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C35 - .

A bus service operated by Yorkshire Tiger


Rastrick, opp High School Longroyde Road 15:50
Rastrick, before Thornhill Road Castle Pl 15:51
Rastrick, at Crowtrees Lane Church St 15:52
Rastrick, opp Crowtrees Lane Library 15:53
Rastrick, adj Crowtrees Lane Carr Green Ln 15:53
Rastrick Slade Lane Lower Fold 15:54
Rastrick Slade Lane Fletcher Crescent (stop) 15:55
Rastrick, adj Clough Lane Slade Ln 15:55
Fixby, adj Clough Lane Toothill Ln South 15:56
Fixby Road Broomfield Rd (opp) 15:58
Bradford Road Bradley Bar (at) 15:59
Bradley Bar, after Fixby Road Bradford Rd 15:59
Fixby Road Marlborough Rd (opp) 16:00
Fixby Road Broomfield Rd (adj) 16:01
Fixby, opp Clough Lane Toothill Ln South 16:02
Rastrick, opp Clough Lane Slade Ln 16:02
Rastrick Clough Lane (W-bound) 16:02
Rastrick, opp Dewsbury Rd Cricket Ground 16:03
Upper Edge Dewsbury Road Badger Hill (W-bound) 16:03
Upper Edge Dewsbury Road Bean St 16:04
Upper Edge Dewsbury Road Banks House 16:04
Upper Edge, opp Copperas Mount 16:05
Elland Whitwell Green Lane (W-bound) 16:05
Elland Dewsbury Road Thorn View (stop) 16:06
Elland Southgate (stop B) 16:06
Elland, before Victoria Rd Burley Street 16:07
Elland, after Jepson Lane Victoria Rd 16:07
Elland, adj Jepson Lane Victoria Ave 16:08
Elland Long Wall 16:09
W Vale Saddleworth Road (Stop D) 16:11
W Vale Stainland Rd (Stop B) 16:12
W Vale, opp Stainland Rd Alfred Street 16:13
W Vale, opp Stainland Road Sports Ground 16:14
Salterhebble Stainland Rd North Dean Bus Pk 16:15
Stainland Road Salterhebble Junction 16:17
Salterhebble Huddersfield Road Exley Bank (N-bound) 16:18
Calderdale Royal Hospital Huddersfield Rd (stop A) 16:19
Skircoat, adj Huddersfield Rd Stafford Road 16:20
Skircoat, opp Huddersfield Rd Coronation Road 16:21
Skircoat, opp Huddersfield Road Spring Hall Fields 16:22
Skircoat Rd Free School Lane 16:23
Skircoat Rd Heath Road 16:24
Halifax, opp Skircoat Road Hunger Hill 16:26
Halifax Wards End (stop 28) 16:28
Halifax Bus Station (Stand E2) 16:30
Runs Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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