9S - Ninewells Hospital - St Pauls Academy

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Ninewells Hospital - St Pauls Academy

Ninewells Hospital (Stance B) 07:57
Ninewells, opp Lochay Place 07:57
Menzieshill, at Spey Drive 07:58
Menzieshill, opp Gowrie Court 07:59
Menzieshill, opp Tweed Crescent 07:59
Menzieshill, nr Arran Drive 08:00
Charleston, opp Craigowan Road 08:02
Charleston Road (at) 08:03
Charleston, nr Brownhill Terrace 08:04
Charleston, at Buttars Loan 08:05
Charleston, at Donalds Lane 08:05
Lochee West, at Wellburn Street 08:07
Lochee West, nr Perrie Street 08:08
Lochee West, opp Kirk Street 08:09
Lochee High Street (nr) 08:10
Lochee, at Grays Lane 08:11
Lochee East, opp Cobden Street 08:13
Lochee East, at Glenesk Avenue 08:14
Lochee East, at Loons Road 08:15
Lochee East, at Strathmore Avenue 08:16
Lochee East, nr Alpin Road 08:17
Lochee East, nr Maplewood Drive 08:17
Lochee East, at Lundie Avenue 08:18
Lochee East, nr Kingsway 08:19
Strathmartine, at Crematorium 08:20
Ardler, opp Camperdown Road 08:21
Ardler, opp Macalpine Shops 08:21
Ardler, opp Americanmuir Road 08:22
St Mary’s, at Hoylake Avenue 08:23
St Mary’s, at Scotscraig Grove 08:23
St Mary’s, at Troon Road 08:24
St Mary’s, at Larchfield Gardens 08:25
St Mary’s, at Bower Mill Lane 08:26
St Mary’s, at Benholm Place 08:27
St Mary’s, at Drumlithie Place 08:27
St Mary’s, at Ninemaidens 08:28
St Mary’s, opp St Albans Terrace 08:28
St Mary’s, nr Cox Street 08:29
Downfield, at Loftus Street 08:30
Kirkton, opp Duncan Place 08:30
Kirkton, at Balgowan Drive 08:31
Kirkton, at Balgowan Terrace 08:31
Kirkton, nr Dunmore Street 08:32
Kirkton, at Asda 08:33
Kirkton, nr Ambleside Avenue 08:34
Kirkton, nr Ambleside Terrace 08:35

St Pauls Academy - Ninewells Hospital

Kirkton, at St Pauls Academy 15:45
Kirkton, opp Ambleside Avenue 15:45
Kirkton Crescent (at) 15:46
Kirkton, opp Dunmore Street 15:47
Kirkton, opp Balgowan Terrace 15:47
Kirkton, nr Duncan Terrace 15:48
Kirkton, at Duncan Place 15:48
Downfield, at St Marys Road 15:49
St Mary’s, at Cox Street 15:50
St Mary’s, at St Boswells Terrace 15:51
St Mary’s, at St Clement Place 15:52
St Mary’s, opp Benholm Place 15:53
St Mary’s, opp Bower Mill Lane 15:53
St Mary’s, opp Larchfield Gardens 15:54
St Mary’s, opp Troon Road 15:55
St Mary’s, opp Scotscraig grove 15:56
St Mary’s, opp Hoylake Avenue 15:57
Ardler, nr Birkdale Place 15:57
Ardler, at Macalpine Shops 15:58
Ardler, at Camperdown Road 15:58
Ardler, at Fire Station 15:59
Lochee East, at B and Q 16:00
Lochee East, opp Lundie Avenue 16:01
Lochee East, nr Harefield Road 16:02
Lochee East, at St Johns High School 16:03
Lochee East, nr Strathmore Avenue 16:04
Lochee East, nr Loons Road 16:04
Lochee East, nr Gardner Street 16:06
Lochee East, at Coupar Street 16:07
Lochee, opp High Street 16:09
Lochee, at Adamsons Court 16:10
Lochee West, at Sharps Court 16:10
Lochee West, at Lochee Primary School 16:11
Charleston, opp Kettledrum 16:12
Charleston, opp Portmore Place 16:14
Charleston, nr Buttars Loan 16:14
Charleston, at Buttars Street 16:15
Charleston, opp Invercraig Place 16:17
Charleston, nr Craigowan Road 16:18
Menzieshill, adj Arran Drive 16:19
Menzieshill, at Tweed Crescent 16:19
Menzieshill, nr Tweed Crescent 16:20
Menzieshill, at Gowrie Court 16:21
Menzieshill, opp Spey Drive 16:21
Ninewells, opp Thurso Crescent 16:22
Ninewells Hospital (Stance B) 16:23

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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