Doncaster Shopper - Tuxford - Retford - Doncaster

A bus service operated by Kettlewells


Tuesdays from Tuesday 17 August 2021

Tuxford - Retford - Doncaster

Tuxford, adj Gilbert Avenue 09:20
Tuxford, adj Faraday Avenue 09:20
Tuxford, o/s Library 09:21
Tuxford Orchard Crescent (SE-bound) 09:23
Tuxford, opp The Beeches 09:24
Tuxford, o/s Sun Inn 09:25
Tuxford Eldon Street (N-bound) 09:25
E Markham Tuxford Road (N-bound) 09:28
E Markham, adj The Hall Close 09:29
E Markham High Street (NW-bound) 09:30
E Markham, opp Police House 09:30
Elkesley High Street (NW-bound) 09:40
Elkesley, opp Holly Bush Close 09:40
Elkesley, o/s Blacksmith Cottages 09:40
Elkesley Coalpit Lane (W-bound) 09:40
Elkesley Jockey Lane (NE-bound) 09:41
Ordsall, adj Glen Eagles Way 09:46
Ordsall, adj Brecks Road 09:46
Ordsall Welbeck Road (E-bound) 09:47
Ordsall, opp Farm View 09:49
Ordsall, adj Church Lane 09:49
White Houses Whitehouses Road (E-bound) 09:49
Retford, opp Mount Vernon Park 09:49
Retford, adj Whinney Moor Lane 09:49
Retford, o/s The Elms Hotel 09:49
Retford, adj Avenue Road 09:50
Retford, adj South Street 09:51
Retford Bus Station (Bay A) 09:55
Retford, adj The Square 09:56
Retford Bridgegate (NW-bound) 09:57
Hallcroft Avenue (opp) 10:00
Hallcroft Sandringham Road (S-bound) 10:03
Hallcroft, opp Denman Close 10:05
Hallcroft Trinity Road (NE-bound) 10:05
Retford, adj Cemetery 10:06
Retford, opp Silverdale Close 10:07
Retford, opp North Road 10:07
Retford, o/s Cooks Cottages 10:07
Retford, opp Sandiforths 10:08
Barnby Moor, opp Station Road 10:09
Barnby Moor Great North Road (W-bound) 10:10
Barnby Moor, opp Little Grange Farm 10:10
Barnby Moor, o/s Trinity College Farm 10:11
Torworth, o/s Old School House 10:12
Torworth, opp Blacksmith Lane 10:12
Torworth, opp Holds Lane 10:13
Ranskill, opp St Barnabas Church 10:14
Ranskill, adj Blue Bell Court 10:15
Ranskill, opp Arundel Drive 10:15
Ranskill, opp Lodge Court 10:16
Scrooby, opp Pilgrims Oak 10:17
Scrooby, o/s Pilgrim Fathers 10:18
Gibbet Hill, opp Mill Lane 10:19
Bawtry, at High Street/Tickhill Road 10:22
Bawtry, adj Doncaster Road/Martin Lane 10:22
Bawtry, adj Doncaster Road/Ingham Road 10:22
Great North Road/Bawtry Forest (adj) 10:24
Bawtry, nr Great North Road/Highfield Lane 10:24
Bawtry, adj Great North Road/RSPCA Access Road 10:24
Bawtry, adj Great North Road/Rossington Hall School 10:25
Mount Pleasant, opp Great North Road/High Common Lane 10:26
Mount Pleasant, at Great North Road/High Common Lane 10:26
Mount Pleasant, opp Great North Road/Hurst Lane 10:27
Mount Pleasant, at Great North Road/Littleworth Lane 10:27
Bessacarr, opp Bawtry Road/Plantation Avenue 10:28
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Warren Lane 10:29
Bessacarr, opp Bawtry Road/Grange Road 10:30
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Stoops Lane 10:30
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Alston Road 10:30
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Boswell Road 10:31
Bessacarr, nr Bawtry Road/Ellers Road 10:31
Cantley, adj Bawtry Road/Saxton Avenue 10:31
Cantley, adj Bawtry Road/St Augustines Road 10:31
Belle Vue, at Bennetthorpe/Sandbeck Road 10:33
Bennetthorpe/Danum Road (at) 10:33
Bennetthorpe/Roman Road (adj) 10:33
Doncaster, opp South Parade/Thorne Road 10:34
Doncaster, o/s Waterdale/College Road 10:34
Doncaster Interchange (at) 10:35

