9X - Westwood - Canterbury

Operated by Stagecoach South East


Monday to Friday

Westwood - Canterbury

Westwood, opp Bus Garage 06:33
Northwood, adj Coxes Lane 06:34
Northwood, adj Hare and Hounds 06:34
Northwood, opp Hope's Lane 06:35
Northwood, adj Marrose Avenue 06:35
Westwood, opp Vincent Close 06:35
Rumfields, opp Holly Close 06:36
Rumfields, adj The Hawthorns 06:36
Rumfields, adj Water Tower 06:38
Broadstairs Pysons Road Roundabout (SE-bound) 06:39
Broadstairs, opp Collingwood Close 06:39
Broadstairs, opp Fairfield Park 06:40
Broadstairs, opp Charles Dickens School 06:40
Broadstairs, opp Osbourne Road 06:42
Broadstairs, adj Railway Station 06:43
Broadstairs, opp Pierremont Hall 06:43
Broadstairs, adj Baptist Church 06:44
Broadstairs, opp King Edward Avenue 06:44
Broadstairs, adj East Kent College 06:45
Broadstairs, opp Swinburne Avenue 06:45
Broadstairs, opp Gladstone Road 06:46
Dumpton, opp Park Avenue 06:47
Dumpton Park Garage (opp) 06:47
Dumpton, adj Racing Greyhound 06:48
Dumpton, adj Muir Road 06:49
Ramsgate, opp St Ethelbert's Church 06:51
Ramsgate, opp Boundary Road 06:52
Ramsgate, opp Belmont Street 06:53
Ramsgate Plains of Waterloo (SE-bound) 06:54
Ramsgate Wellington Crescent (S-bound) 06:55
Ramsgate Harbour (Stop E) 06:56
Ramsgate Leopold Street (Stop B) 06:57
Ramsgate, opp Queen's House 06:58
Ramsgate, opp Cannonbury Road 06:58
Ramsgate, after Grange Road Roundabout 07:00
Ramsgate, opp South Eastern Road 07:00
Ramsgate, adj Ashburnham Road 07:02
St Lawrence, adj Ellington Infant School 07:03
St Lawrence Tavern (adj) 07:04
Nethercourt Park (opp) 07:05
Nethercourt Circus Canterbury Road (W-bound) 07:06
Nethercourt, opp Windermere Avenue 07:07
Manna Hutte, opp Arundel Road 07:10
Monkton, opp Nature Reserve 07:17
Monkton Street (adj) 07:18
Sarre, opp Windmill 07:20
Upstreet, opp Wall End Farm 07:25
Upstreet, adj Grove Ferry Hill 07:27
Upstreet, opp Post Office 07:28
Upstreet, adj Port Farm 07:29
Hersden, adj Lakesview Business Park 07:32
Hersden, adj Canterbury Industrial Park 07:32
Hersden, opp East View 07:33
Hersden, opp The Sycamores 07:34
Hersden, opp Chislet Gardens 07:34
Westbere, opp Bredlands Lane 07:35
Westbere, adj Pennington Close 07:36
Sturry, opp Redcot Lane 07:37
Sturry Staines Hill (SW-bound) 07:38
Sturry, opp Homewood Road 07:39
Sturry, adj Railway Station 07:40
Sturry, adj Fordwich Road 07:41
Vauxhall Road (opp) 07:43
Vauxhall, adj Reed Avenue 07:44
Sturry Road, adj South Street 07:45
Sturry Road, opp Asda 07:45
Sturry Road, adj Honeywood Close 07:46
Northgate Kingsmead Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:46
Northgate, adj St Thomas' School 07:48
Canterbury, adj Magistrates Court 07:48
Canterbury Bus Station (arrivals) 07:50

