9B - Bedford Bus Station (Bay) - Hitchin Bancroft

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East


Bedford Bus Station (Bay) - Hitchin Bancroft

Bedford Bus Station (Bay) 06:25then hourly untilthen hourly until
Bedford St Paul's Square (Stop P2) 06:3213:3215:3218:32
Bedford St John's Street (S-bound) 06:3413:3415:3418:34
Fenlake, o/s Elstow Road Post Office 06:3613:3615:3618:36
Cauldwell, opp The Angel 06:3713:3715:3718:37
Cauldwell, adj Brackley Road 06:3913:3915:3918:39
Cauldwell, opp Pilgrims Way 06:4013:4015:4018:40
Cauldwell, opp Berkeley Road 06:4113:4115:4118:41
Cauldwell, opp Stapleton Road 06:4113:4115:4118:41
Cauldwell, adj Windsor Road 06:4213:4215:4218:42
Cauldwell, opp John Bunyan Upper School 06:4213:4215:4218:42
Eastcotts, adj Catholic Church 06:4313:4315:4318:43
Eastcotts, opp Harrowden Road Shops 06:4413:4415:4418:44
Eastcotts, adj The Turnpike 06:4513:4515:4518:45
Eastcotts Harrowden Road (SE-bound) 06:4613:4615:4618:46
Harrowden Lane (adj) 06:4813:4815:4818:48
Shortstown, opp The Crescent 06:5013:5015:5018:50
Shortstown, o/s Cardington Hangars 06:5013:5015:5018:50
Cotton End, o/s Old Lower School 06:5113:5115:5118:51
Cotton End, adj The Bell 06:5213:5215:5218:52
Cotton End High Street (SE-bound) 06:5213:5215:5218:52
Haynes Turn (SW-bound) 06:5513:5515:5518:55
Haynes, adj Rooktree Way 06:5513:5515:5518:55
Haynes, adj Foresters Close 06:5513:5515:5518:55
Haynes Northwood End Road (E-bound) 06:5613:5615:5618:56
Haynes, adj Village Hall 06:5613:5615:5618:56
Haynes, opp The Greyhound 06:5713:5715:5718:57
Deadmans Cross Rowney Warren (SE-bound) 06:5913:5915:5918:59
Chicksands Turn (opp) 07:0214:0216:0219:02
Shefford, adj Priory Gate 07:0714:0716:0719:07
Shefford, opp School Lane 07:0814:0816:0819:08
Shefford, adj Scotgrange Meadow 07:0914:0916:0919:09
Shefford High Street (NE-bound) 07:0914:0916:0919:09
Shefford, opp Ivel Road 07:1014:1016:1019:10
Shefford, adj Purcell Way 07:1114:1116:1119:11
Shefford, opp The Steamer 07:1114:1116:1119:11
Shefford, opp Samuel Whitbread School 07:1214:1216:1219:12
Clifton, opp Knolls Way 07:1314:1316:1319:13
Clifton, opp The Post Office 07:1314:1316:1319:13
Clifton, o/s All Saints' Church 07:1414:1416:1419:14
Clifton, adj Bilberry Road 07:1514:1516:1519:15
Henlow, opp Mill Close 07:1614:1616:1619:16
Henlow Newtown (S-bound) 07:1614:1616:1619:16
Henlow, opp The Five Bells 07:1614:1616:1619:16
Henlow, opp War Memorial 07:1714:1716:1719:17
Henlow, adj Park Lane 07:1714:1716:1719:17
Henlow, o/s The Crown - North 07:1714:1716:1719:17
Henlow Camp, adj Oldfield Farm Road 07:2114:2116:2119:21
Henlow Camp, opp Borton Avenue 07:2214:2216:2219:22
Henlow Camp Bird In Hand (SE-bound) 07:2314:2316:2319:23
Henlow Camp, opp Three Star Park 07:2314:2316:2319:23
Holwell, nr Ramerick Cottages 07:2514:2516:2519:25
Holwell Turn (opp) 07:2714:2716:2719:27
Ickleford, nr Turnpike Lane 07:3214:3216:3219:32
Westmill Estate, opp Burford Way 07:3214:3216:3219:32
Westmill Estate, opp Wellingham Avenue 07:3314:3316:3319:33
Westmill Estate, opp Angel's Reply PH 07:3314:3316:3319:33
Hitchin, nr Fishponds Road 07:3414:3416:3419:34
Hitchin, opp Waitrose 07:3514:3516:3519:35
Hitchin, nr Grammar School Walk 07:3514:3516:3519:35
Hitchin Bancroft (Stop D) 07:3614:3616:3619:36

Hitchin Bancroft - Bedford Bus Station (Bay)

