9X - Westwood - Canterbury

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Westwood - Canterbury

Westwood, opp Bus Garage 06:1806:4607:07
Northwood, adj Coxes Lane 06:1806:4607:07
Northwood, adj Hare and Hounds 06:1906:4707:08
Northwood, opp Hope's Lane 06:1906:4807:09
Northwood, adj Marrose Avenue 06:1906:4807:09
Westwood, opp Vincent Close 06:2006:4907:10
Rumfields, opp Holly Close 06:2106:5007:11
Rumfields, adj The Hawthorns 06:2106:5007:11
Rumfields, adj Water Tower 06:2206:5107:12
Broadstairs Pysons Road Roundabout (SE-bound) 06:2306:5207:13
Broadstairs, opp Collingwood Close 06:2306:5307:14
Broadstairs, opp Fairfield Park 06:2406:5407:15
Broadstairs, opp Charles Dickens School 06:2506:5507:16
Broadstairs, opp Osbourne Road 06:2606:5607:17
Broadstairs, adj Railway Station 06:2706:5707:18
Broadstairs, opp Pierremont Hall 06:2806:5807:1908:39
Broadstairs, adj Baptist Church 06:2806:5807:1908:39
Broadstairs, opp King Edward Avenue 06:2806:5907:2008:40
Broadstairs, adj East Kent College 06:2907:0007:2108:41
Broadstairs, opp Swinburne Avenue 06:3007:0107:2208:42
Broadstairs, opp Gladstone Road 06:3007:0107:2208:42
Dumpton, opp Park Avenue 06:3107:0207:2308:43
Dumpton Park Garage (opp) 06:3207:0407:2508:45
Dumpton, adj Racing Greyhound 06:3307:0507:2608:46
Dumpton, adj Muir Road 06:3407:0607:2708:47
Ramsgate, opp St Ethelbert's Church 06:3507:0707:2908:49
Ramsgate, opp Boundary Road 06:3707:0907:3008:50
Ramsgate, opp Belmont Street 06:3707:0907:3108:51
Ramsgate Plains of Waterloo (SE-bound) 06:3807:1007:3208:52
Ramsgate Wellington Crescent (S-bound) 06:3907:1107:3308:53
Ramsgate Harbour (Stop E) 06:4107:1307:3508:55
Ramsgate Leopold Street (Stop B) 06:4107:1307:3508:55
Ramsgate, opp Queen's House 06:4207:1407:3708:56
Ramsgate, opp Cannonbury Road 06:4307:1507:3808:57
Ramsgate, after Grange Road Roundabout 06:4407:1707:4008:59
Ramsgate, opp South Eastern Road 06:4507:1807:4009:00
Ramsgate, adj Ashburnham Road 06:4607:1907:4309:01
St Lawrence, adj Ellington Infant School 06:4707:2107:4409:03
St Lawrence Tavern (adj) 06:4807:2207:4609:04
Nethercourt Park (opp) 06:4907:2307:4709:05
Nethercourt Circus Canterbury Road (W-bound) 06:5107:2507:4909:07
Nethercourt, opp Windermere Avenue 06:5207:2607:5009:08
Manna Hutte, opp Arundel Road 06:5507:2907:5309:11
Monkton, opp Nature Reserve 07:0207:3608:0009:18
Monkton Street (adj) 07:0207:3608:0009:18
Sarre, opp Windmill 07:0507:3908:0309:21
Upstreet, opp Wall End Farm 07:09s07:43s08:09s09:25s
Upstreet, adj Grove Ferry Hill 07:11s07:46s08:11s09:27s
Upstreet, opp Post Office 07:12s07:47s08:13s09:28s
Upstreet, adj Port Farm 07:13s07:47s08:14s09:29s
Hersden, adj Lakesview Business Park 07:16s07:51s08:18s09:32s
Hersden, adj Canterbury Industrial Park 07:17s07:51s08:18s09:33s
Hersden, opp East View 07:17s07:52s08:19s09:33s
Hersden, opp The Sycamores 07:18s07:53s08:20s09:34s
Hersden, opp Chislet Gardens 07:19s07:53s08:21s09:35s
Westbere, opp Bredlands Lane 07:20s07:54s08:22s09:36s
Westbere, adj Pennington Close 07:21s07:55s08:24s09:37s
Sturry, opp Redcot Lane 07:22s07:56s08:25s09:38s
Sturry Staines Hill (SW-bound) 07:22s07:57s08:26s09:38s
Sturry, opp Homewood Road 07:24s07:58s08:27s09:40s
Sturry, adj Railway Station 07:24s07:59s08:28s09:40s
Sturry, adj Fordwich Road 07:25s08:00s08:30s09:41s
Vauxhall Road (opp) 07:28s08:03s08:33s09:44s
Vauxhall, adj Reed Avenue 07:28s08:03s08:34s09:44s
Sturry Road, adj South Street 07:29s08:04s08:35s09:45s
Sturry Road, opp Asda 07:30s08:04s08:35s09:46s
Sturry Road, adj Honeywood Close 07:30s08:05s08:36s09:46s
Northgate Kingsmead Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:31s08:06s08:37s09:47s
Northgate, adj St Thomas' School 07:32s08:07s08:39s09:48s
Canterbury, adj Magistrates Court 07:33s08:08s08:40s09:49s
Canterbury Bus Station (arrivals) 07:3508:1008:4209:51
Calls to set down only after Sarre.

Canterbury - Westwood

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 22 October 2020

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