992 - Canon Slade School - Westhoughton

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Monday to Friday, Bolton school days

Westhoughton - Canon Slade School

Westhoughton Church (Stop D) 07:50
Westhoughton Town Hall (Stop F) 07:51
Westhoughton, opp Leigh Road 07:53
Chequerbent, opp Forest Drive 07:55
Chequerbent, nr Captain Lees Road 07:56
Chequerbent, nr Waters Nook Road 07:57
Chequerbent, nr Molyneux Road 07:59
Chequerbent, opp Brancker Street 08:00
Chequerbent, o/s Backgates Farm 08:02
Over Hulton, o/s Ivy Cottage 08:03
Over Hulton, opp Dearden's Farm 08:03
Over Hulton, opp Newland Drive 08:04
Over Hulton Rutherford Drive (Stop C) 08:05
Hulton Lane Ends St Helens Road (Stop A) 08:05
Hulton Lane Ends St Helens Road (o/s 794) 08:06
Fernhill Gate, opp Whitegate Farm 08:06
Fernhill Gate, nr Sonning Drive 08:07
Fernhill Gate, nr Hulton Lane 08:07
Daubhill, opp Blethyn Street 08:08
Daubhill, opp Smethurst Lane 08:08
Daubhill, opp Aldred Street 08:09
Daubhill, nr Deane Church Lane 08:10
Daubhill, opp Nixon Road 08:10
Daubhill, nr Croston Street 08:11
Daubhill, nr Willows Lane 08:12
Daubhill, opp High Street 08:13
Willows, nr Vickers Street 08:13
Gilnow, at University of Bolton 08:14
Bolton, opp Great Moor Street 08:16
Bolton Interchange (Stand E) 08:18
Bolton, opp Wood Street 08:20
Bolton, opp Brown Street 08:21
Mill Hill, opp Goodwin Street 08:23
Mill Hill, nr Waterloo St 08:24
Mill Hill, opp Turner St 08:25
Tonge Moor, nr Stone Street 08:27
Tonge Moor, nr Sheriff Street 08:28
Tonge Moor, nr Saddle Street 08:29
Tonge Moor, opp Haroldene Street 08:30
Castle Hill Tonge Moor Road (Stop C) 08:32
Castle Hill, nr Canon Slade School 08:33
Bradshaw, adj Canon Slade High School 08:35

Canon Slade School - Westhoughton

Bradshaw Canon Slade High School 15:55
Castle Hill, opp Canon Slade School 15:55
Castle Hill Crompton Way (Stop D) 15:57
Tonge Moor, nr Haroldene St 15:58
Tonge Moor, opp Saddle Street 15:59
Tonge Moor, opp Sheriff Street 16:00
Tonge Moor, nr Scowcroft Street 16:01
Mill Hill, nr Turner St 16:02
Mill Hill, opp Turton St 16:03
Mill Hill, nr Goodwin Street 16:04
Bolton, opp Bow Street 16:05
Bolton, nr Knowsley Street 16:06
Bolton, at Market Hall 16:07
Bolton, opp Blue Boar 16:08
Bolton, o/s Job Centre 16:09
Bolton Interchange (Stand E) 16:12
Bolton Newport Street (Stop AA) 16:13
Bolton, o/s Sainsbury's 16:13
Gilnow, opp University of Bolton 16:14
Willows, opp Vickers Street 16:14
Daubhill, nr High Street 16:15
Daubhill, opp Willows Lane 16:15
Daubhill, opp Croston Street 16:16
Daubhill, nr Nixon Road 16:16
Daubhill, opp Deane Church Lane 16:17
Daubhill, nr Aldred Street 16:17
Daubhill, nr Blethyn Close 16:18
Fernhill Gate, o/s Methodist Church 16:18
Fernhill Gate, opp Hulton Lane 16:19
Fernhill Gate, opp Sonning Drive 16:19
Fernhill Gate, o/s Whitegate Farm 16:20
Hulton Lane Ends, nr Plodder Lane 16:21
Hulton Lane Ends Four Lane Ends (Stop B) 16:21
Over Hulton Manchester Road (Stop D) 16:22
Over Hulton, nr Newland Drive 16:22
Over Hulton, nr Dearden's Farm 16:23
Over Hulton, opp Ivy Cottage 16:24
Chequerbent, opp Backgates Farm 16:26
Chequerbent, nr Brancker Street 16:28
Chequerbent, opp Molyneux Road 16:29
Chequerbent, nr Platt Lane 16:30
Chequerbent, opp Waters Nook Road 16:30
Chequerbent, nr Forest Drive 16:31
Westhoughton, nr Leigh Road 16:32
Westhoughton Town Hall (Stop G) 16:34

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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