EGG6 - Eaglescliffe - Thornaby

A bus service operated by Compass Royston

Thornaby Town Centre - Lidl (A) 08:15
Thornaby Town Centre - Tees House (A) 08:16
Thornaby Acorn Close (A) 08:17
Thornaby Victor Way (A) 08:17
Thornaby Valiant Way (A) 08:18
Thornaby Blackbush Walk (A) 08:19
Thornaby Teesside School of Music (B) 08:20
Ingleby Barwick Barwick Lodge (A) 08:20
Ingleby Barwick Stainforth Gardens (A) 08:21
Ingleby Barwick Fountains Avenue (B) 08:21
Ingleby Barwick The Beckfields (B) 08:22
Ingleby Barwick Priorwood Gardens (B) 08:23
Ingleby Barwick Rochester Court (A) 08:23
Ingleby Barwick Aberbran Court (A) 08:24
Ingleby Barwick Marchlyn Crescent (A) 08:24
Ingleby Barwick Snowdon Grove (A) 08:25
Ingleby Barwick All Saints Academy (A) 08:26
Eaglescliffe Egglescliffe School (A) 15:20
Eaglescliffe Millfield Close (A) 15:21
Egglescliffe Butts Lane (A) 15:22
Eaglescliffe Newsam Road (B) 15:23
Eaglescliffe Sunningdale Drive (A) 15:24
Eaglescliffe Highfield Gardens (B) 15:25
Eaglescliffe Parkmore Hotel (A) 15:26
Eaglescliffe Golf Club (B) 15:27
Eaglescliffe Village Hall (A) 15:28
Eaglescliffe Witham Avenue (A) 15:29
Preston Park (A) 15:30
Preston Pennypot Lane (A) 15:31
Preston Lane (A) 15:32
Preston Moss Way (A) 15:33
Preston Lockheed Close (A) 15:33
Bowesfield Kingfisher Way (B) 15:34
Bowesfield Jubilee Bridge (B) 15:34
Ingleby Barwick Lullingstone Crescent (A) 08:30 15:35
Bowesfield Jubilee Bridge (A) 08:31
Bowesfield Kingfisher Way (A) 08:31
Preston Lockheed Close (B) 08:32
Preston Moss Way (B) 08:32
Preston Lane (B) 08:33
Preston Pennypot Lane (B) 08:34
Preston Park (B) 08:35
Eaglescliffe Witham Avenue (B) 08:36
Eaglescliffe Village Hall (B) 08:37
Eaglescliffe Golf Club (A) 08:38
Eaglescliffe Parkmore Hotel (B) 08:39
Eaglescliffe Highfield Gardens (A) 08:40
Eaglescliffe Sunningdale Drive (B) 08:41
Eaglescliffe Newsam Road (A) 08:42
Egglescliffe Butts Lane (C) 08:43
Eaglescliffe Millfield Close (B) 08:44
Eaglescliffe Egglescliffe School (B) 08:45
Ingleby Barwick All Saints Academy (B) 15:39
Ingleby Barwick Snowdon Grove (B) 15:40
Ingleby Barwick Marchlyn Crescent (B) 15:40
Ingleby Barwick Aberbran Court (B) 15:41
Ingleby Barwick Rochester Court (B) 15:41
Ingleby Barwick Holystone Drive (A) 15:42
Ingleby Barwick Priorwood Gardens (A) 15:42
Ingleby Barwick The Beckfields (A) 15:43
Ingleby Barwick Fountains Avenue (A) 15:44
Ingleby Barwick Stainforth Gardens (B) 15:44
Thornaby Teesside School of Music (A) 15:45
Thornaby Blackbush Walk (B) 15:46
Thornaby Valiant Way (B) 15:46
Thornaby Victor Way (B) 15:47
Thornaby Acorn Close (B) 15:48
Thornaby Town Centre - Tees House (B) 15:49
Thornaby Town Centre - Lidl (B) 15:50

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Compass Royston