C66 - Gloucester - Stroud - Cirencester College

Operated by Stagecoach West


Monday to Friday, Cirencester College days

Gloucester - Stroud - Cirencester College

Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay G) 07:15
Gloucester, before Great Western Road 07:16
Gloucester, nr Bus Depot 07:17
Gloucester, opp St Margaret's Almhouses 07:18
Gloucester, before Denmark Road 07:19
Wotton, opp Westminster Court 07:20
Wotton, after Argyll Road 07:21
Barnwood, o/s Queen's 07:23
Barnwood, o/s Hazel Court 07:25
Barnwood, opp Wotton Hall Club 07:26
Barnwood, after Church Lane 07:27
Hucclecote Insley Gardens (corner of) 07:28
Hucclecote, o/s Royal Oak 07:30
Hucclecote, o/s Wagon & Horses 07:31
Hucclecote, after Churchdown Lane 07:34
Hucclecote, by Gransmoor Grange 07:35
Hucclecote, before Delta Way 07:36
Brockworth, nr Victoria Inn school stop 07:38
Brockworth, opp Golf Club Lane 07:39
Brockworth, nr Ermin Park 07:40
Brockworth, after Vicarage Lane 07:42
Brockworth, in Abbotswood Estate 07:44
Brockworth, before Cross Hands Roundabout 07:45
Brockworth, after Garage 07:45
Brockworth, opp Watermead 07:46
Brockworth Green Street (corner of) 07:47
Brockworth Cooper's Hill (corner of) 07:49
Brockworth, by Bella Vista 07:50
Cranham, nr Fiddlers Elbow 07:50
Cranham, opp Prinknash Abbey 07:51
Cranham Turn (corner of) 07:52
Cranham, opp Royal William 07:53
Painswick, by Tocknells Cottages 07:54
Painswick, by Olivers Lodge 07:55
Paradise, by Adam and Eve House 07:56
Paradise, opp Golf Course Road 07:57
Painswick, opp Clattergrove 07:58
Painswick, opp The Highlands 07:58
Painswick, opp Pullens Road 07:59
Painswick, o/s St Mary's Church 08:00
Painswick, opp Rugby Club 08:01
Painswick, after King's Mill Lane 08:01
Pitchcombe, opp Wragg Castle Lane 08:02
Pitchcombe, opp Halfway Pitch 08:03
Stroud, by Painswick Valley Car Sales 08:04
Stroud, before Salmon Springs 08:04
Stroud, opp Stratford Park 08:05
Stroud, opp Health Centre 08:05
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop J) 08:05
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop J) 08:1011:55
Stroud, by Spring Lane 08:1711:59
Bowbridge, o/s Garage 08:2012:00
Bowbridge, after Thrupp Lane 08:2112:01
Thrupp, opp Griffin Mill Estate 08:2112:01
Thrupp Middle Road (corner of) 08:2212:02
Thrupp, after Brewery Lane 08:2312:03
Brimscombe, after War Memorial 08:2412:04
Brimscombe, nr Bourne Estate 08:2412:04
Brimscombe Toadsmoor Road (corner of) 08:2512:05
Brimscombe, o/s Pavillion 08:2612:06
Chalford, nr Carpenters 08:2712:07
Chalford, by The Old Silk Mill 08:2712:07
Chalford, nr Dark Lane 08:2812:08
Chalford Marle Hill (corner of) 08:2812:08
Aston Down, by Westley Farm 08:3012:10
Frampton Mansell, opp Jolly Nice 08:3212:12
Cirencester, opp Royal Agricultural College 08:4412:24
Cirencester, nr Deer Park School 08:4512:25
Cirencester College Grounds (inside) 08:4512:25

Cirencester College - Stroud - Gloucester

Cirencester College Grounds (inside) 12:3514:4516:1018:00
Cirencester, by Deer Park School 12:3514:4516:1018:00
Cirencester, nr Royal Agricultural College 12:3614:4616:1118:01
Frampton Mansell, o/s Jolly Nice 12:4814:5816:2318:13
Aston Down, nr Westley Farm 12:5115:0116:2618:16
Chalford, opp Dark Lane 12:5315:0316:2818:18
Chalford, opp The Old Silk Mill 12:5315:0316:2818:18
Chalford, opp Carpenters 12:5315:0316:2818:18
Brimscombe, opp Pavillion 12:5515:0516:3018:20
Brimscombe, opp Toadsmoor Road 12:5515:0516:3018:20
Brimscombe, by Bourne Estate 12:5615:0616:3118:21
Brimscombe, opp War Memorial 12:5715:0716:3218:22
Thrupp, before Brewery Lane 12:5815:0816:3318:23
Thrupp, o/s Kingfisher Business Park 12:5815:0816:3318:23
Thrupp, adj Griffin Mill Estate 12:5915:0916:3418:24
Bowbridge, opp Thrupp Lane 13:0015:1016:3518:25
Bowbridge, nr Garage 13:0115:1116:3618:26
Bowbridge Arms (o/s) 13:0115:1116:3618:26
Stroud, opp Spring Lane 13:0215:1216:3718:27
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop A) 13:0515:1516:4018:30
Stroud Health Centre (corner of) 16:45
Stroud, by Stratford Park 16:46
Stroud, after Salmon Springs 16:46
Stroud, opp Painswick Valley Car Sales 16:47
Pitchcombe, after Painswick Road 16:48
Pitchcombe, before Wragg Castle Lane 16:48
Painswick, opp King's Mill Lane 16:49
Painswick, o/s Rugby Club 16:49
Painswick, opp St Mary's Church 16:50
Painswick, after Pullens Road 16:51
Painswick, after The Highlands 16:52
Painswick, by Clattergrove 16:52
Paradise Golf Course Road (corner of) 16:53
Paradise, opp Adam and Eve House 16:54
Painswick, nr Olivers Lodge 16:55
Painswick, opp Tocknells Cottages 16:56
Cranham, after Royal William 16:57
Cranham, after Turn 16:58
Cranham, o/s Prinknash Abbey 16:59
Cranham, by Fiddlers Elbow 17:00
Brockworth, opp Bella Vista 17:00
Brockworth, opp Cooper's Hill 17:01
Brockworth, after Green Street 17:03
Brockworth, by Watermead 17:04
Brockworth, opp Garage 17:05
Brockworth, after Cross Hands Roundabout 17:05
Brockworth, on Abbotswood Estate 17:06
Brockworth, opp Vicarage Lane 17:08
Brockworth, opp Ermin Park 17:10
Brockworth, after Golf Club Lane 17:11
Brockworth, opp Victoria Inn school stop 17:12
Hucclecote, nr Delta Way 17:13
Hucclecote, nr Gransmoor Grange 17:15
Hucclecote, before Churchdown Lane 17:16
Hucclecote, opp Wagon & Horses 17:18
Hucclecote, opp Royal Oak 17:20
Hucclecote, opp Insley Gardens 17:21
Barnwood, before Church Lane 17:23
Barnwood, o/s Wotton Hall Club 17:24
Barnwood, opp Budgen's Garage 17:25
Barnwood, after Queen's 17:28
Wotton, o/s Bohanam House 17:29
Wotton, before Westminster Court 17:29
Gloucester, opp Denmark Road 17:31
Gloucester, o/s St Margaret's Almhouses 17:32
Gloucester, opp Bus Depot 17:33
Gloucester, after Great Western Road 17:34
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 17:35

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 18 March 2023

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