B9 - Boston - Donington - Spalding

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Boston, o/s High School For Girls 15:4015:40
Boston, adj Spayne Road 15:45
Boston Bus Station (Bay 7) 07:2010:1512:1514:3016:0017:20
Boston, o/s Boots 07:2310:1812:1814:3316:0317:23
Boston, adj The Minstrels 07:2810:2312:2314:3815:5016:1017:28
Boston, opp Rosebery Avenue 07:2910:2312:2314:3815:5216:1017:29
Boston, opp Footpath to Arundel Crescent 07:2910:2312:2314:3815:5316:1017:29
Boston Wyberton High Bridge (SW-bound) 07:3310:2912:2914:4415:5416:1717:34
Boston, opp Oldrids 07:3310:2912:2914:4415:5416:1817:34
Boston, opp Westbridge Road 07:3410:3012:3014:4515:5516:1917:35
Baker’s Bridge, adj Fen Road 07:3410:3012:3014:4515:5516:2017:36
Baker’s Bridge, opp Four Cross Roads PH 07:3410:3012:3014:4715:5516:2017:36
Kirton Holme, opp Leonard Cottages 07:36
Hubbert’s Bridge, opp The Orchards 10:3412:3414:4915:5716:22
Kirton Holme, adj The Poacher Inn 07:36
Kirton Holme, opp Sykemouth Drove 10:3712:3714:5115:5916:24
Kirton Holme Road (adj) 07:3810:4012:4014:5516:0016:2517:39
Kirton Holme, adj Fenhouses Drove 07:3910:4012:4014:5516:0016:2517:40
Baythorpe, opp Hardwick Plot Lane 07:4010:4112:4114:5616:0116:2617:41
Swineshead, opp Golden Cross PH 07:4110:4312:4314:5816:0316:2917:42
Swineshead, adj Tarry Hill 07:4210:4312:4314:5816:0316:2917:43
Swineshead, opp Cole's Lane 07:4210:4412:4414:5916:0416:3017:43
Swineshead, adj King John's Road 07:4310:4412:4414:5916:0416:3117:44
Swineshead, opp St Mary's Church 07:4508:4510:4512:4515:0016:0816:3317:46
Swineshead, adj Bullens Lane 07:4508:4510:4512:4515:0016:0816:3317:47
Swineshead, adj High Green 07:4608:4610:4612:4615:0116:0916:3417:47
Swineshead, adj Bentley's Garage 07:4608:4710:4712:4715:0116:0916:3517:49
Bicker Bar Hotel (opp) 07:4908:4810:4812:4815:0516:1016:3617:50
Bicker, adj Ye Olde Red Lion PH 07:50
Bicker Donington Road Junction (W-bound) 08:4910:4912:4915:0616:1116:3917:51
Bicker, opp War Memorial 08:4910:4912:4915:0616:1116:3917:51
Bicker, opp Gauntlet Road 08:5010:5012:5015:0716:1216:4117:52
Bicker, opp Low Gate Lane 08:5010:5012:5015:0716:1216:4117:53
Bicker, adj Vine House 08:5110:5112:5115:0816:1316:4217:53
Northorpe, adj Browntoft Lane 07:5308:5310:5312:5315:0916:1516:4417:55
Northorpe, adj Church Street 07:5308:5310:5312:5315:1016:1516:4417:56
Donington, opp Malting Lane 07:5508:5510:5512:5515:1116:1716:4617:58
Donington, adj Market Place 07:5608:5610:5612:5615:1216:2016:4818:00
Donington, o/s Cowley Secondary School 15:20
Donington, adj Cowley Secondary School 07:5608:5610:5612:5616:48
Donington, adj Pumping Station 07:5708:5710:5712:5715:2116:49
Donington, adj Washdike Lane 07:5708:5710:5712:5715:2116:49
Quadring, adj Crossgate 07:5808:5810:5812:5815:2216:50
Quadring Crane Bridge (S-bound) 07:5908:5910:5912:5915:2316:51
Quadring, opp 182 Main Road 07:5908:5910:5912:5915:2316:52
Quadring, adj Water Gate 08:0109:0111:0113:0115:2416:54
Quadring, adj St Margaret's 08:0109:0111:0113:0115:2516:54
Gosberton, adj Churchfleet Lane 08:0409:0411:0413:0415:2916:55
Gosberton, adj The Bell PH 06:4508:0609:0611:0613:0615:3116:56
Gosberton, adj War Memorial 06:4508:0609:0611:0613:0615:3116:56
