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F20 - Madejski Stadium - Newbury Bus Station

A bus service operated by Reading Buses

Newbury Bus Station - Madejski Stadium

Newbury Bus Station (Bay E) 12:47
Newbury Cheap Street (Stop N) 12:48
Newbury Park Way (Stop P) 12:50
Newbury Park Way Top (Stop R) 12:51
Newbury, adj Hawthorn Road 12:52
Newbury, adj Newport Road 12:53
Newbury, adj Skyllings 12:55
Newbury, adj Swan Inn PH 12:56
Newbury Hambridge Road (E-bound) 12:58
Thatcham, opp Southdown Road 12:59
Thatcham, adj Garden Centre - Pound Lane 13:00
Thatcham, opp Bourne Road 13:01
Thatcham, opp Matthews Close 13:02
Thatcham, opp Green Lane 13:03
Thatcham Broadway (Stop Y) 13:05
Thatcham, opp Ferndale Court 13:05
Thatcham, adj Harts Hill Foot 13:06
Thatcham Cemetery (adj) 13:06
Thatcham, opp Hurford Drive 13:07
Thatcham, adj Cropper Close 13:08
Thatcham Siege Cross Roundabout (E-bound) 13:09
Colthrop Lane (opp) 13:10
Colthrop West Berkshire Crematorium (E-bound) 13:11
Midgham, adj Berkshire Arms PH 13:12
Midgham, adj Coach and Horses PH 13:14
Midgham Kennels (adj) 13:14
Midgham, adj South Lodge 13:15
Woolhampton, adj Highcroft Kennels 13:16
Woolhampton, adj The Angel PH 13:17
Woolhampton, opp Hillfoot Cottages 13:17
Woolhampton, opp Rising Sun PH 13:18
Woolhampton, adj Cods Hill 13:19
Aldermaston Wharf, opp Aldermaston Station 13:20
Lower Padworth, opp Padworth Lane 13:20
Lower Padworth, adj Collins Caravan Centre 13:20
Lower Padworth, adj Beenham Turn 13:21
Lower Padworth, opp Avon Way 13:21
Lower Padworth, adj Winning Hand PH 13:22
Lower Padworth, adj Victoria Lodge 13:22
Sulhamstead Spring Inn PH (NE-bound) 13:23
Theale, adj Milehouse Cottages 13:23
Theale, opp Wigmore Lane 13:24
Theale Wigmore Lane East (NE-bound) 13:25
Theale, opp The Green 13:25
Theale Green School (adj) 13:26
Theale, adj The Crown PH 13:27
Theale, adj Brewery Court 13:28
Calcot, adj Mayfield Avenue 13:32
Calcot, adj Murdochs 13:34
Calcot Row, adj Golf Club West Gate 13:35
Calcot Mill Lane (opp) 13:37
Calcot, adj Greenwood Road 13:39
Horncastle (adj) 13:40
Horncastle Burghfield Road (E-bound) 13:42
Prospect Park, adj Honey End Lane 13:44
Southcote Circuit Lane (E-bound) 13:45
Prospect Park, adj Liebenrood Road 13:47
Prospect Park, adj Parkside Road 13:49
Southcote Road (E-bound) 13:50
Coley Hungerford Drive (adj 92) 13:51
Coley Avenue (adj) 13:52
Coley, opp Admirals Court 13:53
Madejski Stadium (Stop CP2) 14:00
These timetables represent the times for a Reading FC home game with a 3

Madejski Stadium - Newbury Bus Station

Madejski Stadium (Stop CP2) 17:00
Coley, adj Admirals Court 17:07
Coley Avenue (opp) 17:08
Coley Hungerford Drive (opp 16) 17:09
Southcote Road (W-bound) 17:10
Prospect Park, opp Parkside Road 17:11
Prospect Park, opp Liebenrood Road 17:12
Southcote Circuit Lane (W-bound) 17:14
Prospect Park Honey End Lane (opp 94) 17:15
Horncastle Burghfield Road (W-bound) 17:17
Calcot, opp Greenwood Road 17:18
Calcot Mill Lane (adj) 17:20
Calcot Row, opp Golf Club West Gate 17:21
Calcot, opp Murdochs 17:23
Calcot Hotel (opp) 17:24
Calcot, opp Sandown Avenue 17:26
Calcot, opp Mayfield Avenue 17:27
Calcot Sainsbury's (Stop 1) 17:29
Theale, opp Brewery Court 17:32
Theale, opp The Crown PH 17:33
Theale Primary School (opp) 17:33
Theale Green School (opp) 17:34
Theale, adj The Green 17:35
Theale, adj Wigmore Lane 17:35
Theale Milehouse Cottages (opp 63) 17:36
Sulhamstead, opp Spring Inn PH 17:37
Lower Padworth, opp Victoria Lodge 17:37
Lower Padworth, opp Winning Hand PH 17:38
Lower Padworth, adj Avon Way 17:38
Lower Padworth Beenham Turn (SW-bound) 17:39
Lower Padworth, opp Collins Caravan Centre 17:39
Aldermaston Wharf, adj Aldermaston Station 17:40
Woolhampton, opp Cods Hill 17:40
Woolhampton Rising Sun PH (adj 9) 17:41
Woolhampton, adj Hillfoot Cottages 17:42
Woolhampton, opp The Angel PH 17:43
Woolhampton, opp Highcroft Kennels 17:43
Midgham, opp South Lodge 17:44
Midgham Kennels (opp) 17:45
Midgham, opp Coach and Horses PH 17:46
Midgham, opp Berkshire Arms PH 17:47
Colthrop West Berkshire Crematorium (W-bound) 17:48
Colthrop Lane (adj) 17:50
Thatcham Siege Cross Roundabout (W-bound) 17:51
Thatcham, opp Cropper Close 17:52
Thatcham, adj Hurford Drive 17:52
Thatcham Cemetery (opp) 17:53
Thatcham, opp Harts Hill Foot 17:53
Thatcham Ferndale Court (opp 2A) 17:54
Thatcham Broadway (Stop X) 17:55
Thatcham, adj Green Lane 17:56
Thatcham, adj Matthews Close 17:57
Thatcham, adj Bourne Road 17:58
Thatcham, opp Garden Centre - Pound Lane 17:59
Newbury Hambridge Road (W-bound) 18:02
Newbury, opp Swan Inn PH 18:03
Newbury, opp Skyllings 18:05
Newbury, opp Newport Road 18:07
Newbury, opp Hawthorn Road 18:08
Newbury Park Way Top (Stop S) 18:09
Newbury Park Way (Stop Q) 18:10
Newbury Cheap Street (Stop O) 18:12
Newbury Bus Station (Bay E) 18:13
These timetables represent the times for a Reading FC home game with a 3

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