999 - Heywood - Bacup Grammar School

A bus service operated by Gemsar Travel Limited

Heywood - Bacup Grammar School

Heywood, nr York St 07:19
Heywood Queens Park Rd (N-bound) 07:20
Hooley Bridge, opp Queens Park 07:22
Hooley Bridge, nr Bury & Rochdale Old Rd 07:22
Bamford, o/s St Michael's Vicarage 07:24
Bamford, o/s Sir Winston Churchill 07:25
Bamford, opp Wood Top Ave 07:25
Broadhalgh, nr Meadowcroft Ln 07:25
Broadhalgh Rd (nr) 07:26
Broadhalgh, nr Woodlands Ave 07:26
Broadhalgh, o/s Simply Tapas 07:27
Broadhalgh, o/s Rochdale Cemetery 07:30
Broadhalgh, nr Sandy Ln 07:30
Broadhalgh, nr Claremont Rd 07:30
Rochdale, opp Oakenrod Hill 07:31
Rochdale, nr Mellor St 07:31
Rochdale, opp Bury Rd 07:31
Rochdale, adj Dane St 07:32
Rochdale, adj Manchester Rd 07:32
Rochdale P.O. (o/s) 07:32
Rochdale, nr The Esplanade 07:35
Rochdale Infirmary Howard St (Stop G) 07:36
Rochdale Infirmary, opp Jarvis St 07:36
Shawclough, opp Fieldhouse Rd 07:40
Shawclough, nr Bentley St 07:40
Shawclough, adj Whitworth Rd 07:45
Shawclough, opp Tintern Ave 07:46
Shawclough, opp Clarence St 07:46
Shawclough, nr Fallowfield Dr 07:47
Shawclough, opp Healey Hotel 07:47
Shawclough Way (opp) 07:48
Lower Fold, opp Judith St 07:49
Lower Fold, o/s Healey Hall 07:50
Whitworth Road (by) 07:50
Whitworth, by Healey Dell 07:51
Whitworth, by Station Road 07:51
Whitworth, by Birches 07:52
Whitworth, opp Tonacliffe School 07:53
Whitworth Bar (adj) 07:54
Whitworth, opp Union Street 07:54
Whitworth, by Hall Street 07:55
Whitworth, by North Street 07:55
Whitworth, by Lords 07:56
Whitworth, by Tong Lane 07:56
Facit, by Civic Hall 07:57
Facit, opp Fold 07:58
Facit, by Halfway House 07:58
Shawforth, opp St Johns Church 07:59
Leavengreave, by Market Street 07:59
Leavengreave, by Oak Street 07:59
Shawforth, by Post Office 07:59
Shawforth, opp Red Lion 07:59
Shawforth, by Chapel 08:00
Shawforth, opp Shanter Close 08:00
Newline, opp Shore Service Station 08:02
Britannia, opp Travellers Rest 08:02
Newline, by Rochdale Road 08:03
Newline, by Deansgreave Road 08:03
Newline, opp Stack Lane 08:04
Newline, opp The Sidings 08:04
Newline, by Olive House 08:04
Newline, opp Stubylee Bridge 08:04
Lee Mill (by) 08:04
Farholme Lane (by) 08:04
Stacksteads, by Primrose Street 08:05
Stacksteads, by Rook Hill Road 08:06
Hey Head, opp Heyhead Avenue 08:08
Hey Head, opp Park Road 08:09
Hey Head, by Jolly Sailor 08:10
Waterfoot, adj Bacup & Rossendale Grammar School 08:20

Bacup Grammar School - Heywood

Waterfoot, adj Bacup & Rossendale Grammar School 15:25
Glen Top, opp Glen Service Station 15:27
Stacksteads, opp Iron Bridge 15:27
Stacksteads, by School Street 15:28
Stacksteads, o/s Station 15:29
Stacksteads, opp Toll Bar 15:30
Farholme, by Hindle Street 15:30
Farholme, by Cemetery 15:30
Lee Mill (opp) 15:31
Newline, o/s Stubylee Bridge 15:32
Newline, opp Olive House 15:32
Newline, by The Sidings 15:33
Newline, by Stack Lane 15:34
Newline, opp Deansgreave Road 15:35
Britannia, by Travellers Rest 15:37
Newline, by Shore Service Station 15:37
Shawforth, by Peel Terrace 15:38
Shawforth, by Shanter Close 15:39
Shawforth, opp Chapel 15:40
Shawforth, by Land Gate 15:40
Shawforth, opp Post Office 15:40
Leavengreave, opp Oak Street 15:41
Leavengreave, adj Market Street 15:41
Leavengreave, by St Johns Church 15:42
Facit, by Fold 15:42
Facit, opp Civic Hall 15:42
Facit, by Minnie Street 15:43
Whitworth, opp Tong Lane 15:43
Whitworth, adj Lords 15:44
Whitworth, opp Lloyd Street 15:44
Whitworth, opp Hall Street 15:45
Whitworth, by Union Street 15:45
Whitworth Bar (by) 15:46
Whitworth, by Tonacliffe 15:47
Whitworth, opp Birches 15:47
Whitworth, opp Station Road 15:48
Lower Fold, opp Healey Hall 15:50
Lower Fold, nr Judith St 15:50
Shawclough Way (nr) 15:51
Shawclough, o/s Healey Hotel 15:52
Shawclough, opp Fallowfield Dr 15:52
Shawclough, nr Clarence St 15:53
Shawclough, nr Tintern Ave 15:53
Shawclough, opp Kiln Walk 15:54
Shawclough, nr Whitworth Rd 15:55
Shawclough, opp Bentley St 15:56
Shawclough, nr Fieldhouse Rd 16:00
Rochdale Infirmary Wellington St (Stop F) 16:00
Town Head Howard St (Stop H) 16:01
Rochdale, nr St Mary's Gate 16:05
Rochdale, nr Manchester Rd 16:06
Rochdale, nr Dane St 16:06
Rochdale, adj Mellor St 16:07
Rochdale, nr Oakenrod Hill 16:08
Broadhalgh, nr Brooklands Court 16:09
Broadhalgh, opp Rochdale Cemetery 16:10
Broadhalgh, opp Dog & Partridge 16:10
Broadhalgh, opp Woodlands Ave 16:11
Broadhalgh Rd (opp) 16:12
Broadhalgh, nr Meadowcroft Ln 16:13
Bamford, nr Wood Top Ave 16:14
Bamford, opp Sir Winston Churchill 16:15
Bamford, opp St Michael's Vicarage 16:15
Hooley Bridge, adj Bury & Rochdale Old Rd 16:17
Hooley Brow, o/s Queens Park 16:18
Heywood Queens Park Rd (S-bound) 16:20
Heywood, opp Miller St 16:20
Heywood, nr Wild St 16:21

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