C2 - Dorchester - Colfox School

Operated by First Wessex, Dorset & South Somerset

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Dorchester - Colfox School

Colfox School - Dorchester

Bradpole Colfox School (W-bound) 15:30
Bradpole Colfox School (N-bound) 15:41
Bradpole, opp St James Park 15:45
Loders, opp Primary School 15:50
Bradpole St James Park (W-bound) 15:53
Bradpole Colfox School (S-bound) 15:55
Bradpole Kings Head (S-bound) 15:56
Bridport Knightstone Rise (SW-bound) 15:56
Bridport Co-op Supermarket (S-bound) 15:57
Bridport The Toll House (E-bound) 15:59
Bridport Lee Lane (E-bound) 16:01
Walditch Firch Lane (E-bound) 16:02
Walditch Shipton Gorge Road (SE-bound) 16:03
Shipton Gorge Peas Hill (N-bound) 16:06
Uploders Green Trees Cottage (E-bound) 16:10
Uploders Vinney Cross (E-bound) 16:11
Askerswell Parsons lane (NW-bound) 16:15
Askerswell Chilcombe Lane (SE-bound) 16:17
Litton Cheney The Cross (E-bound) 16:25
Litton Cheney White Horse Inn (SW-bound) 16:27
Long Bredy The Telephone Box (E-bound) 16:33
Littlebredy The Village Green (SE-bound) 16:39
Long Bredy Kingston Russell Turn (SE-bound) 16:44
Winterbourne Abbas Longlands Lane (E-bound) 16:45
Winterbourne Abbas Coach and Horses (E-bound) 16:46
Winterbourne Abbas, opp St Mary's Church 16:46
Poundbury Peverell Avenue West (NE-bound) 16:53
Poundbury Queen Mother Square (E-bound) 16:53
Poundbury Peverill Avenue East (SE-bound) 16:54
Poundbury Mansell Square (E-bound) 16:54
Dorchester Gloucester Road (E-bound) 16:55
Dorchester Dorset County Hospital (Stop C) 16:56
Dorchester Top O Town (E-bound) 16:58
Dorchester The Museum (Stop D) 16:59
Dorchester Acland Road (Stop E) 17:01
Dorchester Brewery Square (SW-bound) 17:03
Dorchester South Station (W-bound) 17:04

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

First Wessex, Dorset & South Somerset


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