G - Grantham - Great Gonerby

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Monday to Friday, School Days Only. days

Great Gonerby - Grantham

Great Gonerby, adj Post Office 07:25
Great Gonerby, adj Primary School 07:25
Great Gonerby, opp The Knoll 07:25
Gonerby Hill Foot, adj Orchard Close 07:26
Gonerby Hill Foot, adj Cliffe Avenue 07:27
Grantham, adj Eden House Hotel 07:28
Grantham, adj Asda Car Park 07:28
Grantham, adj Green Hill Road 07:29
Grantham, o/s 121 Barrowby Road 07:29
Grantham, opp Newton House Nursing Home 07:30
Grantham, opp Muddle and Go Nowhere PH 07:30
Barrowby, opp Church Street 07:33
Barrowby, opp The White Swan PH 07:33
Barrowby, adj Butt Lane 07:33
Barrowby, opp Reedings Road 07:34
Barrowby, adj Reedings Close 07:34
Barrowby, adj Leys Close 07:34
Barrowby, adj Thorold Road 07:35
Barrowby, opp The Drift 07:36
Grantham, adj Valley Road 07:38
Grantham, adj Barrowby Gate 07:38
Grantham, opp The Avenue 07:39
Grantham, adj Brading Avenue 07:40
Grantham, opp Retail Park 07:41
Grantham, adj Surgery 07:42
Grantham, o/s Boots 07:42
Grantham, opp Vine Street 07:43
Grantham, opp Premier Court 07:43
Grantham, opp The King's School 07:43
Grantham, opp Slate Mill Place 07:44
Grantham, opp Hill Avenue 07:44
Grantham, opp Harrowby Lane 07:45
Grantham, opp Belton Avenue 07:45
Grantham, opp Acorn Close 07:46
Grantham, opp St Andrews 07:46
Grantham, adj Berkshire Drive 07:47
Grantham, adj Lytham Close 07:47
Grantham Alma Park Industrial Estate (SW-bound) 07:50
Grantham, opp Shops 07:50
Grantham, adj Tennyson Avenue 07:51
Grantham, adj Byron Avenue 07:52
Grantham, opp Methodist Church 07:53
Grantham, adj New Beacon Road 07:53
Grantham, adj Harrowby Lane 07:55
Grantham, adj Hill Avenue 07:56
Grantham, o/s Hospital 07:57
Manthorpe, adj The Well 07:59
Manthorpe, opp Low Road 08:00
Belton Garden Centre (adj) 08:05
Syston, adj Village Entrance South 08:07
Syston, adj Village Entrance North 08:08
Barkston, opp Playing Field 08:10
Honington, opp Main Street 08:13
Honington, adj Frinkley Lane 08:14
Honington Level Crossing (N-bound) 08:15
Carlton Scroop, adj Council Houses 08:18
Carlton Scroop, adj St Nicholas Church 08:20
Carlton Scroop, adj Newark Lane 08:20
Normanton, adj Village Pump 08:21
Normanton, adj Country View Park 08:21
Frieston, adj Hough Road 08:22
Fulbeck, opp Old Lincoln Road 08:25
Fulbeck, adj The Hare & Hounds Inn 08:26
Fulbeck House (adj) 08:26
Leadenham, opp Post Office 08:29
Leadenham, adj The Green 08:30
Leadenham, adj North Road 08:31
Welbourn, in William Robertson School bus park 08:35

Grantham - Great Gonerby

Welbourn, in William Robertson School bus park 15:25
Leadenham, opp North Road 15:25
Leadenham, opp The Green 15:26
Leadenham, adj Post Office 15:26
Fulbeck House (opp) 15:29
Fulbeck, opp The Hare & Hounds Inn 15:30
Fulbeck, adj Old Lincoln Road 15:30
Frieston, opp Hough Road 15:33
Normanton, opp Country View Park 15:34
Normanton, opp Village Pump 15:35
Carlton Scroop, opp Newark Lane 15:35
Carlton Scroop, opp St Nicholas Church 15:36
Carlton Scroop, opp Council Houses 15:37
Honington Level Crossing (S-bound) 15:41
Honington, opp Frinkley Lane 15:41
Honington, adj Main Street 15:41
Barkston, adj Playing Field 15:43
Syston, opp Village Entrance North 15:44
Syston, opp Village Entrance South 15:45
Manthorpe, adj Low Road 15:49
Manthorpe, opp The Well 15:49
Grantham, opp Hospital 15:51
Grantham, opp Hill Avenue 15:52
Grantham, opp Harrowby Lane 15:53
Grantham, opp Belton Avenue 15:55
Grantham, opp Acorn Close 15:56
Grantham, opp St Andrews 15:58
Grantham, adj Berkshire Drive 15:59
Grantham, adj Lytham Close 16:01
Grantham Alma Park Industrial Estate (SW-bound) 16:06
Grantham, opp Shops 16:07
Grantham, adj Tennyson Avenue 16:08
Grantham, adj Byron Avenue 16:08
Grantham, opp Methodist Church 16:09
Grantham, adj New Beacon Road 16:10
Grantham, adj Harrowby Lane 16:12
Grantham, adj Hill Avenue 16:12
Grantham, adj Slate Mill Place 16:14
Grantham, adj The King's School 16:14
Grantham, adj Finkin Street 16:16
Grantham Bus Station (arrivals) 16:18
Grantham, adj Retail Park 16:19
Grantham, adj Kempton Way 16:20
Grantham, opp Brading Avenue 16:21
Grantham, adj The Avenue 16:21
Grantham, opp Barrowby Gate 16:22
Grantham, opp Valley Road 16:22
Barrowby, adj The Drift 16:25
Barrowby, opp Thorold Road 16:27
Barrowby, opp Leys Close 16:27
Barrowby, opp Reedings Close 16:27
Barrowby, adj Reedings Road 16:27
Barrowby, opp Butt Lane 16:28
Barrowby, adj The White Swan PH 16:28
Barrowby, adj Church Street 16:28
Grantham, adj Muddle and Go Nowhere PH 16:30
Grantham, adj Newton House Nursing Home 16:31
Grantham, o/s 92 Barrowby Road 16:31
Grantham, opp New Street 16:33
Grantham, opp Eden House Hotel 16:33
Grantham, opp Playing Fields 16:34
Gonerby Hill Foot, opp Cliffe Avenue 16:35
Gonerby Hill Foot, opp Orchard Close 16:35
Great Gonerby, adj The Knoll 16:36
Great Gonerby, opp Primary School 16:37
Great Gonerby, opp Post Office 16:38

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Midlands, 21 January 2022

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