Doncaster - Retford - Tuxford

Doncaster Interchange (at) 14:00
Doncaster, at Waterdale/Wood Street 14:00
Doncaster, adj South Parade/Regent Square 14:00
Bennetthorpe/Roman Road (opp) 14:01
Bennetthorpe/Alderson Drive (adj) 14:01
Bennetthorpe/Manor Drive (nr) 14:01
Belle Vue, adj Bennetthorpe/Leger Way 14:01
Belle Vue, nr Bawtry Road/Leger Way 14:02
Cantley, adj Bawtry Road/The Avenue 14:03
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/St Erics Road 14:03
Bessacarr, opp Bawtry Road/Boswell Road 14:03
Bessacarr, opp Bawtry Road/Alston Road 14:04
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Church Lane 14:04
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Grange Road 14:04
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Plumpton Park Road 14:05
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Warnington Drive 14:05
Bessacarr, adj Bawtry Road/Plantation Avenue 14:06
Parrots Corner, adj Great North Road/Warning Tongue Lane 14:06
Mount Pleasant, opp Great North Road/Littleworth Lane 14:07
Mount Pleasant, adj Great North Road/Hurst Lane 14:07
Mount Pleasant, opp Great North Road/High Common Lane 14:08
Mount Pleasant, adj Great North Road/High Common Lane 14:08
Bawtry, opp Great North Road/High Common Lane 14:09
Bawtry, opp Great North Road/RSPCA Access Road 14:10
Bawtry, adj Great North Road/Yorkshire Caravans 14:10
Great North Road/Bawtry Forest (opp) 14:10
Bawtry, adj Great North Road/Kings Wood 14:11
Bawtry, adj Doncaster Road/North Avenue 14:12
Bawtry, opp Doncaster Road/Martin Lane 14:12
Bawtry, adj High Street/Wharfe Street 14:13
Gibbet Hill, adj Hawks Nest 14:14
Gibbet Hill, adj Mill Lane 14:15
Scrooby, opp Pilgrim Fathers 14:17
Scrooby, adj Pilgrims Oak 14:17
Ranskill, o/s Lodge Court 14:18
Ranskill, adj Arundel Drive 14:19
Ranskill, opp Blue Bell Court 14:20
Ranskill, o/s St Barnabas Church 14:20
Torworth, adj Holds Lane 14:22
Torworth, adj Blacksmith Lane 14:22
Torworth, opp Old School House 14:22
Barnby Moor, opp Trinity College Farm 14:23
Barnby Moor, o/s Little Grange Farm 14:24
Barnby Moor Great North Road (E-bound) 14:25
Barnby Moor, adj Station Road 14:25
Retford, adj Sandiforths 14:27
Retford, opp Cooks Cottages 14:27
Retford, adj North Road 14:27
Retford, adj Silverdale Close 14:28
Retford, opp Cemetery 14:28
Hallcroft Trinity Road (SW-bound) 14:29
Hallcroft, adj Denman Close 14:30
Hallcroft Sandringham Road (N-bound) 14:32
Hallcroft Avenue (adj) 14:35
Retford Bridgegate (SE-bound) 14:37
Retford, opp The Square 14:38
Retford Bus Station (Bay A) 14:40
Retford, opp South Street 14:42
Retford, opp Avenue Road 14:44
Retford, opp The Elms Hotel 14:44
Retford, opp Whinney Moor Lane 14:44
Retford, adj Mount Vernon Park 14:44
White Houses Whitehouses Road (W-bound) 14:44
Ordsall, opp Church Lane 14:45
Ordsall, adj Farm View 14:46
Ordsall Welbeck Road (W-bound) 14:48
Ordsall, opp Brecks Road 14:48
Ordsall, opp Glen Eagles Way 14:48
Elkesley Jockey Lane (SW-bound) 14:54
Elkesley, opp Blacksmith Cottages 14:54
Elkesley, adj Holly Bush Close 14:54
Elkesley High Street (NW-bound) 14:55
Elkesley, opp Holly Bush Close 14:55
Elkesley, o/s Blacksmith Cottages 14:55
Elkesley Coalpit Lane (W-bound) 14:55
E Markham, o/s Police House 15:04
E Markham High Street (SE-bound) 15:05
E Markham, adj Tuxford Road 15:05
E Markham, opp The Hall Close 15:06
Tuxford Eldon Street (S-bound) 15:08
Tuxford Orchard Crescent (SE-bound) 15:09
Tuxford, opp The Beeches 15:09
Tuxford, o/s Sun Inn 15:10
Tuxford, opp Faraday Avenue 15:13
Tuxford, opp Gilbert Avenue 15:15

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset