995 - Southwold - Halesworth - Bungay

A bus service operated by First Norfolk & Suffolk


Monday to Friday, FEC school days only

Southwold - Bungay

Bungay - Southwold

Bungay, o/s School 15:40
Bungay, o/s School 15:45
Bungay, opp Kings Road 15:46
Ilketshall St John, adj Mettingham Turn 15:49
Ilketshall St Andrew, adj Top Road 15:50
Ilketshall St Lawrence, opp Mill Houses 15:54
Ilketshall St Lawrence School (S-bound) 15:55
Stone Street, opp Bus Shelter 15:55
Spexhall, opp Church Lane 15:57
Broadway Drive Industrial Estate (opp) 16:00
Halesworth, opp Water Tower 16:01
Halesworth, adj Police Station 16:02
Halesworth, opp Wissett Road 16:02
Halesworth, opp Car Park 16:03
Halesworth, opp Co-Op 16:04
Halesworth, opp Garage 16:04
Halesworth, opp Police Houses 16:05
Halesworth, adj Shelter 16:06
Halesworth, o/s Bedingfield Crescent 16:06
Halesworth, opp Nightingale Close 16:07
Halesworth, adj Kennedy Avenue 16:07
Halesworth Walpole Road (opp 35) 16:07
Halesworth, opp Earls Close 16:08
Halesworth, opp Jermyn Way 16:10
Halesworth, opp Dukes Drive 16:11
Halesworth, adj Co-Op 16:12
Halesworth, adj Car Park 16:14
Halesworth, adj Wissett Road 16:14
Halesworth, adj Mount Pleasant 16:16
Halesworth, adj Water Tower 16:16
Halesworth, adj Warwick Avenue 16:18
Holton, opp Orchard Valley 16:20
Holton, opp The Street 16:22
Holton, opp Old Cherry Tree 16:22
Holton, adj Primes Lane 16:23
Blyford, adj Queens Head 16:26
Wenhaston, adj Blyth Close 16:29
Wenhaston, adj Hammonds Walk 16:29
Wenhaston, opp The Star Inn 16:30
Blythburgh, o/s Post Box 16:32
Blythburgh, opp Chapel Road 16:34
Wangford, o/s Post Office 16:41
Wangford, opp Church 16:42
Wangford, adj Surgery 16:42
Wangford, adj Church Street Corner 16:42
Reydon, adj School Lane 16:47
Reydon Wangford Road (E-bound) 16:47
Reydon, opp Windsor Road 16:48
Reydon, adj Mount Pleasant 16:49
Reydon, adj The Firs 16:49
Reydon, opp Randolph Hotel 16:50
Reydon, adj Lowestoft Road 16:51
Southwold, adj Pier Avenue 16:52
Southwold, adj North Green 16:53
Southwold, adj Kings Head 16:54

Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 21 January 2021

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