38
Deepdale, opp Sainsburys 15:40
Fulwood, by Garrison Road 15:41
Fulwood, by Park Road 15:42
Fulwood, opp Fairfield Road 15:43
Fulwood, opp Lulworth Road 15:44
Fulwood, by Preston College 15:46
Sherwood, o/s Churchfields 15:47
Sherwood, by St Francis Close 15:48
The Sherwood (by) 15:49
Sherwood, by Barnacre Close 15:51
Eastway, opp Caxton Road 15:51
Eastway, by Olivers Place 15:51
Eastway, opp Pittman Court 15:51
Eastway, by Sorting Office 15:51
Eastway, by Williams Lane 15:51
Longsands, by Waterford Close 15:54
Longsands, by Bowlers Close 15:55
Longsands, opp Anderton Arms 15:56
Brookfield, opp Cromwell Road 15:58
Brookfield, by Silverdale Drive 15:59
Brookfield, opp Shops 15:59
Brookfield, opp Oakworth Avenue 16:00
Gamull Lane, opp Rothwell Crescent 16:01

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset