995 - Clitheroe Interchange - Myerscough College

A bus service operated by Preston Bus


Monday to Friday, ORG11 days

Clitheroe Interchange - Myerscough College

Clitheroe Interchange (Stand 9) 07:37
Clitheroe Market Place (Stand A) 07:37
Clitheroe Lowergate (Stand H) 07:38
Clitheroe, by St Michaels & St John RCPS 07:38
Clitheroe Pendle Club (Stand L) 07:38
Clitheroe, by Greenacre Street 07:39
Primrose, by Park Street 07:39
Primrose, by Littlemooor Road 07:40
Barrow, by Limehouse Farm 07:41
Barrow, opp Clitheroe Golf Club 07:42
Barrow, by Audley House 07:43
Barrow, by County Primary School 07:43
Barrow, adj Trafford Gardens 07:43
Lamb Roe, by Whiteacre Lane 07:44
Lamb Roe, opp The Eagle 07:45
Whalley, opp Cemetery 07:45
Whalley, adj Rookwood 07:46
Whalley, opp Hayhurst Road 07:47
Whalley Bus Station (Stand C) 07:48
Whalley Bus Station (Stand B) 07:48
Whalley Bus Station (Stand A) 07:48
Whalley, o/s Post Office 07:48
Whalley, by The Grove 07:48
Whalley, by Railway Stn 07:49
Calderstone, opp Nethertown Close 07:50
Calderstone, o/s Hospital 07:50
Calderstones Drive (by) 07:50
Calderstone, opp Cemetery 07:51
Calderstone, by Kingsmill Avenue 07:52
Great Mitton, o/s Three Fishes Inn 07:55
Great Mitton, by Mitton Road End 07:55
Hurst Green, opp Knowles Brow 07:57
Hurst Green, o/s Shireburn Arms 08:01
Hurst Green, o/s St Johns Church 08:01
Hurst Green, o/s Punch Bowl Hotel 08:02
Dutton, by Huntington Hall Lane 08:04
Dutton, by Duddle House Farm 08:04
Dutton, by Moor Nook 08:05
Knowle Green, opp Halls Arms 08:06
Ribchester, by Black Bull 08:11
Ribchester, by Pinfold Cottages 08:12
Ward Green Cross, opp Ward Green Lane 08:14
Hothersall, o/s Asturian Gate 08:15
Hothersall, opp Corporation Arms 08:16
Longridge, by Gardeners Cottage 08:17
Longridge, opp Health Centre 08:18
Longridge, opp Halfpenny Lane 08:19
Longridge, by Halfpenny Lane 08:21
Cumeragh, by Brabiner Lane 08:23
Cumeragh Village, adj Whittingham Hospital The Lodge 08:24
Goosnargh, by Whittingham House 08:24
Whittingham Lane West (by) 08:24
Goosnargh, o/s Stags Head 08:25
Goosnargh, o/s The Grapes Inn 08:25
Goosnargh, by Sports Pavilion 08:25
Goosnargh, adj Oakleaf Close 08:25
Goosnargh, by Langley Lane 08:26
Inglewhite, by Green Man 08:30
Myerscough, by College 08:45

Myerscough College - Clitheroe Interchange

Myerscough, by College 17:05
Inglewhite, by Green Man 17:10
Goosnargh, by Moores Corner 17:19
Goosnargh, opp Oakleaf Close 17:22
Goosnargh Lane (by) 17:23
Goosnargh, opp The Grapes Inn 17:23
Goosnargh, opp The Croft 17:24
Goosnargh, opp Stags Head 17:25
Whittingham Lane (by) 17:25
Whittingham, by Camforth Hall Lane 17:25
Cumeragh Village, opp Whittingham Hospital The Lodge 17:26
Cumeragh, opp Hill Crest 17:28
Longridge, by Kestor Lane 17:31
Longridge, opp Hill Crest Drive 17:31
Longridge, by Market Place 17:32
Longridge, by Health Centre 17:32
Longridge, opp Gardeners Cottage 17:32
Hothersall, o/s Corporation Arms 17:33
Hothersall, opp Hillside School 17:33
Hothersall, opp Asturian Gate 17:34
Ward Green Cross, by Ward Green Lane 17:35
Ribchester, by Kitchen Grn Fm 17:37
Ribchester, opp Black Bull 17:39
Ribchester, o/s Post Office 17:39
Ribchester, by Stoneygate Lane 17:39
Knowle Green, o/s Halls Arms 17:44
Dutton, by Gallows Lane 17:46
Hurst Green, by Bailey Green Cottage 17:47
Hurst Green, opp Shireburn Arms 17:49
Hurst Green, by St Josephs RCPS 17:49
Great Mitton, adj Mitton Road End 17:54
Great Mitton, opp Three Fishes 17:55
Great Mitton, o/s Aspinall Arms 17:55
Great Mitton, by Mitton Hall 17:56
Calderstone, opp Kingsmill Avenue 17:57
Calderstone, by Cemetery 17:58
Calderstones Drive (opp) 17:59
Calderstone, opp Hospital 17:59
Whalley, by Rail Station 18:00
Whalley, opp The Grove 18:01
Whalley Bus Station (Stand C) 18:02
Whalley, by Hayhurst Road 18:02
Whalley, by Rookwood 18:03
Whalley, by Cemetery 18:04
Lamb Roe, by The Eagle 18:04
Lamb Roe, opp Whiteacre Lane 18:05
Barrow, opp Trafford Gardens 18:06
Barrow, opp Primary School 18:06
Barrow, by Elbow Wood Drive 18:07
Barrow, o/s Clitheroe Golf Club 18:07
Barrow, opp Limehouse Farm 18:08
Primrose, opp Littlemoor Road 18:10
Primrose, opp Park Street 18:10
Primrose, opp St James Street 18:10
Clitheroe Interchange (Stand 9) 18:13

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