Bus Times

9B - Queens Hospital - Burton - Stapenhill

A bus service operated by Midland Classic

Queens Hospital - Burton - Stapenhill

Queens Hospital, adj Graduate Medical Centre 07:22
Queens Hospital, adj Norton Road 07:22
Outwoods, opp Osborne Court 07:23
Outwoods, adj Ibstock Street 07:23
Horninglow, opp Dover Road 07:24
Horninglow, adj Charnwood Road 07:25
Horninglow, opp Morley's Hill 07:25
Horninglow, opp St. John's Church 07:26
Horninglow, adj Ivy Grove 07:26
Horninglow, adj St Andrews Drive 07:27
Beam Hill, opp No 182 07:28
Beam Hill, opp Silverhill Close 07:28
Stretton, opp Bitham Court 07:29
Stretton, opp No 75 07:30
Stretton, adj No. 52 07:30
Stretton, adj Craythorne Road 07:31
Stretton, opp The Green 07:32
Stretton, adj Fairham Road 07:32
Stretton, nr Moor Furlong 07:33
Stretton, opp Retail Park 07:34
Wetmore, opp Beech Hotel 07:36
Wetmore, opp Pirelli Sports Club 07:37
Wetmore, opp Princess Way 07:38
Wetmore, opp Eton Road 07:38
Wetmore, opp Sydney Street 07:38
Wetmore, opp Derby Inn PH 07:39
Wetmore, opp The Derby Turn Inn PH 07:40
Burton upon Trent, adj Hawkins Lane 07:41
Burton upon Trent, adj Police Station 07:43
Burton upon Trent, adj Severn Drive 07:44
Burton upon Trent, adj No. 4 07:45
Winshill, opp Oxley Road 07:47
Winshill, opp Mount Street 07:47
Winshill, opp High Bank Road 07:48
Winshill, adj St Marks Church 07:48
Winshill, adj Bladon Street 07:49
Winshill, opp Brough Road 07:50
Winshill, opp Empire Road 07:51
Winshill, adj Calgary Crescent 07:51
Winshill, adj Bretby Lane 07:52
Winshill, adj Moat Bank 07:53
Brizlincote, adj Beaufort Road Top 07:54
Brizlincote, adj Latham Close 07:54
Brizlincote, adj Hargate Road 07:54
Brizlincote, adj Dalton Avenue 07:55
Brizlincote, adj Winchcombe Drive 07:56
Brizlincote, opp Sefton Close 07:56
Brizlincote, adj 14 Springfield Villas 07:56
Stapenhill, adj Foxglove Avenue 07:58
Stapenhill, opp Greenvale Close 07:58
Stapenhill, opp Stanton Road Baptist Church 07:59
Edge Hill, adj The Copper Hearth PH 08:00
Operates only on school days

Stapenhill - Burton - Queens Hospital

Edge Hill, opp The Copper Hearth PH 15:05
Stapenhill, adj Stanton Road Baptist Church 15:05
Stapenhill, adj Greenvale Close 15:06
Stapenhill, opp Foxglove Avenue 15:06
Brizlincote, opp 14 Springfield Villas 15:07
Brizlincote, adj Sefton Close 15:07
Brizlincote, opp Winchcombe Drive 15:08
Brizlincote, opp Dalton Avenue 15:08
Brizlincote, opp Hargate Road 15:09
Brizlincote, opp Latham Close 15:09
Brizlincote, opp Beaufort Road Top 15:10
Winshill, opp Moat Bank 15:10
Winshill, opp Bretby Lane 15:11
Winshill, opp Calgary Crescent 15:11
Winshill, adj Empire Road 15:12
Winshill, nr Brough Road 15:13
Winshill, opp Bladon Street 15:14
Winshill, opp St Marks Church 15:14
Winshill, adj High Bank Road 15:15
Winshill, adj Mount Street 15:16
Winshill, adj Oxley Road 15:16
Burton upon Trent, adj Newton Road 15:17
Burton upon Trent, opp Police Station 15:19
Burton upon Trent, opp Hawkins Lane 15:21
Wetmore, adj The Derby Turn Inn PH 15:22
Wetmore, adj Derby Inn PH 15:23
Wetmore, adj Sydney Street 15:23
Wetmore, adj Eton Road 15:24
Wetmore, adj Princess Way 15:25
Wetmore, adj Pirelli Sports Club 15:25
Wetmore, adj Beech Hotel 15:26
Stretton, adj Hillfield Lane 15:28
Stretton, adj The Green 15:30
Stretton, adj No 75 15:31
Stretton, adj Bitham Court 15:32
Beam Hill, adj Silverhill Close 15:33
Beam Hill, adj No 182 15:33
Horninglow, opp St Andrews Drive 15:34
Horninglow, opp Ivy Grove 15:35
Horninglow, adj St. John's Church 15:35
Horninglow, opp Red Lion Inn PH 15:35
Horninglow, adj Morley's Hill 15:36
Horninglow, opp Charnwood Road 15:36
Horninglow, adj Dover Road 15:37
Outwoods, opp Ibstock Road 15:38
Outwoods, adj Osborne Court 15:38
Queens Hospital, opp Norton Road 15:39
Queens Hospital, adj Graduate Medical Centre 15:40
Operates only on school days

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