995 - DSS Longbenton - Throckley - Byker

A bus service operated by Stagecoach North East


Monday to Friday

Byker Brinkburn Street (E-Bound) 07:14
Byker Conyers Road (W-Bound) 07:14
Byker Dalton Street-Gordon Road (S-Bound) 07:15
Byker Dalton Street-Brock Square (S-Bound) 07:16
Byker St Michaels Road (SE-Bound) 07:17
Byker Commercial Road-Mcgowen Court (SE-Bound) 07:17
Byker Commercial Road-St Peters Road (E-Bound) 07:18
Byker Commercial Road-Allendale Road (E-Bound) 07:19
Walker Welbeck Road-Gillies Street (E-Bound) 07:19
Walker Welbeck Road-Canterbury Street (E-Bound) 07:20
Walker Welbeck Road-Cleadon Street (E-Bound) 07:21
Walker St Anthonys Road (S-Bound) 07:22
Walker Scrogg Road-Wharrier Street (N-Bound) 07:24
Scrogg Road-Walker Park (NW-Bound) 07:24
Walker Scrogg Road-Spinney Terrace (N-Bound) 07:25
Walker Scrogg Road-Finsbury Avenue (NW-Bound) 07:26
Walkergate Scrogg Road-Moorland Crescent (N-Bound) 07:27
Walkergate Sutton Street (N-Bound) 07:28
Walkergate Sutton Street (N-Bound) 07:28
Walkergate Shields Road - Benfield Road (E-Bound) 07:28
Walkerville Shields Road-Briarwood Crescent (NE-Bound) 07:31
Walkerville Logan Road (N-Bound) 07:32
Walkerville Appletree Gardens-Logan Road (W-Bound) 07:32
Walkergate Appletree Gardens-Ivy Road (SW-Bound) 07:33
Walkergate Appletree Gardens-Broomfield Avenue (SW-Bound) 07:34
Walkergate Benfield Road - Appletree Gardens (N-Bound) 07:34
Walkergate Benfield Road-Hospital (N-Bound) 07:35
Walkergate Benfield Road-School (NW-Bound) 07:36
Heaton Benfield Road-Bosworth Gardens (NW-Bound) 07:36
Cochrane Park Red Hall Drive-Martello Gardens (N-Bound) 07:37
Cochrane Park Etherstone Avenue (SW-Bound) 07:39
Cochrane Park Etherstone Avenue-Sports Ground (W-Bound) 07:40
Cochrane Park Etherstone Avenue-Cemetery (W-Bound) 07:40
High Heaton Benton Road-Craster Terrace (N-Bound) 07:41
High Heaton (N-Bound) 07:42
High Heaton Benton Road-Dovedale Gardens (N-Bound) 07:43
High Heaton Benton Road-Corchester Walk (N-Bound) 07:44
High Heaton Benton Road-The Drive (N-Bound) 07:45
Four Lane Ends Benton Road-Manor Place (N-Bound) 07:45
Four Lane Ends Benton Park Road-Benton Lodge Avenue (W-Bound) 07:46
Longbenton Benton Park Road-Trentham Avenue (W-Bound) 07:47
Longbenton HMRC Benton Park View (N-Bound) 07:48
Benton DWP Tyneview Park Stand D (D) 08:02

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 27 September 2022

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