Canterbury - Westwood

Canterbury Bus Station (Bay C1) 16:1517:15
Canterbury, opp Magistrates Court 16:1717:17
Northgate, opp St Thomas' School 16:1817:18
Northgate, adj Kingsmead Roundabout 16:2017:20
Sturry Road, opp Brymore Road 16:2117:21
Sturry Road, adj Asda 16:2217:22
Vauxhall, opp Reed Avenue 16:2417:24
Vauxhall, opp Sturry Road Park and Ride Terminal 16:2617:26
Sturry, opp Fordwich Road 16:3017:30
Sturry, opp Railway Station 16:3117:31
Sturry, adj Homewood Road 16:3217:32
Sturry Staines Hill (NE-bound) 16:3217:32
Sturry, adj Redcot Lane 16:3317:33
Westbere, opp Pennington Close 16:3317:33
Westbere, adj Bredlands Lane 16:3417:34
Hersden, adj Chislet Gardens 16:3517:35
Hersden, adj The Sycamores 16:3517:35
Hersden, adj East View 16:3617:36
Hersden, opp Canterbury Industrial Park 16:3717:37
Hersden, opp Lakesview Business Park 16:3717:37
Upstreet, opp Port Farm 16:3917:39
Upstreet, adj Post Office 16:4017:40
Upstreet, opp Grove Ferry Hill 16:4017:40
Upstreet, adj Wall End Farm 16:4217:42
Sarre, adj Windmill 16:4417:44
Monkton Street (opp) 16:4717:47
Monkton, adj Nature Reserve 16:4817:48
Manna Hutte, adj Arundel Road 16:5817:58
Nethercourt, adj Windermere Avenue 17:0218:02
Nethercourt Circus Canterbury Road (E-bound) 17:0318:03
Nethercourt Park (adj) 17:0418:04
St Lawrence Tavern (opp) 17:0518:05
St Lawrence, opp Ellington Infant School 17:0718:07
Ramsgate, opp Ashburnham Road 17:0818:08
Ramsgate, adj South Eastern Road 17:0918:09
Ramsgate, before Grange Road Roundabout 17:1018:10
Ramsgate, adj Cannonbury Road 17:1118:11
Ramsgate, adj Queen's House 17:1218:12
Ramsgate, adj Effingham Street 17:1318:13
Ramsgate Leopold Street (Stop C) 17:1318:13
Ramsgate Harbour (Stop D) 17:1418:14
Ramsgate Wellington Crescent (NE-bound) 17:1518:15
Ramsgate, opp Granville Theatre 17:1618:16
Ramsgate, adj Truro Road 17:1718:17
Ramsgate Dumpton Park Drive (o/s 11) 17:1718:17
Dumpton, opp Winterstoke Way 17:1818:18
Dumpton, adj Wallwood Road 17:1918:19
Dumpton Montefiore Avenue (W-bound) 17:2118:21
Dumpton, opp Racing Greyhound 17:2118:21
Dumpton, adj The Brown Jug 17:2218:22
Dumpton, adj Park Avenue 17:2318:23
Broadstairs, adj Gladstone Road 17:2518:25
Broadstairs, adj Swinburne Avenue 17:2518:25
Broadstairs, opp East Kent College 17:2618:26
Broadstairs, adj King Edward Avenue 17:2718:27
Broadstairs, opp Baptist Church 17:2718:27
Broadstairs, adj Pierremont Hall 17:2818:28
Broadstairs, opp Railway Station 17:2818:28
Broadstairs, adj Edge End Road 17:2918:29
Broadstairs, adj Charles Dickens School 17:3118:31
Broadstairs, adj Fairfield Park 17:3118:31
Broadstairs, adj Collingwood Close 17:3218:32
Rumfields, adj Water Tower 17:3318:33
Rumfields, opp The Hawthorns 17:3518:35
Rumfields, adj Holly Close 17:3518:35
Westwood, adj Vincent Close 17:3618:36
Northwood, opp Marrose Avenue 17:3718:37
Northwood, opp Hare and Hounds 17:3818:38
Northwood, opp Coxes Lane 17:3818:38
Westwood, adj Bus Garage 17:3918:39

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 27 September 2022

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