991 - DSS Longbenton - Throckley - Byker

A bus service operated by Stagecoach North East (SCNE)


Monday to Friday

Walbottle Hexham Road-St Cuthberts Church (NW-bound) 06:45
Walbottle Hawthorn Terrace (W-bound) 06:46
Walbottle Hexham Road-Hawthorn Terrace (W-bound) 06:46
Walbottle Hexham Road-Campus (NW-bound) 06:47
Throckley Hexham Road-Hadrian Place (W-bound) 06:48
Throckley Roundabout (W-bound) 06:49
Throckley Hexham Road-Middle School (W-bound) 06:49
Throckley Coach Road-Woodlands (S-bound) 06:50
Throckley Hallow Drive-Tillmouth Park Road (E-bound) 06:51
Throckley Hallow Drive-The Willows (E-bound) 06:52
Throckley Hallow Drive-The Causeway (E-bound) 06:52
Throckley Hallow Drive-Fosse Law (E-bound) 06:53
Throckley Newburn Road-Mayfield Avenue (S-bound) 06:53
Newburn Road-Garage (S-bound) 06:54
Newburn Road-Park Road (S-bound) 06:55
Newburn High Street - Church Bank (SE-bound) 06:55
Newburn High Street-Church Road (E-bound) 06:56
Newburn High Street-Walbottle Road (SE-bound) 06:56
Lemington Road-Keats Road (E-bound) 06:57
Lemington Road-Riverside Way (E-bound) 06:58
Lemington Northumberland Road (NE-bound) 06:59
Lemington (E-bound) 07:00
Lemington Union Hall Road-Bewick Crescent (N-bound) 07:00
Lemington Union Hall Road-Kirkstone Avenue (N-bound) 07:01
Lemington Union Hall Road-Hospital Lane (N-bound) 07:02
Lemington Union Hall Road-West Road (N-bound) 07:02
W Denton Lemington Road Ends (E-bound) 07:03
W Denton A69-The Burnside (E-bound) 07:03
Denton Burn West Road-South View (SE-bound) 07:04
Denton Burn West Road-A1 (SE-bound) 07:05
Denton Burn West Road (SE-bound) 07:06
Denton Burn Denton Road-West Road (SW-bound) 07:06
Denton Burn Whickham View (S-bound) 07:08
Denton Burn Whickham View-Thorntree Drive (SE-bound) 07:08
Benwell Whickham View-Muscott Grove (SE-bound) 07:09
Benwell Whickham View-Fergusons Lane (S-bound) 07:09
Benwell Whickham View-Betts Avenue (E-bound) 07:10
Benwell Lane-Wellburn House (E-bound) 07:11
Benwell Lane-Rushie Avenue (SE-bound) 07:12
Benwell Village (N-bound) 07:12
Benwell Pease Avenue (N-bound) 07:13
Fenham Two Ball Lonnen-West Road (NE-bound) 07:13
Fenham Two Ball Lonnen-Lanercost Drive (N-bound) 07:15
Fenham Two Ball Lonnen-Dahlia Place (N-bound) 07:15
Fenham Hall Drive (E-bound) 07:16
Fenham Hall Drive-Queensway (E-bound) 07:17
Fenham Hall Drive-Kingsway (E-bound) 07:17
Fenham Hall Drive-Simonburn Avenue (E-bound) 07:18
Fenham Hall Drive-Wingrove Road (E-bound) 07:19
High Heaton HMRC Benton Park View (E-bound) 07:31
Benton DWP Tyneview Park Stand D (D) 07:47

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 17 January 2021

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