Hitchin Bancroft (Stop D) 06:21then hourly until
Hitchin, nr The Phoenix PH 06:2708:2409:3417:3418:1919:19
Hitchin, opp Football Club 06:2808:2509:3517:3518:2019:20
Hitchin, opp Fishponds Road 06:2808:2509:3517:3518:2019:20
Westmill Estate, adj Angel's Reply PH 06:2908:2609:3617:3618:2119:21
Westmill Estate, nr Wellingham Avenue 06:3008:2709:3717:3718:2219:22
Westmill Estate, nr Burford Way 06:3008:2709:3717:3718:2219:22
Ickleford, opp Turnpike Lane 06:3108:2809:3817:3818:2319:23
Holwell Turn (adj) 06:3508:3209:4217:4218:2719:27
Holwell, opp Ramerick Cottages 06:3808:3509:4517:4518:3019:30
Henlow Camp, adj Three Star Park 06:3908:3609:4617:4618:3119:31
Henlow Camp Bird In Hand (N-bound) 06:3908:3609:4617:4618:3119:31
Henlow Camp, adj Borton Avenue 06:4008:3709:4717:4718:3219:32
Henlow Camp, opp Oldfield Farm Road 06:4108:3809:4817:4818:3319:33
Henlow, opp The Crown - North 06:4508:4209:5217:5218:3719:37
Henlow, opp Park Lane 06:4508:4209:5217:5218:3719:37
Henlow, o/s War Memorial 06:4608:4309:5317:5318:3819:38
Henlow, o/s The Five Bells 06:4608:4309:5317:5318:3819:38
Henlow, adj Mill Close 06:4708:4409:5417:5418:3919:39
Clifton, opp Bilberry Road 06:4908:4609:5617:5618:4119:41
Clifton, opp All Saints' Church 06:4908:4609:5617:5618:4119:41
Clifton, o/s The Post Office 06:5008:4709:5717:5718:4219:42
Clifton, adj Knolls Way 06:5108:4809:5817:5818:4319:43
Shefford, o/s Samuel Whitbread School 06:5208:4909:5917:5918:4419:44
Shefford, o/s The Steamer 06:5308:5010:0018:0018:4519:45
Shefford, opp Purcell Way 06:5308:5010:0018:0018:4519:45
Shefford, adj Ivel Road 06:5408:5110:0118:0118:4619:46
Shefford High Street (SW-bound) 06:5508:5210:0218:0218:4719:47
Shefford, opp Scotgrange Meadow 06:5508:5210:0218:0218:4719:47
Shefford, adj School Lane 06:5608:5310:0318:0318:4819:48
Shefford, opp Priory Gate 06:5708:5410:0418:0418:4919:49
Chicksands Turn (adj) 07:0309:0010:1018:1018:5519:55
Deadmans Cross Rowney Warren (NW-bound) 07:0609:0310:1318:1318:5819:58
Haynes, o/s The Greyhound 07:0809:0510:1518:1519:0020:00
Haynes, opp Village Hall 07:0909:0610:1618:1619:0120:01
Haynes Northwood End Road (W-bound) 07:0909:0610:1618:1619:0120:01
Haynes, opp Foresters Close 07:1009:0710:1718:1719:0220:02
Haynes, opp Rooktree Way 07:1009:0710:1718:1719:0220:02
Cotton End High Street (NW-bound) 07:1309:1010:2018:2019:0520:05
Cotton End, opp The Bell 07:1309:1010:2018:2019:0520:05
Cotton End, opp Old Lower School 07:1409:1110:2118:2119:0620:06
Shortstown, opp Cardington Hangars 07:1509:1210:2218:2219:0720:07
Shortstown, adj The Crescent 07:1509:1210:2218:2219:0720:07
Harrowden Lane (opp) 07:1709:1410:2418:2419:0920:09
Eastcotts Harrowden Road (NW-bound) 07:2009:1710:2718:2719:1220:12
Eastcotts, o/s Harrowden Road Shops 07:2209:1910:2918:2919:1420:14
Eastcotts, opp Catholic Church 07:2309:2010:3018:3019:1520:15
Cauldwell, o/s John Bunyan Upper School 07:2409:2110:3118:3119:1620:16
Cauldwell, opp Windsor Road 07:2409:2110:3118:3119:1620:16
Cauldwell, adj Stapleton Road 07:2509:2210:3218:3219:1720:17
Cauldwell, adj Berkeley Road 07:2509:2210:3218:3219:1720:17
Cauldwell, adj Pilgrims Way 07:2609:2310:3318:3319:1820:18
Cauldwell, opp Brackley Road 07:2809:2510:3518:3519:2020:20
Cauldwell, o/s The Angel 07:2909:2610:3618:3619:2120:21
Fenlake, opp Elstow Road Post Office 07:3009:2710:3718:3719:2220:22
Cauldwell, opp Kingsway Link 07:3209:2910:3918:3919:2420:24
Cauldwell, o/s Bedford College 07:3409:3110:4118:4119:2620:26
Bedford St Paul's Square (arrivals) 07:3509:3210:4218:4219:2720:27
Bedford, o/s Pilgrims House 07:3609:3310:4318:4319:2820:28
Bedford Bus Station (Bay) 07:3809:3510:4518:4519:3020:30

Timetable data from Stagecoach East, 28 September 2022

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