B15 - Killinghall Road - St Bedes

A service operated by First Bradford


Timetable changes from Monday 21 June 2021



Heaton, o/s St Bedes Grammar 15:35
Heaton Emm Lane Wilmer Rd 15:35
Heaton, adj Emm Lane Park Dr 15:36
Manningham St Joseph's College (stop A) 15:40
Manningham, opp Canal Road Bolton Ln 15:45
Manningham, opp Canal Rd Midland Terrace 15:46
Bolton Woods, at Canal Rd Sidings Close 15:47
Bolton Woods Canal Road Gaisby Ln (N-bound) 15:48
Bolton Woods Gaisby Lane Powell Rd (stop) 15:50
Bolton Woods, opp Gaisby Lane Thornhill Dr 15:51
Bolton Woods, at Gaisby Lane Crimshaw Ln 15:52
Bolton Woods Gaisby Ln Wrose Drive (NW-bound) 15:53
Wrose Gaisby Lane Carr Ln (stop) 15:54
Wrose Rd Carr Lane (adj) 15:55
Wrose Grove (opp) 15:55
Wrose Road Low Ash Cres (adj) 15:56
Wrose Rd Oakdale Drive 15:56
Wrose Rd Westfield Lane (adj) 15:58
Wrose Rd Claremont Grove 15:59
Wrose Rd Plumpton Walk (adj) 16:00
Swain House Wrose Rd Kings Road (E-bound) 16:01
Swain House Wrose Rd Willow Grove 16:02
Five Lane Ends, before Wrose Rd Roundabout 16:03
Eccleshill Idle Road Norman Ln 16:04
Eccleshill, adj Idle Road Norman Grove 16:05
Bolton, opp Idle Rd High House Road 16:06
Bolton Idle Road Myers Ln 16:07
Bolton Idle Rd Pen Close 16:08
Undercliffe Dudley Hill Road Pelham Rd 16:11
Undercliffe, adj Dudley Hill Road Tower St 16:12
Undercliffe Killinghall Rd Harrogate Road 16:14
Fagley Killinghall Rd Higher Intake Road 16:15
Killinghall Rd Fagley Road (adj) 16:16
Bradford Moor Killinghall Rd Fourth Avenue 16:17
Bradford Moor Killinghall Road First Ave 16:18
Bradford Moor Killinghall Road Kismet Gdns (S-bound) 16:19
Bradford Moor Killinghall Rd Moor Park Road 16:20

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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