Gosberton, opp Primary School 06:4608:0709:0711:0713:0715:3216:57
Gosberton, opp The Five Bells PH 06:4608:0709:0711:0713:0715:3216:57
Belnie Lane (adj) 06:4708:0809:0811:0813:0815:3416:58
Surfleet, opp Bird's Drove 06:4808:0909:0911:0913:0915:3517:00
Surfleet, adj St Laurence's Church 06:5008:1009:1011:1013:1015:3617:01
Surfleet, adj Wood's Lane 06:5108:1109:1111:1113:1115:3617:02
Pinchbeck, opp Milestone Lane 06:5208:1209:1211:1213:1215:3917:03
Pinchbeck, adj Oldham Drive 06:5208:1209:1211:1213:1215:3917:03
Pinchbeck, opp The Bull Inn 15:40
Pinchbeck, opp Bear Lane 06:5308:1409:1411:1413:1417:04
Pinchbeck, opp Post Office 06:5308:1409:1411:1413:1417:04
Pinchbeck, adj Westfield Drive 06:5408:1409:1411:1413:1417:05
Pinchbeck, adj The Chase 06:5408:1409:1411:1413:1417:05
Pinchbeck, opp St Mary's Avenue 08:15
Pinchbeck, adj Rose Lane 06:5509:1511:1513:1517:06
Pinchbeck, adj St Mary's Church 08:1515:41
Pinchbeck, opp Pennyfield 06:5609:1511:1513:1517:06
Pinchbeck, adj Simmons Nursery 06:5709:1611:1613:1617:07
Pinchbeck, adj Wardentree Lane 06:5808:2009:1711:1713:1715:4217:08
Spalding, adj Johnson Hospital 09:1811:1813:1815:4317:13
Spalding, opp Beck Road 07:0008:2209:2011:2013:2015:4517:15
Spalding, opp Mail Cart PH 07:0108:2309:2111:2113:2115:4617:16
Spalding, adj Chappell Centre 07:0208:2409:2211:2213:2215:4717:17
Spalding, opp Kings Road 07:0308:2509:2311:2313:2315:4817:18
Spalding Bus Station (Bay 2) 07:1008:3009:2511:2513:2515:5017:25
Spalding, adj Halmer Gardens 08:43
Spalding, adj High School 08:45


Spalding, adj High School 15:50
Spalding Academy Bus Park (in) 15:50
Spalding Bus Station (Bay 2) 07:1008:0009:3011:3014:1016:1017:30
Spalding, adj Kings Road 07:1108:0109:3111:3114:1116:1117:31
Spalding, opp Chappell Centre 07:1108:0209:3111:3114:1116:1117:31
Spalding, adj Mail Cart PH 07:1208:0209:3211:3214:1216:1217:32
Spalding, adj Beck Road 07:1308:0309:3311:3314:1316:1317:33
Spalding, adj Johnson Hospital 07:1408:0409:3511:3514:1516:1517:35
Pinchbeck, opp Wardentree Lane 07:1408:0609:3611:3614:1616:1617:37
Pinchbeck, opp St Mary's Church 08:10
Pinchbeck, adj St Mary's Avenue 16:17
Pinchbeck, opp Simmons Nursery 07:1509:3711:3714:1717:38
Pinchbeck, adj Pennyfield 07:1609:3711:3714:1717:39
Pinchbeck, opp Rose Lane 07:1709:3811:3814:1817:40
Pinchbeck, opp The Chase 07:1709:3811:3814:1815:5816:1817:40
Pinchbeck, opp Westfield Drive 07:1809:3911:3914:1915:5916:1917:41
Pinchbeck, adj Post Office 07:1809:3911:3914:1915:5916:1917:41
Pinchbeck, adj Bear Lane 07:1909:4011:4014:2016:0016:2217:42
Pinchbeck, adj The Bull Inn 07:1908:1209:4211:4214:2216:0416:2217:42
Pinchbeck, opp Oldham Drive 07:1908:1309:4211:4214:2216:0516:2217:43
Pinchbeck, adj Milestone Lane 07:2008:1409:4411:4414:2416:0616:2417:44
Surfleet, opp Wood's Lane 07:2108:1509:4511:4514:2516:2417:44
Surfleet, opp St Laurence's Church 07:2208:1509:4511:4514:2516:2517:45
Surfleet, adj Bird's Drove 07:2308:1609:4711:4714:2716:2717:46
Belnie Lane (opp) 07:2408:1809:4911:4914:2916:2917:48
Gosberton, adj The Five Bells PH 07:2508:1909:5011:5014:3016:3017:49
Gosberton, adj Primary School 07:2508:1909:5011:5014:3016:3017:49
Gosberton, opp War Memorial 07:2508:2009:5111:5114:3116:3117:50
