B150 - Princes Park - Aylesford School

A bus service operated by Farleigh Coaches


Princes Park - Aylesford

Princes Park, adj Morrisons 06:4509:1513:47
Princes Park, adj Kingfisher Drive 06:4509:1613:48
Lordswood, adj Kingston Crescent 06:4809:2013:52
Lordswood, opp Scotby Avenue East 06:4909:2113:53
Lordswood, adj Ballens Road 06:4909:2113:53
Lordswood School (adj) 06:5009:2213:54
Lordswood, adj Lynton Drive 06:5109:2313:55
Lordswood, opp Achilles Road 06:5209:2413:56
Lordswood, o/s The Kestrel Shopping Centre 06:5309:2513:57
Lordswood, opp Abinger Drive 06:5409:2613:58
Lordswood, adj Mayford Road 06:5409:2613:58
Lordswood, opp Arundel Close 06:5509:2713:59
Walderslade, opp Birch Drive 06:5609:2814:00
Walderslade, opp Timber Tops 06:5709:2914:01
Walderslade, opp Autumn Glade 06:5709:2914:01
Walderslade, opp Golden Wood Close 06:5709:2914:01
Lordswood, opp Copper Tree Walk 06:5709:2914:01
Lordswood Close (adj) 06:5809:3014:02
Walderslade, adj Redwood Close 06:5909:3114:03
Walderslade Dargets Road (o/s 92) 07:0009:3214:04
Walderslade Primary School (opp) 07:0209:3414:06
Walderslade Princes Avenue (opp 15) 07:0209:3414:06
Walderslade, adj Village Centre 07:0409:3514:07
Walderslade Tunbury Avenue (SE-bound) 07:0609:3714:09
Walderslade, opp Catkin Close 07:0609:3714:09
Walderslade, adj Oaks Dene 07:0709:3814:10
Walderslade, adj Podkin Wood 07:08
Blue Bell Hill Village, after Bridgewood Roundabout 09:4214:14
Walderslade, opp Spenlow Drive 07:08
Walderslade, opp Galena Close 07:09
Walderslade, opp Celestine Close 07:09
Walderslade, opp Alexandra Hospital 07:10
Blue Bell Hill Village, opp Keefe Close 07:1809:4514:17
Blue Bell Hill Village, adj Keefe Close 07:1909:4614:18
Kits Coty, opp Salisbury Road 07:2109:4814:20
Kits Coty, adj Service Station 07:2309:5014:22
Maidstone, opp Tollgate Way 07:2409:5114:23
Maidstone, nr Tyland Barn 07:2509:5214:24
Maidstone, adj The Running Horse 07:3209:5514:27
Ringlestone Footbridge (S-bound) 07:3409:5714:29s
Maidstone, opp Springfield 07:3709:5914:31s
Maidstone, opp Kent History and Library Centre 07:3810:0014:32s
Maidstone East Railway Station (Stop O) 07:4010:0114:33s
Maidstone St Faith's Street (Stop Q) 07:4310:0214:34s
Maidstone West Railway Station (Stop A1) 07:50
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop T) 10:0514:37s
Maidstone, adj Bedford Place 07:51
Maidstone King Street (Stop K1) 10:0814:40
Maidstone, adj Bower Mount Road 07:52
Maidstone Somerfield Hospital (Stop B) 07:53
Allington, opp London Road Retail Park 07:53
Allington, opp Buckland Lane 07:54
Allington, opp Grace Avenue 07:56
Allington, adj Conway Road 07:57
Allington Way (adj) 07:58
Allington, adj Sir Thomas Wyatt 07:59
Aylesford Coldharbour Roundabout (W-bound) 08:03
Aylesford, opp Preston Hall 08:04
Aylesford, adj Retail Park 08:05
Aylesford School (o/s) 08:09
Schooldays only

Aylesford - Princes Park

Maidstone King Street (Stop G) 13:15
Aylesford School (o/s) 15:20
Maidstone Pudding Lane (Stop S1) 13:17
Aylesford, adj Teapot Lane 15:21
Maidstone Earl Street (Stop V1) 13:18
Aylesford, opp Retail Park 15:23
Aylesford, o/s Preston Hall 15:24
Aylesford Coldharbour Roundabout (SE-bound) 15:26
Allington, opp Sir Thomas Wyatt 15:28
Allington Way (opp) 15:29
Allington, opp Conway Road 15:30
Allington, adj Grace Avenue 15:31
Allington, adj Buckland Lane 15:32
Allington, adj London Road Retail Park 15:33
Maidstone Somerfield Hospital (Stop A) 15:34
Maidstone, opp Bower Mount Road 15:34
Maidstone Rocky Hill (Stop U) 15:36
Maidstone Brenchley Gardens (Stop P) 13:2015:43
Maidstone East Railway Station (Stop N) 13:2215:45
Maidstone, adj Kent History and Library Centre 13:2215:45
Maidstone, adj Springfield 13:2315:46
Maidstone, adj Moncktons Lane 13:2315:46
Ringlestone, adj Post Office 13:2415:47
Ringlestone, adj Petrol Station 13:2515:48
Maidstone, opp The Running Horse 13:2515:48
Maidstone, nr Cobtree Golf Course 13:2715:50
Kits Coty, opp The Lower Bell 13:2815:51
Kits Coty, adj Salisbury Road 13:2915:52
Blue Bell Hill Village Common Road (E-bound) 13:3215:55
Blue Bell Hill Village, opp Mill Lane 13:3215:55
Blue Bell Hill Village, adj Keefe Close 13:3315:56
Blue Bell Hill Village, before Bridgewood Roundabout 13:3716:00
Walderslade, o/s Bridgewood Manor 13:3916:02
Walderslade, adj Podkin Wood 16:06
Walderslade, opp Spenlow Drive 16:06
Walderslade, opp Galena Close 16:07
Walderslade, opp Celestine Close 16:07
Walderslade, opp Alexandra Hospital 16:08
Walderslade, opp Oaks Dene 13:4016:10
Walderslade, adj Catkin Close 13:4016:11
Walderslade Tunbury Avenue (NW-bound) 13:4116:12
Walderslade, opp Village Centre 13:4316:14
Walderslade Princes Avenue (o/s 5) 13:4316:14
Walderslade, opp Kenwood Avenue 13:4316:14
Walderslade, adj Peacock Rise 13:4316:14
Walderslade, adj Downland Walk 13:4416:15
Princes Park, adj Maundene School 13:4416:15
Princes Park, adj Morrisons 13:4516:16
Princes Park, adj Kingfisher Drive 16:16
Lordswood, adj Kingston Crescent 16:19
Lordswood, opp Scotby Avenue East 16:20
Lordswood, adj Ballens Road 16:20
Lordswood School (adj) 16:21
Lordswood, adj Lynton Drive 16:22
Lordswood, opp Achilles Road 16:23
Lordswood, o/s The Kestrel Shopping Centre 16:24
Lordswood, opp Abinger Drive 16:25
Lordswood, adj Mayford Road 16:25
Lordswood, opp Arundel Close 16:26
Walderslade, opp Birch Drive 16:27
Walderslade, opp Timber Tops 16:28
Walderslade, opp Autumn Glade 16:28s
Walderslade, opp Golden Wood Close 16:28s
Lordswood, opp Copper Tree Walk 16:28s
Lordswood Close (adj) 16:29s
Walderslade, adj Redwood Close 16:30s
Walderslade Dargets Road (o/s 92) 16:31s
Walderslade Primary School (opp) 16:33
Schooldays only

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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