Gosberton, opp The Bell PH 07:2608:2209:5211:5214:3216:3217:52
Gosberton, opp Churchfleet Lane 07:2608:2209:5211:5214:3216:3217:52
Quadring, opp St Margaret's 07:2908:2409:5411:5414:3416:3417:54
Quadring, opp Water Gate 07:3008:2509:5511:5514:3516:3517:55
Quadring, adj 182 Main Road 07:3008:2509:5511:5514:3516:3517:55
Quadring Crane Bridge (N-bound) 07:3108:2609:5611:5614:3616:3617:56
Quadring, opp Crossgate 07:3108:2609:5611:5614:3616:3617:56
Donington, opp Washdike Lane 07:3208:2709:5711:5714:3716:3717:57
Donington, opp Pumping Station 07:3408:2809:5711:5714:3716:3717:57
Donington, opp Cowley Secondary School 07:3408:2909:5811:5814:3816:3817:58
Donington, opp Market Place 07:3708:3010:0012:0014:4016:4018:00
Donington, adj Malting Lane 07:3708:3010:0012:0014:4016:4018:00s
Northorpe, opp Church Street 07:3908:3210:0212:0214:4216:4218:02s
Northorpe, opp Browntoft Lane 07:3908:3210:0212:0214:4216:4218:02s
Bicker, opp Ye Olde Red Lion PH 08:35
Bicker, opp Donington Road 07:42s07:4410:0512:0514:4516:4518:05s
Bicker, adj Drury Lane 07:42s07:4410:0512:0514:4516:4518:05s
Bicker, o/s Low Gate Lane 07:43s07:4510:0612:0614:4616:4618:06s
Bicker, adj Gauntlet Road 07:46s07:4710:0712:0714:4716:4718:08s
Bicker, adj War Memorial 07:46s07:4710:0712:0714:4716:4718:08s
Bicker Donington Road Junction (E-bound) 07:47s07:4810:0812:0814:4816:4818:08s
Bicker Bar Hotel (adj) 07:49s07:5008:3710:0912:0914:4916:4918:09s
Swineshead, opp Bentley's Garage 07:49s07:5108:3710:0912:0914:4916:4918:10s
Swineshead, opp High Green 07:50s07:5108:3810:1012:1014:5016:5018:10s
Swineshead, opp Bullens Lane 07:51s07:5208:3910:1112:1114:5116:5118:10s
Swineshead, adj St Mary's Church 07:53s07:5508:4010:1212:1214:5216:5218:11s
Swineshead, opp King John's Road 07:53s07:5510:1212:1214:5216:5218:11s
Swineshead, adj Cole's Lane 07:54s07:5610:1312:1314:5316:5318:12s
Swineshead, opp Tarry Hill 07:54s07:5610:1312:1314:5316:5318:12s
Swineshead, o/s Golden Cross PH 07:55s07:5710:1412:1414:5416:5418:12s
Baythorpe, adj Hardwick Plot Lane 07:56s07:5810:1612:1614:5616:5618:13s
Kirton Holme, opp Fenhouses Drove 07:5707:5910:1812:1814:5816:5818:13s
Kirton Holme Road (opp) 08:0008:0510:2112:2115:0117:0118:14s
Kirton Holme, adj Sykemouth Drove 08:0210:2112:2115:0117:01
Kirton Holme, opp The Poacher Inn 08:0618:15s
Hubbert’s Bridge, adj The Orchards 08:0410:2312:2315:0317:03
Kirton Holme, adj Leonard Cottages 08:0618:15s
Baker’s Bridge, adj Four Cross Roads PH 08:0608:0710:2512:2515:0517:0518:16s
Baker’s Bridge, opp Fen Road 08:0608:0710:2512:2515:0517:0518:16s
Boston, adj Hammer & Pincers PH 08:0808:0810:2612:2615:0617:0618:17
Boston, adj Oldrids 08:0908:0910:2712:2715:0717:07
Boston Wyberton High Bridge (NE-bound) 08:0908:0910:2812:2815:0817:08
Boston, adj Footpath to Arundel Crescent 08:1108:1210:3212:3215:1217:12
Boston, adj Rosebery Avenue 08:1208:1410:3212:3215:1217:12
Boston, opp The Minstrels 08:1508:1710:3512:3515:1517:15
Boston, opp Municipal Buildings 08:20
Boston Bus Station (Bay 7) 08:2110:4012:4015:2017:20
Boston, o/s Boots 08:2308:22
Boston, o/s High School For Girls 08:3008:30

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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